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Essay Editing Websites

Essay Editing Websites

All college students strive hard to get the best essays possible so that they can obtain better grades. Thus, college students are quite often looking out for good essay editing websites who can polish their essays in such a way that the end result looks flawless to the professor.

There are numerous essay editing websites that promise you the world. The trick is for is to discern between a genuine editing company and one that makes empty promises. You will need to carry out research and narrow down about 4-5 essay editing websites.

From this lot of 4-5 websites, you can further seek clarifications, get your questions answered satisfactorily, and then decide the one that fits your bill. No matter which of the essay editing websites you choose to get your work done from, you must know the art of editing to ensure the end result you have received from the agency meets your college expectations. So, this article is dedicated to giving you some essential tips on how to edit your essay.

Tips to edit your essay

Give a break between the writing and editing processes – If it is possible, give a nice long break between the writing and editing processes. This time gap will refresh and rejuvenate your mind so that you are reasonably free from the baggage of writing the piece. If you started the editing process immediately after the writing process, you are very close to the content which could potentially prevent you from seeing and identifying errors.

First get the structure right – Once you start the editing process, first work on the structure of the essay. Check every point of evidence against the thesis statement and ensure that the order of the paragraphs in the main body has a consistent flow. It is possible that you wrote the essay in the order of the points that struck you. However, this order may be random disrupting the flow of thoughts for the reader.

So, in the first step of the editing process, get the structure of your essay right. Ensure each paragraph is arranged in the order of importance or chronological order, whichever you choose. Check to see if one point of evidence follows the next one in a logical order. To achieve this, you must read your entire essay together and check for the seamless flow of content which will make the structure appear right.

Resize and rewrite unduly long and complex sentences – Irrespective of the word count limit, it is essential to resize and rewrite long complex sentences. This is because lengthy sentences can make it difficult for the reader to follow what you are trying to say resulting in disinterest in reading further. If the sentence is very long, break it up into two or more crisp sentences.

Similarly, keep the length of each paragraph also succinct and short. If you think an idea needs more than 4-5 sentences to explain, then break that idea into two paragraphs instead of one. A huge wall of text can appear impregnable to the reader and he or she will abandon the attempt to read further.

A good way of cutting down lengthy sentences and paragraphs is by economizing the use of words and phrases. Rewriting phrases into a single word can help in tightening the essay making it crisper and more succinct than before.

Check to see if you are using unnecessarily complicated language – Keeping a thesaurus handy is a great idea while writing your essay. However, it is equally important not to overuse synonyms from the thesaurus. There are many synonyms that are vastly different in meanings and connotations. If you use these words without knowing the subtleties, then your essay could appear unintelligible or totally in contrast to what you actually intend to say. It is important to keep out the unnecessary use of complex language and words to ensure clarity of thought.

Check for repetitive ideas, words, and phrases – When you are writing feverishly, it is easy to end up repeating ideas, words, or phrases without thinking. There is nothing wrong with this. The editing process is meant to prune these repetitions. While you are reading your essay, identify ideas that have already found a mention in your essay. Delete these.

Similarly, watch out for repetitive words and phrases. As writers, we are all guilty of favoritism towards certain words and/or phrases. It is important to keep this favoritism under check and find replaceable synonyms to use. Another thing to keep a check on is to see if you have labored over a particular point unnecessarily. Ensure you have succinctly put forth your point of evidence along with accurate references and this should ideally suffice.

Use the automated spell-check but don't rely on it completely – Automated spell-checks are useful tools; however, they are not completely reliable. For example, a spell-checker will not highlight this sentence as wrong: An erroneous nod in the computing network was the cause of the problem. But, when you read the essay fully, you will realize that 'nod' has to be replaced with 'node.'

Other words that a spell-checker could overlook are there, their, they're, and more. Hence, it is important for you to read the entire essay and ensure that every word and its spelling are perfect in context to the content.

Identify and correct typo errors – The best way to spot and correct typos is by reading your essay backward. Reading it backward gives you a new perspective to the essay making you more sensitively aware of errors. This is because, when you are reading it in the correct order, you already know what to expect resulting in increased chances of overlooking typos.

Another good tip to check for typos is to print out your essay and use a red pen to mark the errors. Additionally, when you are reading from a hard copy, you can actually touch each word with your pen tip to ensure you do not skim over the mistakes.

Keep a track of your own mistakes while editing – As writers, all of us have a unique set of mistakes that we keep doing irrespective of what we write. For example, some of us are in the habit of missing out articles in the content. As you write more and more in college, you must keep a small diary of your common errors and keep a look out for these during the editing process.

Final Notes

If you see there are different types of errors that you need to catch and rectify during the editing process. I would recommend that you focus on one error each time. This would mean that during the first reading, focus on the structure and ensure you get that element perfect.

The next reading should focus on pruning long and complex sentences and so on and so forth. Yes, it would mean multiple readings. But this is the best way to ensure your editing process is perfect.

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