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How To Make Good Money With An English Degree

How to Make Good Money with an English Degree

An English degree can be applied and very useful in a number of careers. Professionals with English degrees often make great money as they tend to have many well-paid job options. Communication and analytical thinking are generally English majors' strongest assets, and they can both be extremely useful in a number of professional settings. So now that you have your degree in hand, you can feel confident that you will have a wide spectrum of options and don't have to worry about whether or not your studies will be beneficial to you in finding a well-paying job, they will!

Some of the highest paying jobs out there, that tend to require an English degree include the following; sales accountant manager, IT project manager, marketing director, managing editor, web developer, marketing communications manager, technical writer, proposal manager and a human resources generalist. Although an English degree is almost always required for these positions, it can sometimes be difficult to land a job like this without any experience. Most often you will need at least a few years of writing experience before you would be considered for a position like this. Luckily for you, our online writing service is always looking to hire new writers. Although we require sample pieces of your previous writing work, we do not require extensive experience in professional positions. So this could be your chance to get the experience needed for these higher up positions listed above.

The fact that you have your English degree in hand, means you are already on the right track. There are so many advantages of having this degree. English majors have been exposed to a wide variety of literature that most other majors simply never see. This knowledge can only benefit you in a potential future career as you have been exposed to so many different writing styles from such a range of time periods. Also, employers know that English majors are passionate about language, communication, literature and tend to think outside of the box, which any company looks for. One of the biggest reasons people like to hire English majors is for their ability to communicate effectively. People with an English degree tend to be better equipped for writing and verbally communicating clearly and effectively with their co-workers and clientele, making them essential for basically any company.

As we here at this writing service are completely aware of the above facts, we always look to hire people with English degrees. We have had great success with the English majors we have hired and would have little to no hesitation in continuing to do so. So by now you are probably curious to who we are, what we have to offer, why to work with us, and so on. So let us take a little of your time to start answering these questions.

So now you are wondering who is eligible to work? Well, do you have an English degree? You are eligible to work with us. Send us an example or two of your work and maybe you could get start to get some great writing experience working with us! Now the second question under the "Who" tab is; Who will pay you? We will. We are a thriving writing service that hires people from all over the world to do freelance writing work with us. Our team is formed of high quality writers who strive to produce unique written work. We are constantly looking for a variety of writers with different writing styles to join our team. You might just find that you really enjoy this type of work and end up sticking with us for longer than you think! This could really be something great for you and either way, it's a great way to make good money with an English degree!

Now you are likely wondering what the job would involve. Principally, it involves writing obviously, but since you would receive a wide variety of topics to write about and would be required to follow different guidelines and styles, you wouldn't have to worry about getting burnt out on writing on the same theme in the same style all of the time. After looking at some of your writing we could potential set up and interview. However, we want to make it very clear that you would need to understand that we take these jobs very seriously, and so should you. We do not, whatsoever, accept any copied or prewritten work. Everything you send us must be your writing and original work. Do you still feel interested in learning more about possible working with us? Read on!

If you would like to know where you would work, we are flexible. If you have a stable internet connection, you can work there. This is one of the biggest perks of working with us is you can work from wherever you feel most comfortable. You can work from home, from an internet café, the library, on vacation (if you have internet of course), you can work from essentially anywhere. We really don't care where you work, we just care that you do get the work done and get it done right. If you do this, we can establish a great working relationship.

So at this point you probably want to know when you can start and what your potential schedule might look like. The first step would be to contact us and send in any of your personal writing samples and a resume so that we can start to get to know you and your writing style. We would love to see what you are capable of. After speaking with you a bit further, and if we think you would be a good fit for our company, we can get started right away! Your schedule would also be extremely flexible. Generally, our writers work as much or as little as their schedule allows them to. Also, as this is freelance work, you can work during the day, at night, on the weekends, at 3am, basically whenever you want to. As long as you finish the work by the set deadline, you make your own schedule and plan your time accordingly.

The last question is; why? Well, why not? You really have nothing to lose. We would love to speak with you about anything you still have questions about. Our current staff is all very happy with their positions, and we think you would be just as satisfied. Getting paid to write, at your convenience; whats not to like? We want you to write for us! We hire high quality freelance writers and pay them to produce original, well-written work. You can work for us. We pay our writers the best rates in the essay writing industry. So by working for us, you know you are getting paid what you deserve. We appreciate the time and effort put into your work and want to ensure that you are compensated accordingly. If you would like to apply, please send an academic sample of your writing and a resume to support@prescottpapers.com

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