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How To Get Paid While In College

How to Get Paid While in College

In this article we will ultimately answer the question of; how to get paid while in college, however before we do that, we want to go through the who, what, where, when, and whys of doing this first. So get ready, because in a short amount of time we are going to go through a lot of important information that just might be your answer in how to make some extra money in college.

First we will address the questions of; Who is eligible to work? Who will pay you? So let me ask you this; Are you in college? If you are then it is very likely that you could work with us. We are looking for college students who are in need of a little extra cash. We understand that paying college tuition is not easy these days and would like to give you the opportunity to get paid. It just so happens that we could use a little extra help and who better to assist us than aspiring academics? We thought that hiring college students would not only help people who are working towards a great future, it could open them up to a potential career path that they may had not yet considered. Which is? Writing. (But we will get into the details of that later). Now the second question under the "Who" tab is; Who will pay you? We will. And who exactly are we? A thriving writing service that hires people from all over the world to do freelance writing work with us. We are formed of a team of high quality writers who strive to produce unique written work. We are constantly looking for a variety of writers with different writing styles to join our team. Some of the people realize how much they enjoy writing and end up staying with us for years. This could really be something great for you and either way, it's a great way to get paid while you are in college!

Okay, so now that you understand who is involved, let us move on to what exactly the job would involve. Principally, it involves writing obviously, but it is really a great gig. You would receive a wide variety of topics to write about so you wouldn't have to worry about getting burnt out on writing on the same theme all of the time. You would also be required to write a variety of types of work. For example, sometimes you would need to write research papers and other forms of essays while other times we would ask for journals, articles and maybe even blog posts. The benefit of this variety is that you wouldn't get tired of writing about the same thing, in the same format every time. Before being hired, we would clearly ask to see some examples of your writing and you would need to understand that we take these jobs very seriously, and so should you. We do not, whatsoever, accept copied or prewritten work. Everything you send us must be your writing and original work. In addition to writing the work, you would also be responsible to rechecking and proofreading your work. If after reading this and understanding a bit better what exactly would be asked of you and you still feel intrigued, well read on! We have a lot more information for you.

Let's move on to the where. As mentioned above, we hire people from all over the world. How is that possible? We are an online writing service, so basically wherever there is internet, we can have people working and writing. One of the biggest perks of working us with is that you get to work form essentially where ever you want. Do you prefer working from the comfort of your own home, in your pajamas with your cat rolled up on your lap? Go ahead. Would you rather work in a public place like an internet café or library where you feel you can get more work done? Do it! Are you scheduled to take a trip to the Caribbean but want to bring your computer with and continue working in your spare time? Sounds great! We really don't care where you work, we just care that you do get the work done and get it done right. If you can do this, you can get paid.

The next question of interest is; when. When would you be able to start? When would you be scheduled to work? Your start date would depend on a few things. To be considered for the position, you would need to send us at least one sample of your writing. We want to see what you are capable of. If you've written in different styles, send us a variety of work. If you have a professional resume put together, send us that too. We would love to see what all you have done in the past. If we agree that you seem like a good fit for our team we will contact you right away. Once hired, you would just need to wait for us to assign you your first piece. This could take as short as just a day, but it would depend on demand at that time, but generally this doesn't take more than a few days. Once we get a feel for what your capable of, you can start to work as much or little as your schedule allows. We don't really mind if you work during the day, at night, on the weekends, etc. We only care that you get us the high quality, written piece by the set deadline.

The next question we want to address has to do with, why. Why work for us? Why is this a great gig? The people who work for our writing service love what they do for a number of reasons. First of all, writing is a great way to spend your time, not only is it a calming and enjoyable activity. Depending on what you are assigned to write about, you will have the opportunity to learn. Are you worried that you might not be a "good enough" writer? Don't over analyze. The more you write, the better you will get. You will soon start to form your own style and your personalized voice will start to shine through. Also, it doesn't get much better than freelance work. You work when you can, at your own convenience. You won't have a boss breathing down your neck all day long and you can work in the comfort of your home (or wherever it is you feel you can work most efficiently). As a freelance worker, you will not have to deal with travel costs. The gas money it takes to travel to and from work every day can really start to add up, so working from wherever you feel is most convenient is just one more advantage. So this would mean no more waiting in heavy traffic jams for you! Also, we are flexible and can generally divvy up the work that needs to be done to our writers, allowing you to take on as much or as little work as you are able to commit to, at any given time. Honestly, it doesn't get much better than this. If you want to get paid while you're in college, this could be the perfect solution.

I hope after reading this far, you feel like you have enough information to know whether or not you think this is something you might be interested in doing. So to answer the question of; How to get paid in college? We want you to write for us! We hire high quality freelance writers and pay them to produce original, well-written work. You can work for us. Get the best pay out of any writing company online! While the majority of other services only pay their writers $5--or even less--per page, you can make a real living wage at Prescott Papers. So by working for us, you know you are getting paid what you deserve. We appreciate the time and effort put into your work and want to ensure that you are compensated accordingly. We encourage you to apply. Please send a sample (or more) of your writing and a resume if you would like by email to: support@prescottpapers.com

We look forward to reviewing your information and will be in contact as soon as possible!

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