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I Am A College Student And I Need A Job

I Am a College Student and I Need a Job

If you are college student, you are probably starting to feel the pressures of your tightening budget. This may be the first time in your life when you have had to take responsibility for finances. This isn't always an easy transition for people. You have a whole new list of expenses that you likely never had to consider before.

Some of these new costs include first and foremost you will need to cover your tuition and related fees. Tuition these days is not cheap, but having that degree later on in life will pay for itself. Books are generally sold separately these days and without your books, well, it is hard to study. So even though it can be a bit painful paying for these books, if you want to graduate, you will have to dish out the cash. Depending on your housing situation, you will either have to pay for room and board or rent. If you are studying in a big city, these rates will only go up. If you are on an extremely tight budget, you might want to consider studying in a smaller town. Although living costs still won't be cheap, you might be able to save two-hundred to four hundred each month, which in the end will make a difference. Other areas college students will need to spend on include transportation. Even though many students are able to walk from their dorm, house or apartment to their classes, you will still likely need to spend some money on some type of transportation. You will need to find a way to get to the grocery store. You will also need some type of way to travel around your city or town and will likely want to visit your parents from time to time (whether you believe me or not, that time will come)! So, you will need to spend some money on a car, bus ticket, metro system or maybe even a plane ticket. If you do have a car, you will also be responsible for paying for gas, oil changes, insurance and maintenance.

Other expenses include a cell phone and plan, which are not cheap anymore! Phone plans cost on average one-hundred and eighty dollars per semester. In addition to your phone, you also might have a computer. So computers and other technological devices are additional costs. Food is another, very necessary expense. Groceries are usually a bit less expensive than dining out, however you will want to have a little fun and will likely go out with friends from time to time. These food costs can add up to three or four hundred dollars each semester.

At this point I think we can agree that college and everything that goes along with it is not cheap. You might be starting to realize that you might need to get a part time job to help with some of the expenses. Are you worried that you won't be able to find a job that will allow you to work on a flexible schedule? Are you afraid of overcommitting and later not having enough time to study and get your assignments done? We just might have the answer to this dilemma you have been looking for. We are an online writing service. We hire college students just like you who are in need of a job.

Now we want to help you to better understand who we are. Our company is made up of a team of driven writers, editors and advertising professionals who help our online writing service thrive. We take our work very seriously and produce high quality written work. Uniqueness, creativity and originality are very important to us. We do not accept or support in any way, shape or form, copied or prewritten work. We simply do not stand for this, as we take pride in what we do. We like to see the individual capabilities of our writers shine through. Unique voice, and clearly written pieces are what sets us apart from other online writing services. We hire college students just like you, who have a little extra time each week to dedicate to writing and bettering our business. You will make money and better your writing abilities at the same time. This could be just the perfect gig for you. You might find writing to be a new passion of yours.

Are you interested? Would you like to learn more about what the job itself would include? Every day individuals, small businesses and even large corporations contact us to request help with written tasks. We have different demands at different times. If you were to write for us, the type of papers you would write, would vary, which is something our employees appreciate. Our employees write research papers, other essays, articles, journals, blog posts, book reviews, letters, descriptions, speeches among others. As our clients request a variety of themes for us to write about, it is very uncommon that you would be asked to write about the same topic more than one time. This is a huge advantage for you and something our writers really like about working for this online writing service. Our employees don't get bored by having to write in the same style on the same topic every time. You expand your horizons and develop your writing abilities while getting paid.

The benefits and perks to working as a freelancer are seemingly never ending. Freelancers love the fact that they don't have to work with a manager or boss standing at their back while they work. As a freelancer you are just that, FREE. The freedom you will enjoy in this line of work just doesn't compare with other positions.

Number one, you get to work when you want. You don't like the nine to five schedule? Don't work then! You can work in the early morning, late night, on the weekends, or simply when you have time. You have the option to adjust your schedule from week to week, or even from day to day. This flexibility allows you to make appointments, meet friends and adjust to last minute changes easy. Freelance work also allows you to work whenever you have the time. You will have the freedom to plan your work schedule according to your availability. Maybe you are able to work 16 hours one week, but only 7 the next, that's fine! You will be able to only accept the projects that you are capable of completing at that time. Online freelance work is one of the best ways to make more money as a college student.

Freelance work also allows you to work literally wherever you want. Do you prefer to work from the comfort of your own bed? That fine by us. Would you rather work in a quiet spot on campus? Sounds good to us. Do you need as though you can get more work done and concentrate better at a coffee shop or other type of internet café? We really don't mind, as long as you can focus and get your projects taken care of. Our writing service only cares that you get the work that you accept done by the set deadline. If you can complete the work you commit to, you might have found the perfect job for you.

If you like the sounds of everything you have read, we encourage you to apply. In order to do so, we ask that you send us a sample or two of your own academic writing. If you would like to attach a resume as well, that would be great. We are interested to see your writing style and learn about what past experiences you have. This information can be sent by email to the following address: support@prescottpapers.com

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