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Research Paper Websites

Research Paper Websites

If you log on to the internet and search for "Research Paper Websites," an innumerable number of websites will show up. Some of these websites are genuine that deliver what they promise while some of them are not so genuine that, more often than not, fail to deliver on their promises.

The trick is to find those research paper websites that never back off from their promises and will happily do what is necessary to help students with all aspects of the research paper. Please do a lot of research, ask people around, and ensure you choose the best one suited for your needs.

Another aspect of searching for research paper websites is to find reliable sources for use in your paper. It is imperative that you use only credible sources for your research. This article is dedicated to answering the following questions:

  • Why is it important to use only credible sources in your paper?

  • What are the sources you must NOT use in your paper?

  • What are some of the best sources for your paper?

  • How to determine the credibility of research paper websites?

Why is it important to use only credible sources in your paper?

Presenting your research paper is like presenting your client's case in front of a jury wherein you have to prove that your client's innocence through the submission of valid and acceptable evidence.

Suppose you are trying to prove to the jury that your client was not even present at the scene of the crime because he was with his best friends many miles away, the jury will not be convinced. The jury members would naturally doubt the veracity and credibility of the 'best friend's' evidence saying that he or she will be more than willing to commit perjury to save the friend. Hence, this evidence will not be acceptable in court.

However, suppose you prove the fact that your client was not in the country even when the crime took place by producing valid and acceptable evidence such as a flight ticket, video evidence showing your client in a completely different place during the time the crime was committed, hotel receipt, etc, then, the jury is bound to be convinced as this kind of evidence is more reliable and credible.

Your sources for writing a research paper should follow the same method. Your job as a writer of the research paper is to prove to the approving panel that you have in-depth knowledge about your field of study and this knowledge is based on reading and quoting credible sources such as those produced and written by professionals in your field like doctors, scholars, and other researchers.

What are the sources you must NOT use in your paper?

Dictionaries - Avoid using dictionary definitions in your research paper. It reflects a very rudimentary level of knowledge as everybody knows how to use a dictionary and learn from it. If you are going to define a complex term used in your specific field of study, then use a definition that is more specialized and one picked up from a credible source like a scholarly journal. Your professor is going to be totally unimpressed if you use dictionary meanings in your research paper.

Websites such as Wikipedia and About.com – These websites are populated by people who may be passionate about the subjects but need not be experts. For example, in Wikipedia, anyone can create an article and get it published without much verification. Hence, these kinds of websites are a total no-no for use as research paper websites.

What are some of the best sources for your paper?

If the above sources are taboo for research papers then where can you find credible research paper websites? The following are some of the best resources you can use:

Your college library – Credibility will not be an issue with resources that you pick up from your college library. It is an academic library set up to meet the express purpose of being resourceful in terms of validated and acceptable information which the college students can access and use.

Many of the college libraries have online options too from where you can access scholarly journals which would be subscribed by your college for the benefits of its students. You would be given a library card with which you will be allowed to access online credible sources from your college database to look for information pertinent to your research.

Google Scholar – This works just like the Google search engine except for the fact that you will obtain results that are derived scholarly journals and other research paper websites that you can use as credible sources in your paper.

RefSeek – This website is designed especially for scholars, researchers, and students. It gives you more scholarly results for search strings that you input. A valuable feature of this website is that it allows you to search specifically for documents thereby enhancing your chances of finding a credible source of information for your paper.

Internet Public Library – This online resource allows you to search for journals and papers by subject. While it may only provide links to other research paper websites, it quite often leads you to credible sources such as .org, or .gov sites. This resource even has an option to seek help from an online librarian. There are volunteers who can help you find credible sources suitable for your paper too. However, you must remember that the last two options take time and will not work if you are in a rush.

How to determine the credibility of research paper websites?

While the above research paper websites (except those obtained through the online college library) might lead you to credible sources, it is possible you could end up with a not-so-credible source. It is important for you to determine the credibility of the website before you use it in your research paper. Here are some tips on how to determine the credibility of the website.

Start with those websites that you know for certain are credible – Your professors could recommend certain research paper websites. Your peers and seniors could have used some websites and their papers would have been approved. For a start, work only with these kinds of links that are known to be credible sources.

Check relevant dates – Another useful tip to check for the credibility of a source is to check the dates of the articles and those of studies that are cited within the article. If the dates are very old and you know for certain that there are more recent data about the subject, then you would begin to doubt the veracity of the article's claims.

Another indication that the article is not worthy is the presence of dead or broken links. If the links do not go where they promise to take you, then either the data is very old and has been dropped or the article or the website itself is dubious. Be wary of such sources and avoid using them.

Check the credentials of the author – Another great way to check for credibility is to check the author's credentials. For example, if the article is about toothaches, then an article written by a qualified dentist with over 20 years of experience in the field is definitely more reliable than one that is written by a blogger. Also, check if the author has given a list of references to validate claims mentioned in the article. This is another element that adds credibility to the source.

Final Notes

Whether you are looking for research paper websites to help you write your paper or those that will be credible sources of information for your paper, it is important for you to do some amount of research before choosing one that fits the bill.

At Prescott Papers, our highly qualified and experienced team of research paper writers is standing by to help you and guide with all your problems of researching, writing, and editing your research paper. Do not hesitate to contact us for any kind of help at any stage of your academic writing process.

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