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Writing for a doctoral program requires exceedingly great skills in writing as well as deep expertise in your field of study. Writing dissertations and research papers for your Ph.D. program can appear to be an insurmountable challenge as you juggle between your courses, your reading and studying time, and being a teaching assistant as well.

Being a teaching assistant is a common thing among doctoral program aspirants as you will be expected to manage your professors' undergraduate and graduate students and classes. And, let me assure you, that the best thing about your doctoral program is the opportunity to be a teaching assistant.

Yet, all these activities will consume so much of your time and energy that it is quite possible you will be compelled to look out for Phd Writing Service providers who can help you with your dissertation and/or research paper partly or fully depending on your need. At Prescott Papers, our teams of writers and editors are highly skilled and have immense experience in customized dissertations for doctoral students. Do not hesitate to call us for help with regard to all kinds of Phd Writing Services.

Being a teaching assistant and writing assignments are absolutely unavoidable aspects of any doctoral program. While the challenges appear seemingly insurmountable, there are umpteen benefits of being a teaching assistant. Knowing some of these benefits will motivate you to work harder at this being a great teaching assistant whom your students will adore.

This article is aimed at giving you insights on the following points:

  • Advantages of being a teaching assistant

  • Things to watch out for while being a teaching assistant

  • Tips to overcome writer's block during your doctoral program

Advantages of being a teaching assistant

You will feel extremely satisfied as you help students overcome learning issues – The reason why your professor wants you to be a teaching assistant is because he or she cannot allocate sufficient time to teach students struggling to understand certain concepts. As you help each student overcome his or her learning difficulties and as you watch them master the concepts you are teaching, the sense of satisfaction you will get is unparalleled.

You will find extreme joy in watching your student apply what you have taught to solve a problem – Helping your understand concepts is by itself a great thing. Yet, there will be many occasions when the student will noticeably apply what you have taught to solve problems and that "eureka" moment is an absolute joy for you personally. Do not underestimate the powers of these emotions. They are so powerful that you will feel more motivated to continue studying and learning and getting better so that you can help others learn.

Monotony will fly out of your life – Every day as a teaching assistant will be different and each day will make you stronger than ever. You will not know what is monotony and boredom. Variety will be the order of the day and as you tackle each challenge, you will find yourself becoming more skilled and knowledgeable at both the academic level as well as the real-world scenario.

Things to be careful about during your stint as a teaching assistant

Being a teaching assistant gives you a sense of authority; it is important you use it prudently – This can work in the negative or positive way for you. The difference in outcomes depends on your maturity levels. You must remember that as a teaching assistant pursuing a doctoral program, it is possible that your students are only a couple of years younger than you or it is even possible that you could be younger than a couple of your students.

It is important for you to remember that you are a teacher and not a friend. Your job is to teach in such a way that your students understand concepts of the subject well. It is not your job to make them like you or to be popular among them. If you handle your newfound authority in a mature manner, your students, irrespective of their age, will learn to respect you and your position making the learning and teaching process a great pleasure for both of you.

Grading – Now, that you are on the other side of the college, you will realize the difficulties of grading. As a student, it is likely that you have complained and argued with your professor on his or her style of grading or about his seeming partiality or favoritism. Now, you will realize the agonies involved in reading assignments and grading them.

You must learn and master the grading rubric that your college follows and strictly implement it during the grading process. This rubric will align your grading to the students' expectations. Despite the presence of this rubric, it is highly likely for students to appeal their grades. You have to slowly but surely master the art of managing these appeals maturely.

One way to prevent these appeals is to ensure you put your feedback and comments clearly on the assignment papers so that there are fewer grounds for appeals. These comments will help the students know exactly how their assignments were graded.

Teaching – It is a commonly accepted fact that teaching is the easiest aspect of being a teaching assistant. This is because you are not responsible for teaching and introducing any new concepts to your students. That will be done by the professor. As a teaching assistant, you are there to clear doubts, improve understanding, and discuss assignments of topics that have already been taught by the professors.

Another important thing to keep in mind while teaching is that it is perfectly alright for you not to have some of the answers to the questions your students ask on your fingertips. It is ok to tell them that you will look it up and clarify the doubt later either in the next class or through email.

Tips to overcome writer's block during your doctoral program

Writing is an absolutely unavoidable part of your Ph.D. program. Yet, there will be many occasions when your ability to write down your thoughts hit a huge wall aptly called the writer's block. You cannot afford to have this block around for very long because deadlines will be approaching. So, here are a few tips to overcome this writer's block.

Find a writing friend – There will be other Ph.D. students who will be facing the same problem as you are. Find someone compatible and bounce ideas off each other. It would be even better if you had a support group with more number of students which will help you get more ideas to break this block and surge forward.

Start writing on any topic – If you are facing a problem with one particular topic, just start writing a short story or a joke for your friend(s). Many times, ideas will come from the most unforeseen areas. So, just sit down and write anything that comes to your mind and rest assured, ideas for your topic will also flow into your head.

Critically analyze your thought process and find those specific gaps that you are unable to plug – This is another common reason for the writer's block. One particular aspect of the writing process might be creating something so big in your head that you are unable to think further. Sit down and critically analyze your thoughts and identify those gaps.

Leave these gaps for the moment and continue writing on the other aspects about which you do not have any doubt. You will notice these gaps will slowly fill themselves up and your writer's block will vanish. Alternately, once you have identified the gaps, check to see if you can get help from your professors, peers, or seniors.

Final Notes

A doctoral program is the ultimate test of your educational journey. Using Phd Writing Services is a natural way to overcome difficult challenges in this journey. Do not hesitate to use the services of our experienced and talented research paper writers at Prescott Papers.

Do not allow the temporary setbacks associated with doctoral writing assignments to deter you from your final goal. Persist and persevere with a little bit of help from professionals and you are bound to come out with flying colors.

Our teams of writers and editors at Prescott Papers are standing by to help you with all your academic writing needs right from the undergraduate level up to the levels of a doctoral program. Call us for custom essays, research papers, dissertations, and more.

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