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College Essay Editing Service

College Essay Editing Service

Your college essay should tell a unique story that will not be forgotten by the admissions officer. For this, you must first unlearn the basics of writing an academic essay which involves an introduction with a thesis statement, the main body providing arguments that support your thesis statement, and a conclusion which wraps up the entire essay into one unit.

Forget about this academic essay and remember that your college essay should have a life of its own. It should also breathe life into the set of documents that are submitted for college admissions. Your college essay should reflect your personality and what you are as an individual, your desires, and your expectations, and what you can contribute to the college.

Once you have completed the writing of your college essay, then you must spend some time and energy to edit it as well. An unedited college essay could be the reason your submission was rejected irrespective of the fact that your transcripts had amazing grades to show. So, it might be a prudent idea to use a good college essay editing service to get the perfect essay.

How to edit your college essay

Don't get overconfident after completing the first draft of your college essay – You are incredibly happy with yourself that you have completed the process of writing the first draft of your college essay. You have managed to stay within the word count. You have read the first draft and you are more or less happy with the outcome. Well, don't be!

While you can feel proud of having completed one stage of the college essay writing process, there is still plenty of work to do. Remember that the first draft is only the beginning of your work and is only a framework to finally build your beautiful and outstanding essay that should sweep the admission officer off his or her feet.

Show your college essay to everyone you know – Share your essay with your friends, family, seniors from your school who have already got admission to colleges, your counselor, or our professional editors from Prescott Papers. Take their inputs, feedback, and see how you can use these elements during the editing process to really polish out your college essay.

Listen objectively to the feedback given to you about your college essay – I would put this part as the toughest aspect of the college essay writing process. You must be objective and take all the inputs and feedback that everyone gives you after reading the first draft of your college essay.

All the people you have shared your essay with are those who have the best interests in their hearts. So, take all the feedback objectively without getting upset or angry and use them effectively to make necessary corrections. You will see the value of listening to feedback and implementing them when you read your revised draft. It is bound to be far better than your first draft and you will feel more proud of yourself than before.

Moreover, you do not have to take every feedback and input that is given to you. Take only those suggestions that resonate with your personality and leave the rest. But, remain open and avoid getting emotionally entangled with the feedback giver.

Now, edit your essay – You have shared your essay with the people who matter and you have taken their feedback and inputs. Now, sit down and edit your college essay to include suggestions and recommendations given by the various people.

I would like to reiterate here that do not feel bad to take only those suggestions that truly align with your personality. Feel free not to use those inputs that do not make sense to you. After all, it is imperative that your college essay reflects your personality and not someone else's.

Three important errors to avoid at all costs – There are some important errors that are unforgivable in a college essay and the sight of even one of these errors can potentially damage your chances of getting admission into your desired college. These three mistakes that need extra care from your end include spelling errors, usage of erroneous tenses, and referring to the school by the wrong name.

The last one is of utmost importance. This error can easily take place because it is natural for to have a template for all the college admission essays. Then, depending on each college, you end up tweaking the template to suit the requirements of the college under consideration leading to missing out on changing the school name.

Final Notes

Your college essay is your ultimate ticket to entry into your desired university. Your college essay can make or break your admission process. So, invest time and effort to edit your college essay before submission.

At Prescott Papers, our team of highly qualified and experienced writers and editors are standing by to help you with all your academic writing requirements. Call us for college essays, custom essays, research papers, dissertations, and more.

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