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Best Essay Editing Service

Best Essay Editing Service

The internet is full of service providers who claim to give the best essay editing services at cheap and reasonable rates. But, as a student, how can you choose the best essay editing service from the many that promise you the world. Whom to believe and who not to believe? That is the question. This article gives you some tips on how to find the best essay editing service.

Features of a good editor

A good editor will not offer to edit your first draft - It is natural for you to feel that you have completed your essay successfully after completing the first draft. This is far from the truth, though. Writing the first draft is not completing the writing process. You can feel proud of finishing the first draft but it is not ready for the professional editor yet.

You must read the first draft on your own and ensure that all the issues and errors that you find are edited and revised correctly. A professional editor will take up your work only after you have convinced him or her that you believe that the essay has reached the best level possible under your care.

Remember a good editor does not ghostwrite. An editor will not do extensive research for you. If you think you have got the outline, the content flow, and other aspects ready and your editor will finish the writing process, then you are completely in the wrong. An editor will not write for you. He or she will not edit your essay for you. So, do not hand over your first draft to an editor and expect a miracle. You are bound to be disappointed.

A good editor will not mince words to critique your content and give you honest feedback – The best essay editing service provider will never mince words to give you honest feedback and tell you about those parts of the essay that definitely need to be revised or corrected. You must remember not to allow this honest feedback to get to you so much that you begin to hate a good essay writing editor.

A professional does not really care for what you feel about feedback. He or she only wants your essay to turn out in the best possible way. No good editor will be completely satisfied and he or she is bound to say things like, "let us see how we can make the introduction better or how can we improve the flow of data to make it appear more seamless."

A good editor will not hurry through the editing process – It is quite natural for you as a writer to begin to feel impatient about the time that the editing process is taking. Yes, after spending so much of time and energy, you are likely to feel like, "why is this editor taking so much of time to do something that is already fairly good?" But, you will realize when the edited copy comes to you, the great power of good editing. Then, you will know the difference between what you had written first and the edited version of your essay. Remember to be patient with your editor.

A good editor will have a two-way interaction with you during the editing process – An editor does not work alone. He or she is always interacting with you, asking about what your intentions are, about what you actually want to achieve through the essay, about how you thought about the thesis statement, about the research process you undertook during the writing process, etc.

The editor's work is based on the feedback you give about your essay and what, how, and why you want to achieve what you want to achieve. So, do not hold back your deepest thoughts about the essay from your editor. Be open and let him or her know your intentions. Only when you editor where you want to reach, can he or she make the pathway ready for you.

A good editor will work towards making your essay the best one possible by you – Editors are not miracle makers nor are they writers. They are people who can connect the written content between the writer and the reader. So, a good editor will check with you what you intend to write and then he or she will look at the content from the perspective of the reader and see if the link between you and your reader is made. If not, the editor will make necessary changes so that your essay is the best you can produce for your reader.

Final Notes

When your editor has asked you to do some edits and revisions, do not simply do tinkering work on your essay. If, for some reason, you are unhappy with what your editor is asking you to change, then discuss the issue further with him or her. But, do not pretend to change without making a concerted effort to understand and implement your editor's inputs. If you do this, you are doing yourself a disservice the chances of getting a great essay become low.

A good editor is one who will not be scared of telling you exactly where your essay stands and will not hesitate to be honest with you about giving feedback that friends and family may not have the courage to do.

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