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How To Make More Money As A Phd Student

How to Make More Money as a PhD Student

Have you decided to take that extra step and get your PhD? Well first, congratulations, your life seems to be headed in the right direction. You might not, however, be feeling those benefits quite yet. Do you feel as though you're drowning in debt? Are you worried about how you will pay the rest of your tuition and whether your budget will be able to cover anything besides your classes? Do you need an option of how to make more money as a PhD student? Well, you are in luck. You just happen to be in the right place. We understand that students like you are in a tough spot. You want to (more like NEED to) make more money, but just don't seem to have a schedule that will allow you do take on any sort of part time job because your availability varies from week to week and sometime even from day to day. If you work with our convenient online writing service, you will not only be able to work around your availability, you will make good money and start making a dent in those tuition bills hanging over your head.

There are many reasons why it is recommendable to work throughout your doctoral program. Number one for most people is the fact the they need the money and feel that they don't have any other option. So this may be reason enough, however if you are still unsure if you think you want to take on part time work while working so hard on getting your PhD, read on. Working as a student can help you to develop contacts and references, which will be very useful once your job search starts. Also, some of these people can serve as a support system throughout your time spent in school. While you work, you can learn about how different people run different business. Maybe you won't be in a "high up" position, however that doesn't mean you can't observe and study people's management styles. You just might be in their shoes someday and could put something you liked that they did to use with your employees. You have the opportunity to learn in any job. You can practice people skills, organizational skills, time management skills, upon many others. This diligence and self-control will only help you in the long run. Working as a PhD student isn't an easy task. You have a lot on your plate but the fact that you are confident to take this on shows you have drive. And, hey, we aren't talking about a full time career, here. We recommend working 10-20 hours each week. The benefit of writing for our online service is that your schedule will be flexible and can vary from day to day. Working at this time will also help you to develop a work ethic and even exercise leadership. So give it a try. What do you have to lose?

Now let us tell you a little bit more about who we are, what we do and who we hire. As we mentioned earlier, we are an online writing service. Our team is made up of people who work as either part time or full time staff members. These employees are very hard working and dedicated to producing high quality written work. Each member of our team plays an important role and take their responsibilities very seriously. Since we have such a large group of people working with us, we are able to write specialized pieces on a variety of topics. Think about it; what could you contribute? Like we said, we take each project very seriously and work passionately to end with a well thought out piece, free of errors. Everything we write is reviewed and thoroughly proofread. We take pride in that the work we produce is original and unique. We do not, whatsoever accept prewritten, plagiarized or copied work. That is simple not what we are about.

Our company takes a wide range of writing requests. We help individuals, small businesses and even large corporations with their writing tasks. Often times we have requests to write research papers like thesis or dissertations, which require extensive research and digging up of information. We also frequently complete definition essays, compare and contrast papers, analytical papers, cause and effect and even interpretive papers. At other times clients will contact us requesting help with advertisements, articles, letters, or even short stories. We really never know what people will need on a day to day basis. This, however, keeps our writers on their toes and makes their work interesting.

Who do we hire? We hire people just like you. Some of our writers have worked with us long term and even work full time with our company, while still others are college or PhD students like yourselves who don't have the time availability to work fully time and prefer to work part time. Either way is great! We truly value our employees and everything that they do. Since we appreciate our writers so much, we pay much better than any other online writing service. We pay our writers at least ten dollars for each page they write, this rate is four to five dollars more than what most other services pay. On average, other online writing services will pay their employees less than five dollars per written page. We pay such competitive rates because we like having a positing working relationship with the people who work with us. Do you think this might be something you might be interested in? You can feel free to contact us with any questions you might have by email at support@prescottpapers.com

Freelance writing has so many perks. Not only do you not have to work with a boss or manager breathing down your neck all day, you also don't have to deal with rush hour traffic of paying for transportation. You can work right from the comfort of your own home or apartment. You could also work from campus, local library or nearby café. You can work essentially from wherever you please. Freelance work also allows you to work whenever you have the time. You will have the freedom to plan your work schedule according to your availability. Maybe you are able to work 15 hours one week, but only 8 the next, that's fine! You will be able to only accept the projects that you are capable of completing at that time. Online freelance work is one of the best ways to make more money as a PhD student. So, why not give it a try?

We hire people just like you and pay them some of the most competitive wages around to write! This could be the opportunity you have been looking for. What other job will give you the freedom and flexibility that comes along with online freelance writing?

We encourage you to give this great opportunity a chance. No strings attached! If you would like to apply, please send us a sample piece of your academic writing along with a resume. This information can be sent by email to the following address: support@prescottpapers.com

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