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Write Essays For Money

Write Essays For Money

You can write essays for money if your essay writing skills are great. There are plenty of freelancing options available for good essay writers as many writing agencies would love to have a great writer with amazing skills on their rolls. There are plenty of projects for you if you can prove your mettle.

This article is helpful if you want to write essays for money as it will help you with some useful tips on how to write an effective essay.

Tips on how to write an effective essay

Picking the topic – While most of the time, you will get a broad topic question, you would need to spend some time narrowing the topic question to choose one that suits your sensibilities. This is because, if you choose a topic that does not interest you, you have lost the essay writing war even before the first battle has begun.

Before you choose the topic, look at the type of essay that is needed. Is it a narrative, descriptive, expository, or persuasive type of essay? If your job is to inform or elucidate, choose a topic that you already know quite well. If your job is to persuade, then choose one that you are passionate about. Making the right choice of topic can make or break your essay writing effort.

Preparing an outline of your ideas and thoughts – The second most important step in writing an essay is to organize your scattered thoughts. For this, it is best to sit down with a notebook and a pen and jot down all the ideas and thoughts that are emerging from your head. As you transfer the nebulous thoughts into tangible writing or in the form of a diagram, you will be able to see connections that seemed obscure when the thoughts were in your head.

You can start by writing the topic of your choice in the middle of the paper. Then draw about 4-5 arrows moving away from the topic and at the end of each arrow, write down one particular thought that springs to mind. It doesn't matter if you cannot find the connection initially. Just persist. If you believe some of the thoughts are completely redundant in the context of the topic question, erase it and write down another one in its place.

Keep doing this and sooner than later, you will see the structure of your essay emerging out of the seeming mess of ideas and thoughts. From this structure, one particular point will come out connecting everything else around it and that will become your thesis statement.

Write down your thesis statement – The central connecting point obtained in the previous step will become the foundation of your thesis statement. Hone it, sharpen it, make it more specific, and remove all ambiguity from it, and you will have your thesis statement ready for starting off your essay. Before finalizing your thesis statement, ensure that the other connecting points are directly supporting what you are trying to say in your thesis statement.

Now, write the body of the essay – Using the remaining 3-4 points, create 3-4 paragraphs each of which is dedicated to one of the supporting points of evidence. Make sure each paragraph starts with the topic statement that points the reader to the central theme of that particular paragraph. The topic statement will tell the reader what to expect in the paragraph.

Follow this topic statement with 3-4 sentences of supporting evidence that align with the central theme of the paragraph. Finish the paragraph by emphasizing the central theme of the topic statement. The final sentence should also use some kind of transition phrase to seamlessly take the reader to the following point of evidence in the next paragraph. Write all the paragraphs of the main body in this way.

Now, write the introduction – Once the main body of the essay is complete, you will find it extremely easy to write the introduction. The introductory paragraph should ideally start with an element of surprise or shock that will catch the attention of the reader compelling him to read further. The thesis statement should be embedded in the introduction. The introduction is a signpost for the readers telling them the direction that the essay is going to take.

Write the concluding paragraph – Writing the conclusion is easier than writing the introduction. You only need to wrap up the entire essay by summarizing the main points and by reinforcing the thesis statement leaving no doubt in the minds of the reader your particular stand on the topic.

Do the finishing touches through the editing process – Take some time off after you have completed writing the essay to your satisfaction. This break will clear your mind which would have been full of information and opinions about the essay topic.

After the break, sit down to edit the essay. First, check the structure of the essay by checking that the introduction is complete and the thesis statement is succinct and specific. If not, revise and edit it till you get that perfect introduction. Next, look at all the paragraphs and ensure each of the topic statements is directly related to the thesis statement.

Then, check the logical flow of the content in the main body and ensure there is a connection between the paragraphs. Are you arranging the points in order of importance or is it arranged chronologically? Whatever you choose, ensure consistency and your readers should be able to make out what the order of your choice is through the words you use in the essay.

Then, check the conclusion and ensure the summary of the entire essay is short, succinct, and effective. Prune complex and long sentences so that your readers get the message without feeling overwhelmed or confused. Keep complicated language out of your essay. The more complicated your language gets, the less interested your reader will be.

When this aspect of the editing is done, work on the proofreading stage. Check every spelling, all punctuation marks, every formatting, and every sentence for perfection. If there are more than one variant of spelling, make sure you are using the same variant consistently throughout the essay. Make sure you are using a period instead of a question mark. Check every bit of the proofreading in a laboriously minute fashion to ensure no error has been left uncorrected.

Using automated spell-checks and grammar tools

Yes, feel free to use automated spell-checks and other tools to check your grammar. However, remember not to depend on their efficacy entirely. Even after you have run your essay through these software applications, you will have to manually edit and proofread your essay for perfection.

This is because these automated checks are designed to spot only the basic spelling and grammatically errors. More complex errors will not even be highlighted by these kinds of software. You will necessarily have to use your own English skills to attain that error-free, perfect essay that is bound to impress your client. Work on your grammar skills to ensure you are up-to-date in that aspect before applying to write essays for money.

Final Notes

Writing is an art and as you practice this art, you will achieve perfection. If you are confident of your writing skills and would like to write essays for money, we, at Prescott Papers, would love to hear from you. Send us your resume and samples of your writing and we will get back to you if the suitability matches.

At Prescott Papers, we have on board, an excellent team of writers and editors who are all highly qualified and experienced with writing and editing all kinds of academic work. Our teams of writers and editors will be happy to help you with any kind of academic writing need. Contact us for custom essays, research papers, dissertations, and more.

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