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Editing Services For Writers

Editing Services For Writers

Writers and editors are two different sets of people whose skill sets need not match at all. While editors can be writers too and vice versa, the tasks of writing and editing are highly disparate and require you to drastically change your perspectives when you move from the writing function to the editing function.

If you wish to write as well as edit your content, then the least you should do is to give a sufficiently large time gap between the two activities so that you can eliminate the aspects of the writing process from your mind.

However, the best option would be to use editing services for writers instead of trying to edit your own work. The two tasks are so different that editing your own work may not give you the best results especially if you are looking at earning excellent grades.

This article is aimed at giving you some stark differences between the writing and editing processes which will make you realize the benefits of using editing services for writers.

Differences between writing and editing

Writing is a proactive process whereas editing is a reactive process - While writing you are looking at a particular topic or idea and using your creative aspects to come out with scope, tone, and the structure of your writing piece. It is entirely up to the writer to ensure the content is complete in all respects. The challenge of a writer is to create content that is complete and wholesome.

An editor's job, on the other hand, is more reactive. He or she looks objectively at the content and deliberately looks for and identifies flaws and faults so that they can be corrected and a perfect piece of writing is obtained. The challenge of an editor is not to lose himself or herself in the beauty of the writing. Instead, he or she must thoroughly, carefully, and mindfully evaluate and correct the content to perfection.

Writing should only move forward whereas editing calls for back and forth movement – While writing, you should ideally make only forward movements and write the entire piece without moving back and forth. This will ensure that your thoughts are all put down on paper without missing out anything. It is perfectly alright to use words that may not seem perfect in the writing process.

However, as an editor, you must keep moving back and forth in the piece of content and adjust all elements to ensure any changes are consistently reflected right across the entire content. Here is where you will be in the 'mot juste' mode ensuring every word, phrase, and sentence does its function optimally.

A writer is emotionally involved whereas an editor should have a sense of detachment from the work – A writer's job is to be emotionally and subjectively involved in the writing process because he or she will be putting into words the deepest thoughts and ideas. In fact, it is this emotional involvement that prevents a writer to see even the most obvious flaws in his or her own work and hence using a professional editing service makes a lot of sense.

The editor, on the other hand, steps out of the work and views it objectively from the reader's perspective thereby enabling the identification and correction of even the most seemingly obscure errors.

Final Notes

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