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Why Do Students Get Help From Essay Writing Services Instead Of Doing The Work Themselves?

Why Do Students Get Help From Essay Writing Services Instead Of Doing The Work Themselves?

Essay writing is the most common form of assignment allocated by professors to their students to check their comprehension levels of the subject. A large part of college life consists of writing essays.

This situation should ideally make nearly all college students excellent at writing essays. With the kind of practice that they get many of the college students ought to have become essay writing experts. Yet, that is not true. They take the help of writing professionals.

So, why do students get help from essay writing services instead of doing the work themselves? This article is written to give you some insight into that question.

Reasons why students turn to essay writing services

College students do not like writing essays - The primary reason why students don't do their own writing work but use the services of a professional writing agency is because they do not like writing essays or any other format of writing assignments. The reason for this dislike could be anything including but not limited to the following;

  • Subject is uninteresting

  • What was taught by the teacher did not make sense

  • Insufficient or below-par writing skills

  • Unwillingness to overcome the dislike

  • Writing is very difficult

Poor time management skills – Many college students are very poor time managers. They simply do not know how to organize and prioritize their tasks. Moreover, many of them are taken in by the fact that the list of assignments along with the due dates is given at the beginning of the term itself. This being the case, students look at the first deadline that is at least one month away and their first reaction is, "Oh, there is plenty of time for this. Let me not worry right now about it."

By the time they remember it again, the deadline for the first assignment is already over and their grades have started off in the negative. This creates panic which slowly but surely snowballs into something so big that most students do not know how to avoid or overcome the challenge of missing so many deadlines.

By around the middle of the term, students realize that they are in a terrible mess and cannot extricate themselves out of it without professional help and guidance. They are then compelled to turn to essay writing services so that they can at least get the balance assignments done professional and hope to improve their grades for the term.

Overload of work – Yes, this is also sadly true. Even the most skilled time manager and the most seasoned college student who has sacrificed social life completely so that he or she can successfully complete college will find that there is a big overload of work in college. Attending classes, note-taking, doing research, extracurricular activities, and more leave students completely exhausted and with little or no time for completing numerous writing assignments many of which have overlapping deadlines. During such times, college students find succor in essay writing services.

Pressure for high quality and perfection – College students lack the experience to achieve perfection in all their assignments. Some of the writing tasks may not meet the very high expectations and standards of the college. Moreover, they are pressured by the fact that some of their peers are able to get all of the work without any error thereby getting much better grades.

This kind of peer pressure and the compulsion for perfection enhances stress levels for college students. Some students choose to take the help of essay writing services while some students simply choose to quit college halfway as they find it difficult to manage such high levels of stress and pressure.

High ambitions – There are many students who are highly ambitious and only want the best grades possible. These students see college less as a temple of learning and more as a stepping stone to get a lucrative job that will make them highly successful in life.

While the latter is definitely a reason to attend college, some really ambitious students think that doing anything other than what is directly related to their ultimate goal of securing a great job as worthless and unnecessary. Such students are quite keen on handing over the writing tasks of general education courses to essay writing services instead of doing it themselves.

Moreover, such ambitious students are happy to get the help of professionals who can deliver absolutely error-free work thereby enhancing their chances to get excellent grades. Even if they did their best, these students may not be able to get such great grades as is capable by a professional and experienced writer.

Not understanding the teacher's lecture – This is another common excuse used by students to take the help of essay writing services instead of doing the work themselves. But, it is also true. Unfortunately, some of the professors in some colleges may not be the best of teachers. While they themselves are scholars in their domain, they do lack teaching skills and this makes it quite difficult for students to comprehend the teacher's lectures. For such subjects and/or topics, students use the help of essay writing services.

Too many papers to complete and too little time to write them in – Yes, this is also quite true. There are numerous papers to write and many times these writing assignments have overlapping deadlines creating a lot of stress for students. During such crisis times, students do not hesitate to contact essay writing services to help them complete a few of these numerous writing assignments relieving them of some amount of stress and giving them a little more free time to do other tasks that cannot be delegated to writing service providers.

Final Notes

College life is rife with pressures and stresses from all quarters. There is peer pressure and there is pressure from parents to perform well. Additionally, you have your own dreams and ambitions that you want to achieve and all these desires and expectations raise stress levels enormously.

It is no wonder then that many college students prefer quitting college midway instead of being hounded by the unending flow of stress and worry.

However, you must realize that help is at hand. It is perfectly sensible to delegate your academic and essay writing assignments to a professional leaving you less stressed out and with more time which you can use to do those things that only you can do such as attending classes, listening to the lecture without the worry of an unfinished writing task, preparing for tests and exams, etc.

At Prescott Papers, our team of dedicated and qualified writers is there to help you through your hectic college days. Do not hesitate to contact us for all your academic writing needs including custom essays, assignments, projects, research papers, dissertations, and more.

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