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Write College Essays For Money

Write College Essays For Money

Are your writing skills good enough to write college essays for money? If the answer to this question is a 'Yes," then there are plenty of writing options for you which you can do while you are still at college. It is a great way to hone your writing skills and get paid for it as well.

This article will brush your knowledge about the four basic types of college essays and will also help you understand the benefits of writing every day.

Types of college essays

There are four basic types of college essays and if you read the instructions properly, you will see that the essay question will fit into one of the following types:

  • Narrative Essays

  • Descriptive Essays

  • Expository Essays

  • Persuasive Essays

Narrative Essays – As the name suggests, this kind of essay narrates or tells a story. Through a narrative essay, the writer will narrate a real-life experience that is engaging to the reader. The key element that makes a narrative essay great is the ability of the writer to create vivid pictures of the event or experience in such a way that the reader is transported to the same level of experience. A narrative essay will usually end with a personal statement that reflects what the writer has learned through the experience.

Descriptive Essay – This is quite similar to a narrative essay inasmuch that it paints a picture using words. The essay writer might describe an event, an experience, a piece of art, a special memory from the past, or anything else. But, the important thing is to describe it so vividly and powerfully that the reader automatically gets an image imprinted in his or her mind.

The description should go beyond describing physical features. It should describe the emotion and/or the sensory details involved in an experience through the use of words. An accomplished descriptive essay writer will not 'tell' but 'show' the image by clever and colorful use of words.

Expository Essay – This is an informative type of essay and usually presents a balanced analysis of the topic question. An expository essay could define terms and/or phrases through the use of examples, statistics, and other related facts. There are a variety of expository essays such as the cause and effect essays, the compare and contrast essays, the process of 'how to' essays, and more. This type of essay will not have any expression of personal feelings or emotions expressed nor will it be expressed in the first person.

Persuasive Essay – The primary purpose of a persuasive essay is to convince the reader to accept the essay writer's perspective or accept the writer's recommendation. A good persuasive essay will be built on a strong and irrefutable foundation of facts, figures, and logic. The writer could use sound reasoning, examples of precedents, and expert opinion to persuade and convince the reader through the persuasive essay.

Benefits of writing every day

While earning money from the comforting confines of your home is a huge benefit of writing, there are other advantages as well. Some of them are listed here.

Writing wakes up your slumbering brain – Try writing something when you are sipping coffee or juice or something like that as soon as you get into office. It could be something as simple as responding to an email. Your brain is immediately awakened and you feel refreshed to tackle other jobs at work or at home.

Clears your brain of leftover clutters of the previous day - Starting your day off with writing is a great way to feel rejuvenated to tackle the challenges of the day. You don't have to write an entire novel. Just jot down your initial thoughts for the day such as what angered you the previous day or what you forgot to do. Writing these thoughts down is like purging your system of the negative thoughts.

Make notes of your dreams – Keep a notepad and a pen close to you when you go to sleep. If you are startled awake from a dream or a nightmare, make a note of what you dreamt of. If the dream did not wake up in the middle of night, try and remember it in the morning and write it down as much as you can recall. Practice this every day and you will see your ability to recall your dreams becoming better. And soon, you will be able to gauge a pattern or theme.

Writing every day improves your vocabulary significantly – If you do not hone your vocabulary, the chances of forgetting known words also are very high. One should use talent optimally for it to remain useful, active, and get better too, and so it is with vocabulary skills. In this expanding world of tweeters and texting, people are finding innovative ways to constrict written communication and are forgetting the use of many words and phrases. Writing will help in retaining and rejuvenating this skill.

A great way to improve your vocabulary is to subscribe to one of the "word of the day" email from any of the established dictionary websites. Read and understand the meaning of the word and then try to make a sentence with it.

Writing a diary at the end of the day is an extremely relaxing way to end the day – After a hectic day of running and meeting umpteen deadlines, your body and mind are dying to get into a meditative and relaxing mood. Writing your diary at the end of a hectic day will help you achieve this state of mind. As you ruthlessly convert all your thoughts into words and concretize them on paper, your mind will become free of thoughts. When you read the positives of the day, you will smile. When you read the negatives of the day, you will sigh and tell yourself, "Well, tomorrow is another day!"

Final Notes

Are you equipped to write college essays for money? Can you spare time to write college essays for money? Will writing college essays for money be an amply rewarding part-time job to fund your college education? If you want answers to the above questions, write to support@prescottpapers.com with your writing samples and we will be happy to see what you are capable of.

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