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Many college students might be pondering on the question as to why do we need to use a professional essay editor for our academic work. What can a professional essay editor do differently from our friends and peers? This article aims to answer the following questions:

  • What are the disadvantages of self-editing or getting your essay edited by non-professionals?

  • What are the benefits of using the services of a professional essay editor?

  • How to find a good professional essay editor?

What are the disadvantages of self-editing or getting your essay edited by non-professionals?

While you can edit your own work or use other options, there are many disadvantages to this approach. Let us discuss each of these options in brief.

Self-editing – Many of the students especially those pursuing higher degrees such as doctoral or Master's program could be highly skilled in the art of good editing. However, they would be so deeply involved in the writing process which could take months. Hence, these students could become desensitized to the mistakes in their work resulting in them overlooking even the most obvious of errors.

This is primarily because these students know exactly what the passage means. But, they are not in a position to see how it appears to the reader. So, a convoluted passage or a lack of flow of content could be easily overlooked because, in their minds, these students are so clear about the contents that they do not see that the writing is incomplete or distorted. Simple errors are not seen because their minds are filled with the correct version. Hence, self-editing results in erroneous and half-baked editing.

Some of the self-editing students also argue that if they use automated spell-checkers and grammar checking apps, then their editing process will be flawless. This approach is incorrect too because these automated apps are not fully dependable and are programmed to do only basic checks. Many of them will not be able to find even slightly more complex errors in grammar than the most basic ones. They will also not be able to check for the flow of content and perfect structure of the essay.

Editing by friends and peers – Some students choose to hand over the editing work to friends and peers with a major in English. While these people can definitely help in setting right sentence structuring and other mechanics of English writing, they will not be able to check for if formatting and style are accurate and as per required standards. They may not be able to check if the tone of voice used is correct for the intended target audience. Hence, editing by friends and peers could also result in incomplete work.

Writing Centers within the college premises – Many colleges offer writing assistance through various writing centers set up within their premises. These writing centers are usually manned by graduate students or doctoral students volunteering as teaching assistants. Their skills will never be quite the same as that of an experienced professional essay editor. Moreover, these writing centers are more to train and empower students with skills needed to improve their writing. They will not offer to edit your essay completely for you. They will, perhaps, guide you in the right direction for self-editing which will anyway be fraught with risks already explained above.

What are the benefits of using the services of a professional essay editor?

The solution to the above-mentioned problems is to use the services of a professional essay editor. Using professional editors like those at Prescott Papers has multiple benefits and some of them are listed below:

Reduces stress – You have completed the major aspects of the essay writing process which includes doing research and writing the essay. Now, there are multiple other college-related tasks vying for your attention including other essays with deadlines coming close by and the stress of editing will loom large making the editing process difficult to do justice to.

During such times, it makes sense to hire a professional to edit your essay so that the stress in your life could be reduced. Handing over the all-important editing process to a professional will create peace of mind and leave you stress-free to follow up and do other activities in college.

Frees up some precious time – Time is of the essence in college life. This is the only resource that can never be replenished. There are umpteen things to do in a very short duration of time. Handing over the editing work to a professional will save you a lot of precious time which you can use to complete other more important tasks.

Many of you work part-time jobs to pay off loans and to fund your college education. Time is even more precious for college students like you. When you have completed the primary aspects of researching and writing the essay, it makes sense to save some time by handing over the editing work to a professional so that your essay gets the polish it deserves.

Ensures accurate editing – You have already read about the potential pitfalls of depending on other non-professional editors to revise and correct your essay. A professional essay editor will ensure accurate editing because of his or her deep experience, knowledge of the subject, and the mastery of formatting styles. You are bound to get an accurately edited essay that your professor will be impressed with.

Allows you to access other supplementary services too – Many of the professional editing service providers do not offer only editing services. They can help with your research work, with your writing work, give you writing tips, and offer guidance in other aspects of academic work as well. So, when you are using the services of a professional editing services company, you are creating new opportunities for taking other academic help too.

