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How To Make Money As A Graduate Student

How to Make Money as a Graduate Student

Are you a graduate student who would like to make a little money on the side? We understand that as a graduate student you are busy with classes and studying, but we think that you just might be able to find a little extra time during your day to put toward making some money. We know that your program isn't cheap and would love to share this money making opportunity with you.

First we want you to understand how many graduate students tend to waste time, usually without even realizing it. If you, like most of your peers, find yourself wasting valuable time, the time has come to put an end to it. Now you have a worthy reason to. Many graduate students waste time going from one task to another. Why not stay on campus instead of wasting time going all the way home just to come back a few hours later. You can try to organize your class schedule to have consecutive classes, or just stay on campus and do homework or online work (with us!) instead. You will save a lot of time by not traveling back and forth multiple times each day. People, graduate students included, often waste time due to lack of time management. If you manage and plan your time, you will waste less time on useless activities such as staring at unimportant information on your phone. Although it is important to keep in touch with friends and family, you don't need to send countless messages, pictures, and videos back and forth with them all day. Facebook is a HUGE time waster, if the number one way students and people in general lose valuable time. Scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed or pictures on Instagram really don't benefit you and you could use all this wasted time doing something productive. These types of activities also take away time you could be using getting the necessary sleep you need to function in your classes and focus on your assignments. So the time has come to cut out these useless activities from your schedule. We have an idea for what you could do in all of this freed up time. Work for us, make money!

So you no longer have the excuse of; "I don't have time to work during graduate school," so what's holding you back? Keep in mind we are not talking 40 hours each week of work, you can work part time, maybe 8-20 hours a week. You also wouldn't be asked to commit to the same schedule week to week. Maybe you would be available to work 14 hours one week, but only 9 the next. That is not a problem for us. We just ask that you keep us posted and never commit to a job you won't be able to complete on time. We are flexible, we want you to succeed both as a student and as a part of our team. Graduate students who work for us love it and have noted many benefits. They say that if it weren't for the flexibility they are given with us, they likely wouldn't be able to work, as in other campus jobs, for example, they are asked to sign up for a set schedule.

Not only is working part time in graduate school a good idea because it will allow you focus your spare time on something productive, it will get you ahead of the game in other ways as well. First and most obviously you will make money. The extra money you earn will help keep you afloat as a student and give you a little extra incentive and take off a little stress. Students who work are less reliant on student loans and start to understand how to manage their money from early on. You will learn to manage your money and not spend too much on things you don't really need. Working helps you remember how much effort it takes to obtain your money and you won't want to just throw it away on useless partying or shopping sprees that you don't need in the first place. By working, you will also learn how to manage your time better. By planning out your day, you will allow yourself just enough time for a little of everything, ensuring academic success. You will also gain career-related experience and start to acquire the sorts of skills and self-confidence future employers will be looking for.

So you are probably asking yourself who we are. We are an online writing service. Our team of writers are people just like you, who are dedicated to doing a good job, learning a little themselves, practicing and developing their writing skills and making money in the process. Our writers produce original and unique work. They spend the necessary time to research the topics given to them if necessary and take pride in what they write. We do not accept prewritten or copied work. We appreciate the time and energy our employees put into their work and compensate them accordingly. We pay our freelance writers at least ten dollars per written page, which is four to five dollars more than other writing services. The majority of other companies in this business will pay even less than five dollars per written page, which simply is not accurate compensation. We know that writing in a creative way isn't easy so we make sure to pay a fair wage. So consider it, you could work for us. We are currently in search of high quality, dedicated freelance writers who want to not only make money, but make a difference in our company and in your own life! From experience, we know that graduate students are perfect for these positions. We have always been very impressed with the work they produce and would love to have you work with our team. So hesitate no more and do yourself a favor. Start writing today!

Your assignments would include writing a variety of research papers, essays, stories, blogs, articles, advertisements, reviews, etc. This will keep you busy and the variety will help change things up. You won't feel like you are doing the same thing every time and doing repetitive work. You will also be asked to write on a wide range of topics as well. So this might mean you might have to do some research, which is great because you might learn something new! You will also be asked what you specialize in, as we use our writers' expertise to our benefit. We almost constantly have work available, so you will be able to work as much or as little as you want. You can set up your own schedule and work whenever you feel most convenient, whether that be during the morning, afternoon, night, weekend, etc. We don't care when you work, we just care that you produce high quality, well-written and proofread work, by the time of the set deadline. Late work is not tolerated. Another plus of freelance work is the fact that you can work wherever you want. You can work at your house, at an internet café, in the library, heck you can even work on vacation if you want! That is the beauty of this line of work. The flexibility is never ending.

Do you think this is something you might want to give a try? Contact us! Send us a sample of your academic writing and a resume (optional) to support@prescottpapers.com

We look forward to hearing from you and getting started with the interview process. This could be the change you've been looking for. You have nothing to lose! Contact us today if you have further questions, we are happy to clarify anything you feel unsure about. No strings attached!

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