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Dissertation Assistance Service

Dissertation Assistance Service

There are multiple dissertation assistance services available on the internet. The trick for you is to find the best dissertation assistance services.

The reason why college students approach dissertation assistance service providers is that writing a dissertation is rife with overwhelming challenges that can bog down even the most seasoned student. This article is aimed at letting you know some of the biggest challenges you will face while writing a dissertation.

Challenges of writing a dissertation

Starting off – One of the first challenges that most students face is the actual commencement of working towards the dissertation. Most students panic that they will not be able to successfully complete the dissertation and hence are scared to even start off the process.

Creating a suitable thesis – Your thesis statement forms the centrality of your dissertation and keeps the focus of discussion on the purpose that you initially intended. Creating a thesis statement has multiple challenges including:

  • Narrowing down the research question in such a way that you can find evidence to support your thesis statement

  • Ensuring specificity and clarity of thought in your thesis statement

  • Ensuring the thesis statement is not so broad that you will lose the focus of the dissertation

  • Ensuring the thesis statement is also not so narrow that you do not find sufficient data about it

Researching for relevant information – While some professors might give you recommended reading material for the dissertation, there are many professors who leave it entirely up to you as to how much of research you want to do before the dissertation writing process. While there are no strict rules to follow for the correct number of resources to be used, a general thumb rule that is normally followed by most students and accepted by most professors is this: you would need about 8 sources for a dissertation consisting of 10-15 pages.

It takes a lot of time and energy to read up so much of material that finding those perfect 8 sources for a 10-15 page dissertation can be a humongous challenge. Yet, it needs to be done. During such overwhelming times, do not hesitate to contact our experienced researchers and writers at Prescott Paper where we offer a wide range of custom dissertation services.

Using too much of reference – This is the flip side of the above point. While writing a dissertation which is usually quite lengthy, students tend to use so much of references and quotes that they forget to include their own critical analysis in the paper. It is quite easy to get lost in the huge amount of data that you got while researching for the dissertation that you forget to put your own thoughts and analyses into the paper. Your dissertation should be a good balance between quotes and your own critically analyses.

Poor Time Management – Time can be the biggest enemy of a college student. If he or she does not manage time prudently from the beginning itself, the student will feel the negative repercussions of bad time management sooner than later. It is important that you break up the large amounts of work involved in writing a dissertation into manageable tasks and set deadlines for each of the tasks. Make sure you do this at the start of the term itself so that you will not feel pushed to a corner at the end of the term.

Final Notes

At Prescott Papers, our excellent and highly experienced dissertation writers will be happy to help you overcome all or part of the challenges of writing your dissertation depending on your need. Do not hesitate to call us for other academic writing work as well including custom essays, homework, assignments, research papers, and more.

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