How to find a good professional essay editor?

Finding a good professional essay editor is not as difficult as it appears. Yes, there are many agencies that come in the guise of genuine service providers offering excellent service. You realize their true colors when you use their services for the first time. Here are some elements to watch out for while searching for good essay editors.

What kind of writing and editing service do they offer? – Make sure the editing service provider you choose is specialized in doing academic papers. You must make sure the editors are highly qualified and experienced in their relevant field of study and are masters in the mechanics of the English language, various formatting styles, etc.

How many editors does the agency have on board? – The larger number of editors an agency had on board, the broader range of subjects it will be capable of handling. It means that agency has multiple editors with varying domain expertise and you get to choose the one most suited for your field of study.

What kind of guarantees does the agency offer? – Most of the established professional editing service providers are so confident of the quality of their work that they do not hesitate to offer unlimited free revisions to correct anything they might have missed during the course of editing. These kinds of offers reflect the quality of work that the editing professional can provide.

What kind of privacy and safety norms does the agency follow? – This kind of information will be available under "Privacy" and "Terms of Use" on the company's website. Here the agency will tell you how they will protect the private information that you have shared with them and the level of client confidentiality the agency will maintain.

Final Notes

Editing your own essay or getting it edited by non-professionals can turn out to be more stressful than if you choose to hire it out to a professional. These stresses could come in the form of having to repeat your assignment because it did not meet the required standards set by the college. You will be given a very short leash of time for the second attempt building undue pressures and stress. To avoid such unpleasantness, it makes sense to hire a professional essay editor the first time itself and get a perfect essay for submission.

At Prescott Papers, our teams of highly experienced and qualified writers and editors are standing by to help you write and edit all your academic work. Call us for custom essays, for assignments, for regular homework, for assessments, research papers, dissertations, and more.

Professional Editing Service

The best way to get an outstanding academic essay is by using the help of Professional Editing Services offered by multiple agencies such as Prescott Papers.

The advantages of using professional editing service providers cannot be undermined and it makes sense to know why they will do a better job of editing your work than you. This article hopes to answer the following questions for you:

  • Why should you choose a professional editing service provider?

  • How to choose an established online editing service?

Why should you choose a professional editing service provider?

There are many benefits of using the services of a professional editor and some of them are:

  • Professional editors and editing companies promise and deliver excellent turnaround times. They will edit your paper perfectly and significantly faster than you can.

  • Professional editing service providers are so called because they have a set of professionals working for them who can take your paper to an extraordinary level

  • The editors who work at these service providers are highly experienced and are well-equipped to give that professional polish to your paper which will leave your professors impressed

  • The costs of editing are fairly reasonable and affordable and will fit into a college student's budget

  • These online providers are easy to access, easy to work with, and will return a perfect paper that will rarely need more revisions

  • Most of the established and reputable online writing and editing service providers do not skim over your paper. They will not stop at finding only spelling and proofreading errors. They will do a complete editing job including checking for structure, logical flow of content, sentence structure, consistency in style and tone, and more

How to choose a good and established online editing service?

Before you decide to hire out your editing work to a professional, you have to spend some time and energy to find and choose an established professional editing service provider.

Have their previous customers given positive feedback about them? For this, you can either check the company's website wherein customer credentials will be usually published or you can check an independent website which publishes customer reviews.

Do they have absolutely no negative feedback? Ideally, this should raise your suspicions as even the best of the agencies are bound to have had a few grumpy customers who would have left some negative feedback. Some amount of negative feedback could reflect the authenticity of the company's credentials.

Is their guarantee for quality and turnaround times openly and visibly displayed on their website? This is imperative. If they are not confident of what they can deliver, you need not even do further research on such companies. The open display is a sign of confidence about their capabilities and also gives you the power to question their motives if they fail to deliver on their promises. Turnaround times are as important as quality because there is absolutely no point in getting a great paper after the submission date. Your professor will not even allow you to submit it.

