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Anatomy Research Paper Topics

Anatomy Research Paper Topics

Human anatomy is a very wide area to write a research paper on. Therein lies the problem of choosing a specific topic from such a magnanimous branch of study. It is actually quite challenging to specialize on one of topic from the plethora of anatomy research paper topics. We are here to help you regarding the predicament of finding one specific topic which would be informative, provide scope for research, and which would also be interesting to catch the attention of the reader.

Below are some topics that might be interesting enough to write a research paper on.

  • Eugenics: Any article on eugenics is guaranteed to be an interesting and controversial read. The whole concept of a study aimed to improve the genetic quality of humans is very interesting in itself. Eugenics provides the writer with a vast scope to research on including its history, evolution, significance, etc., which is why eugenics is an apt topic for an anatomy research paper. There are many subtopics to eugenics including logistics, ethics, history, and more.

  • The five senses: The five senses of the human body essentially allows the body to perceive outside stimuli. Without it we wouldn't have been able to feel any sensations. Profound research can be done regarding the five senses of our body and how it affects our everyday actions.

  • Gene therapy: Gene therapy is a form of medical treatment which is performed by modifying the human DNA by introducing nucleic acid polymers in the body to treat diseases. Though this was first performed in 1980, it was officially approved in 1989. Extensive research can be done on gene therapy and its revolutionary impact on the medical sector during the 90's, which will provide to be brilliant content for a research paper on anatomy.

  • Genetic engineering: The advancements of genetic engineering is a great wonder in medical science and it is through various breakthroughs that it is proving its prowess over time. This certain branch of study will provide writers with magnanimous scope for research. Profound research is possible in every other branch of genetic engineering. And so, choosing genetic engineering as a topic would be very apt for a research paper.

  • Nervous system: The nervous system of the body proves to be one of the most important functioning systems. Extensive research and discussion is possible on the function of the nervous system in our lives.

  • Tactile perception: Tactile perception essentially is the brain's ability to perceive what the hands are experiencing. This is a very interesting piece of study on which extensive research can be conducted.

  • Human genome project: Human genome project is the International research project which was initiated to determine the sequence of chemical base pairs which make up the human DNA. A research paper on this project will result in a brilliant piece of informative research paper.

These are some of the intriguing topics from the huge array of anatomy research paper topics which is sure to provide the writer with good scores as well as come up with unique pieces of information during the process.

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