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Thesis Editing Services

Thesis Editing Services

Why are students searching for thesis editing services? Why is editing your thesis such an important thing? Can you not submit your thesis without editing and proofreading it?

These and many more questions on the importance of editing a thesis before submission run in the minds of college students. This article is aimed at the following questions:

  • What is the importance and purpose of editing a thesis?

  • How to edit your thesis?

  • How to choose a good editor?

What is the importance and purpose of editing a thesis?

Yes, writing your thesis would have taken an enormous amount of time and energy. At every stage, you would have probably edited or reviewed what you had researched and written. Now, after months of hard work, your thesis writing is complete and someone tells you that you need to find a thesis editing services provider to get your thesis edited! Here are some of the reasons why editing your thesis is extremely important before submission.

It is during the editing process that your thesis can make that huge leap from the ordinary to the extraordinary - The writing process is fraught with subjectivity. You are so deeply involved in the writing process that you forget how the thesis is taking shape. While you can clearly see the format and structure in your mind, will the reader see it in the same light? Well, you cannot check this aspect until you have successfully edited your thesis because it is at the editing stage that your thesis will be viewed for the first time from the reader's perspective giving you the power to take it to the extraordinary levels.

The editing process will bring a good structure and balance to your thesis – You would have probably written your thesis as and when points and arguments popped in your head. It is highly unlikely for you to have arranged these points in any structural or logical order. So, at the end of the writing process, your thesis could appear quite unbalanced and disjointed. It is during the process of editing that the arguments are arranged strategically to give a balanced and seamless flow to the entire thesis.

The editing process ensures structure of sentences and paragraphs are made in such a way that they seamlessly flow together – During the editing process, the editor will check the sentences and paragraphs to ensure the information flow is seamless and smooth. Only edited theses get top grades. Unedited or badly edited ones only get average or even low grades.

The editing process clears the thesis of all grammatical, punctuation, and other mechanical errors of writing – Proofreading is the last and final act of the editing process wherein all errors associated with the mechanics of writing such as grammatical, spelling, formatting, and punctuation errors are rectified.

How to edit your thesis?

The editing process is primarily aimed at making your thesis more readable to the reader. Hence, you have to help the readers by giving appropriate headings and subheadings that clearly tell them what to expect under that particular heading or subheading. For this, ensure the headings are all formatted correctly and accurately and ensure the data under that heading pertains to what you promised your reader. Accurate headings are signposts to your readers telling them where they are now and how to navigate forward and backward if needed.

Then, read the entire thesis keeping your outline that you created during the writing process in front of you. Make sure the thesis follows the same order as the outline. As you read make sure there is a logical flow of information. Ensure the points of evidence are arranged in a structural way and each flows into the other without a sense of being disjointed. This is the time to rearrange the evidence to achieve the flow you want.

Now, read each section and ensure that it is complete. Ensure each section refers to the thesis statement and it discusses only one central idea right through the section. Ensure ideas are not mixed up. The editing process will help you rearrange sentences to make sure each section has only one central theme under discussion.

After completing all the sections in the above fashion, look at each sentence. Prune unduly long and complex sentences either by breaking them up into two or more sentences or by economizing on the choice of words and phrases.

Next, ensure there are no repetitive words, phrases, or ideas. During the writing process, we simply go with the flow and write down all the thoughts that are popping out of our heads. It is only during the editing process that you can identify repetitive thoughts and prune them. As writers, many of us have favorite words and phrases that we keep using unwittingly. At this stage, use a thesaurus and find replaceable synonyms for these repetitive words.

Now, you are ready for the proofreading stage of the editing process. Check for grammar, spelling, and syntax errors and correct them. Ensure consistency of formatting style, of spelling variants, and other such elements. Make sure the formatting style including headings, subheading, page numbers, labeling of tables, figures, and other data, etc are consistent with the style that your college expects.

Despite being a great writer and knowing the mechanics of good editing, it is better to choose a professional thesis editing services provider to ensure that you get the absolutely perfect thesis for submission. And there is nothing unethical or wrong about using the services of a professional thesis editor. So, the next section deals with how to choose a good editor for your thesis.

How to choose a good editor?

Efficacy of the editing agency – Before you hand over the editing work to a thesis editing services provider, ensure the agency is duly equipped to meet the quality standards and expected turnaround times. Check their credentials left behind by earlier clients on their own websites and/or also on independent review sites.

You can check the samples usually put up on their websites to check for quality of work. You can ask your peers and seniors if they know of any good agency that they can recommend.

Also, some agencies allow you to give samples to work with initially and only when you are satisfied with the outcomes, you can hand over the main work to them. These agencies usually charge a nominal fee for working on these samples.

Affordability – Although most of the established and reputed agencies offer their services at affordable rates, it makes sense to check and compare their costs with others in the market before handing over the editing work to them. You must remember that editing is strenuous and time-consuming and hence you have to be ready to pay a reasonable charge for the work done. Comparing costs helps you get the best bargain for the optimum quality.

Speak to the editor who will be editing your thesis if you can – Editors are after all human and will have some amount of subjectivity in their work. If the agency allows it, it makes sense to speak directly to the editor who will be doing your work for you. Ask him or her the following questions:

  • Is the editor an academic specialist or a general editor?

  • Does the editor have mastery over the specific formatting or referencing style that your thesis needs?

  • What is the educational background of the editor? If he or she has an English background and your subject is Biology, then maybe you should ask for a change of editor.

  • What is the academic editing experience of the editor?

Final Notes

If writing your thesis took a lot of time, then do not think that editing and proofreading will take very little time. That approach is incorrect. Editing and proofreading take up a lot of time and an enormous amount of patience. Do not harangue your editor into doing a haphazard job of editing. Give him or her sufficient time to complete the process well and without error. Even when you are in the planning stage of the thesis, remember to allocate sufficient time for editing and proofreading.

At Prescott Papers, we have an excellent team of qualified, professional, and specialized thesis editors for hire who can take your thesis to an extraordinary level. Do not hesitate to call us for help. We also offer all other kinds of academic writing help including custom essays, dissertations, research papers, and more.

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