Do they offer great customer support? A patient and caring customer support team is reflective of the company's intention to keep their clients happy and satisfied. Do not hesitate to contact their customer support and check to see if they are doing great customer service.

Check if they have been in business for a long period of time. This is another element for boosting your confidence. It requires great skill to remain competitive in a difficult business environment and if they have managed to do it, it does speak highly of their capabilities to deliver their promises on time every time.

Check out the options they offer to you as a customer. Do they offer unlimited free revisions? Are they offering sample trials? Will they let you choose the writer or editor? What payment options are available?

Are there sufficient samples on their website to check for quality? – A good and reputed professional editing service provider will not hesitate to put up sufficient samples on display. Make sure you read as many samples as you can and ensure they meet up to the quality you expect. Also, check their own website for spelling errors. If a company cannot manage to do a good job of maintaining its website, then its ability to deliver on its promise of quality will appear dubious.

Final Notes

Once you have successfully used the services of a professional editor like the ones at Prescott Papers, you will never want to edit your own work nor will you want it done by your peers or friends. The result will definitely fall short of what a professional can offer you.

Contact Prescott Papers for all your academic writing and editing needs including custom essays, assessments, assignments, research papers, dissertations, and more. Our teams of experienced, qualified, and well-trained writers and editors will be happy to help you.

Editing Services For Writers

Writers and editors are two different sets of people whose skill sets need not match at all. While editors can be writers too and vice versa, the tasks of writing and editing are highly disparate and require you to drastically change your perspectives when you move from the writing function to the editing function.

If you wish to write as well as edit your content, then the least you should do is to give a sufficiently large time gap between the two activities so that you can eliminate the aspects of the writing process from your mind.

However, the best option would be to use editing services for writers instead of trying to edit your own work. The two tasks are so different that editing your own work may not give you the best results especially if you are looking at earning excellent grades.

This article is aimed at giving you some stark differences between the writing and editing processes which will make you realize the benefits of using editing services for writers.

Differences between writing and editing

Writing is a proactive process whereas editing is a reactive process - While writing you are looking at a particular topic or idea and using your creative aspects to come out with scope, tone, and the structure of your writing piece. It is entirely up to the writer to ensure the content is complete in all respects. The challenge of a writer is to create content that is complete and wholesome.

An editor's job, on the other hand, is more reactive. He or she looks objectively at the content and deliberately looks for and identifies flaws and faults so that they can be corrected and a perfect piece of writing is obtained. The challenge of an editor is not to lose himself or herself in the beauty of the writing. Instead, he or she must thoroughly, carefully, and mindfully evaluate and correct the content to perfection.

Writing should only move forward whereas editing calls for back and forth movement – While writing, you should ideally make only forward movements and write the entire piece without moving back and forth. This will ensure that your thoughts are all put down on paper without missing out anything. It is perfectly alright to use words that may not seem perfect in the writing process.

However, as an editor, you must keep moving back and forth in the piece of content and adjust all elements to ensure any changes are consistently reflected right across the entire content. Here is where you will be in the 'mot juste' mode ensuring every word, phrase, and sentence does its function optimally.

A writer is emotionally involved whereas an editor should have a sense of detachment from the work – A writer's job is to be emotionally and subjectively involved in the writing process because he or she will be putting into words the deepest thoughts and ideas. In fact, it is this emotional involvement that prevents a writer to see even the most obvious flaws in his or her own work and hence using a professional editing service makes a lot of sense.

The editor, on the other hand, steps out of the work and views it objectively from the reader's perspective thereby enabling the identification and correction of even the most seemingly obscure errors.

Final Notes

Do not hesitate to contact our team of experienced and highly professional online editors at Prescott Papers to get your work edited perfectly and without any errors whatsoever.

We also offer help with writing, editing, and proofreading work for all your academic needs. Call us for custom essays, assignments, assessments, research papers, dissertations, and more.

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