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When you complete writing a book no matter how big or small, the sense of satisfaction and the sense of achievement you get is immeasurable. Writing a book includes the following phases:

  • Writing the draft

  • Reading and doing revisions to the draft till you are reasonably happy

  • Editing the book either by yourself or through the services of a professional book editor

  • Proofreading the book

This article gives you some misconceived myths and some irrefutable truths about the book editing process.

Myths or Misconceived Notions

A writer who does his or her job well does not need a book editor – This is absolutely incorrect. If you want your book to be clean, appealing, and professional, then you must get your book edited. After spending such a long time on writing the book, you will become insensitive to the errors and only a book editor with an objective perspective will be able to see these mistakes.

You don't need to spend extra money on quality editing – Another completely baseless misconception! A good editor's main connection is directly to the manuscript and not to the writer. No matter how objective your good friend or a good reliable family member could be, his or her connection is always with you and hence, this will bring in an element of subjectivity unwittingly into the editing process. A professional editor with no close ties to you is required to take your book from a simple manuscript to an extraordinary level.

All editors give the same quality of output so it is fine to choose the cheapest one – This is also not correct. There are different types of editors and there are different levels to which a book editor will go depending on what you expect him or her to do with your book. So, a 'cheap' editor will only skim the surface of your book and stop at only proofreading whereas there are editors who will work with you to improve the quality of the book from a fundamental level. The latter kind of editors is bound to charge you more than the former type of editors. It is, of course, up to you to decide which kind of editor you want to employ.

Irrefutable truths about the book editing process

A good editor is invariably a book lover – A great book editor will, of course, rarely do his or her job free of cost. Yet, a good editor is driven by a love for books as much as the money involved. A good editor loves words and they believe that books contain the spirit of the author. Hence, they do not treat books as mere objects.

Editors may be ruthlessly honest with regards to giving feedback but they love authors – All good and reputed editors are known to be extremely forthright when it comes to giving honest feedback about the quality of a book. So, if there is something drastically wrong with a book, they will not mince words to let the author know. However, this does not mean they hate authors. They love authors and it is this love that drives them to being exceedingly honest so that the final outcome is a fabulous book.

Final Notes

Book editors are important people in your life as a book writer and you must ensure you give them the respect and necessary space to do their work of taking your book from a simple manuscript to bestseller levels.

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