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Every college student has to write at least one paper before they graduate. Professors assign papers to test out their student’s writing skill level, as well as how well they can research and present information. There are many types of papers assigned in college. The most common for undergraduates are the research paper and the term paper. Each type of paper can take a whole semester to work on. For the graduate student, there’s the thesis for the master candidate and the dissertation for the doctoral candidate. Those papers require even more work, and the process lasts the entire time the graduate student is enrolled. Because of the time-consuming nature of writing papers, including the research and prewriting, many students look for shortcuts to doing the work.

Example One:

Peggy is a student at a local university who is taking an English Literature class on Jane Austen during the spring semester of her junior year. She has to write a paper on Jane’s Austen’s book: Pride and Prejudice. But, because of the amount of work she has for her other classes and her full-time job, she can barely find time to read the book, nevertheless write a paper about it. Therefore, she chooses to search for websites online that she can buy papers from.

Example Two:

Daniel studies physics at a local university. He has to write a paper for a history class he is taking as an elective. But, he’s so busy with the work – readings, lab experiments and reports, studying - he has to do for his physics classes. He can’t be motivated to find the time to work on his history paper. Like Peggy, he also starts to search online for a way to buy a paper.

In the two examples above, both Peggy and Daniel do something that is very common with today’s college students. They buy papers online instead of writing the papers themselves.

What happens when you search Google for where to buy papers for school? The results show website links to various companies that sell either completed or custom papers or both. This is where the student needs to be very cautious. While a lot of these websites promise the best papers, they could actually be selling plagiarized work and keep the papers in their database to be resold to other people.

A lot of these websites outsource the paper writing to people in other countries. This means you may have a paper written by someone that is not familiar with the formatting requirements in the US. You’ll get a paper written by a person who doesn’t quite understand the nuances of the English language, because it’s not their first language. Under those circumstances, the papers that are sold are low-quality writing.

The websites that outsource their academic writing also have the lowest prices. This is due to the fact that they use writers from countries with a lower cost of living than the US. This is a case of you get what you pay for. The lower the price is for a paper, the higher chance that the paper will be one that’s not only written by someone outside the United States, but one that may be plagiarized and full of spelling and grammar errors.

The websites that sell papers that are already complete and just on websites waiting to be purchased are the websites that you want to avoid buying papers from. Those “ready to go” papers are just kept in databases and sold to multiple people. This opens you up to being guilty of plagiarism, especially if your professor uses turnitin.com.

A great website to buy papers for school from is Prescott Papers. Prescott Papers is an online custom writing company that produces original (plagiarism-free) papers for school. We only use writers that are based in the United States and speak native English. Therefore, the writing will be of higher quality. Each of our custom papers are organized well, with paragraphs that flow logically from one paragraph to the next. Each custom paper is formatted and written according to the guidelines given by the client.

Another reason to use Prescott Papers is that we use writers who have expertise in many subjects due to their academic and/or professional background. When we assign a writer to a particular paper order, we pick one whose has extensive knowledge about the subject the paper is about. For example, if someone orders a paper to be written according to the assignment instructions from a botany class, the writer who is assigned to it will be very knowledgeable about botany. The writer may be a retired botany professor, a former graduate student who studies botany extensively, a former botany instructor, or a professional who works in the field.

There are also other advantages to buying a custom paper from Prescott Papers:

  1. Unlimited edits and revisions are included for free with each custom paper order. While we double-check the work ourselves, certain mistakes can go unnoticed. It will not cost you any extra money if you have to ask for corrections.

  2. We have fast and reliable support available by phone and email. You can contact us at any time to request edits and revisions, get an update on the status of your order, and just answer questions.

  3. Confidentiality is a guarantee when you use Prescott Papers. We will give anyone else information about your orders and communications.

As you can see, Prescott Papers is a trustworthy and reliable company for your custom paper needs. We even offer free consultations if you want to know further about our services before ordering, or the custom paper that you need written is part of a larger project.

All you have to do when you fill in the order is provide anything that will help us write a custom paper. This includes the assignment instructions, research notes, the list of sources you found in your research and any other special instructions for the paper. Then, we’ll get it done for you by the deadline you set in the order. We can even get a custom paper written for you within the same day.

We can even work with you on your paper starting with the prewriting process. We can help you create a detailed outline so that your paper can be organized. With the unlimited revisions, we can help you with multiple drafts, each written based on your exact instructions.


Rose is taking a sociology class at a local college. She has to write a term paper that she will need three drafts of throughout the semester before turning in the final draft. After doing her research, she places an order with Prescott Papers. In it, she includes her notes for her research, and the professor’s instructions for the term paper. She also explains that this will be an ongoing project.

Once her order is accepted, a writer works with Rose throughout the entire process. They start with creating an organized outline for the paper, then move on to the process of writing a custom paper, including each draft.

If you are still indecisive about using our services, ­­we can start working on your paper with no obligation to pay. Then, we’ll show you a custom preview. It’s a great way to see the quality writing that you can get with Prescott Papers.

Overall, Prescott Papers is an academic help service as well as a custom writing service. We want to help our customers learn how to do their own work. When our custom papers are used as a guideline to your own writing, or as a reference or study guide, it can help you better understand what your professor is teaching you in class.

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