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Where Can I Find Former Admissions Officers Who Offer Essay Help?

Where Can I Find Former Admissions Officers Who Offer Essay Help?

Admissions officers approach and correspond with potential students to help them get admission in the college they work for. A writing services company that has a former admissions officer would be a great option to use in case you need to submit essays as part of the admissions process. These essays could include Statement of Purpose (SOPs), college application essay, graduate school application essay, etc.

A former admissions officer will have ample experience on what is expected in colleges and how these essays are scrutinized. He or she will be able to leverage his or her expertise and give you an essay that is bound to impress your present admissions officer in the college you are seeking admission to.

Jobs and duties of an admissions officer

Admissions officers interview potential students, check and verify their documents, provide students with information about the college etc. While admissions officers are usually recruited by postsecondary educational institutions, they could also work in any school that has an admission process to follow.

Here is a list of essential skills that are sought by institutions for the post of admissions officers:

Education – Most colleges require at least a bachelor's degree majoring in any subject. However, some insist on a master's degree as well

Other essential skills – Ability to travel all over the world, excellent communication skills, and computer skills

Admissions officers may have to travel across the country and also to other countries to set up meetings with and presentations for prospective students. An admissions officer will need to use his or her judgment along with analyzing potential students' documents before choosing to admit them into the college he or she represents.

The above-mentioned details are simply to tell you that if a former admissions officer is on the rolls of a writing services company, then you will definitely be able to take advantage of this person's experience and expertise in creating college-level essays.

Where Can I Find Former Admissions Officers Who Offer Essay Help?

Most established and reputed writing services companies are likely to have a former admissions officer on their rolls. This is because the expertise and experience of a former admissions officer are quite valuable which can be of use right through the college life of a student.

Former admissions officers would have been privy to information such as what teachers and professors look for in an essay and they could leverage this knowledge to create a great professional essay for you. A writing service will be at an advantage if it has a former admissions officer in place.

If the website of the company does not specifically mention the availability of a former admissions officer, you can always ask the customer support.

Benefits of a professional writing services provider

Professional work every time – It is a common occurrence for college students to feel bogged down by excessive essay writing assignments which they find difficult to finish on time. Even if some students do manage to finish the essays on time, it is quite likely that not all of them meet the high standards expected by most colleges.

When you approach a professional for help, you are likely to get high-quality and error-free work nearly all the time. Of course, you must also be aware of the mechanics of the assignment in question so that you can do your own checking before final submissions.

Well-researched work – Reputed and established writing services companies mostly undertake a lot of research to do your work for you. They delve deep into the topic at hand, understand clearly the expectations of the teacher based on the instructions given, and then only write your essay.

Completely original work that is free from plagiarism – The consequences of submitting plagiarized content are too painful to be ignored. The punitive measures range from returning the work for resubmission (for first timers and not such serious cases) to expulsion from the college (for very serious cases).

A reputed writing services company will ensure that the work it hands over to you is completely original and free from all kinds of plagiarism. The company has steps and measures to ensure that their work is checked for originality and uniqueness. Moreover, some companies include plagiarism reports along with the completed work or assignment. You can see for yourself the authenticity of the writing before final submission to your teacher.

Timely deliverance – It is imperative that your assignments are handed over before or on the submission date. Else, even an excellently written essay has no value whatsoever as most colleges do not accept late submissions. If your choice of the service provider is based on a good amount of research and it has a good reputation, then timely deliverance will not be a problem.

You are likely to get your paper well within the deadline and moreover, you will get some buffer time to check your work and request for any revisions and/or corrections. In fact, a lot of popular writing services companies offer these revisions free of cost as well.

Freebies thrown in – Many writing services providers offer a lot of freebies which include title pages, free revisions for a stipulated period of time, etc. These will enhance your experience considerably with the chosen service provider.

How to check for content quality?

As you read the work sent by the service provider, ask the following questions:

  • Does the content flow seamlessly?

  • Do you get the big picture?

  • Do the paragraphs follow through well?

  • Is their clarity in the sentences?

  • Are any parts or sections of the work redundant?

  • Is the work free from grammatical and spelling errors?

  • Are the words used in the right context?

  • Are punctuations used correctly?

  • Are the citations done as per requirement and in the required format?

  • Is the citations page or the reference list as per the required format?

  • Are the citations precise?

Final Notes

Having specialists from as many domains as possible is a key element in defining a good and reputable writing service provider. If you are asking for a specialist like a former admissions officer and the service provider is unable to meet your needs, then it is time to change your service provider.

At Prescott Papers, we have specialists across multiple domains and across various subjects so that you get the highest quality of work that anyone can provide. Our writers are not just well-qualified and highly experienced but are also constantly updating their skills and knowledge at frequent intervals so as to be able to write essays that are relevant.

We offer all kinds of academic writing help to students in varying complexities and across different levels of learning. Do not hesitate to contact us for custom essays, projects, assignments, research papers, dissertations, and more.

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