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Make $1,000 A Month In College

Make $1,000 a Month in College

How would you like to make at least $1,000 every month in college? You would love it, wouldn't you? You probably thought this wasn't possible or that in order to do so you would have to work more hours than you have time for. The truth is you can make $1,000 each month in while you are in school, all you need to do is dedicate a few hours a week and the money will start coming in. You are in college, we understand you already have a lot on your plate, but we are flexible and almost always have work available, which makes this the perfect job for college kids. Depending on your capabilities and efficiency you might even be able to make more. So now we have your attention and you are probably wondering who we are and what your role within our company would be.

We are one of the most highly respected online writing services out there. Our team consists of multiple writers, editors and advertising specialists who are very dedicated to continuing to grow and help to make our company even better. The people who write for us are people just like you who have a little extra time on their hands who need a little (or a lot!) of extra cash. Are you thinking, I'm a college student, I don't have any extra time. Well, if you think about it, you probably have more time than you think. If you spend a little less time on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, watching T.V. and other apps or silly games you could live without, you might be able to come up with a couple hours a day to make big money. We have had high success rates hiring college students and if you are interested in more information, we would love to discuss further with you. So if you have a big loan hanging over your head, or your just barely able to pay your insurance, whatever your situation is, the money you could make here, can't hurt.

We are looking for writers to help support our company. Do you enjoy writing? Is it something you could see yourself doing? Would like to enhance your own writing skills and get paid while doing so? Writing with our company is enjoyable as you constantly are assigned a variety of projects. Some days you might write research papers and essays and the next you could be doing short ads or articles. Our clients are generally individuals, but we also have smalls businesses and even large corporations hire us to help with any type of writing task they might need. This also allows you to write on a variety of topic. It keeps things interesting for you and helps you to broaden your horizons. By writing with our online writing service you won't have repetitive and boring tasks, you'll learn new things and face different challenges (while making big money along the way)! We pay some of the most competitive wages in the online writing industry!

So we mentioned we are an online writing service so you might be wondering where exactly you would work. Well you would work online. We don't really care where you are located, as long as you can get the work done and sent to us on time. Maybe you prefer to work from the comfort of your dorm room or the campus library. That is fine by us! Others like to do their writing from the local coffee shop or at the internet café down the street. Also fine. If you are traveling or even on vacation but you have a few extra hours to work on a project, that is great! Imagine, getting paid on vacation! This flexibility is one of the reasons this is such a great job for college students. So to reiterate the answer to the question of where exactly you would work, the answer is anywhere.

Now you are wondering about the work schedule, how many hours you would work each day or each week, right? Well we are also very flexible regarding your schedule and when you get your writing projects done. We understand that college student's schedules vary. Maybe it's Thanksgiving break and you have a lot more free time. You might be able to take on 20 hours of work that week. Great! Like we mentioned before, we almost always have projects that need to be completed. On the other end of the spectrum, maybe its finals week and you can only work for 4 or 5 hours. That's also fine. We have many writers ready to work. So this flexibility in hours really can't be beat. Where else would you be able to literally work around your personal schedule? Nothing really comes to mind. One more thing to mention regarding the when you would work segment. You can write at any time of day. If you are an early riser and focus better in the wee hours of the morning, that's fine. Or maybe you like to stay up late on weekend nights and that is when you find it easiest to write, that is also fine. We don't really mind at all what time of day or night you work, we just care that you get the work done, do it well and have it finished by the set deadline. Again, this flexibility is essentially unattainable in other workplaces.

The last question is, why? Well why not? This could be the perfect solution to the money predicament you may find yourself in. While writing on our team of responsible and dedicated employees, you can thrive and might even surprise yourself with your writing capabilities. With a little time you will start to see your own writing style and voice start to shine through.

Now we do have one very strict rule that if you feel you can't abide by, please don't waste your time in even applying. We only accept original, authentic written pieces. YOU have to be the author of the work you turn into us. Our company takes pride in what we do, so we do not accept whatsoever prewritten, copied or duplicated work. Can you avoid do this? If you can, then please continue reading on with details on how to apply.

Do you feel as though we answered all of your questions? If so, please send us a sample of your academic writing. We want to get a feel of what you are capable of. If you have a resume available, we would love to see that as well. It is very helpful for our hiring team to learn about what past experiences you have. This information can be sent to support@prescottpapers.com

Also, if you have further questions before you decide if you want to apply or not, those inquiries can also be sent through email to the same address: support@prescottpapers.com

Thank you for taking the time to read this article regarding your opportunity to make $1,000 a month in college! We hope we've answered your questions and we look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

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