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Animal Testing Essay Introduction

Animal Testing Essay Introduction and Animal Research Introductions

1. The use of animals for carrying out scientific experiments is a controversy that has been the subjects of many debates. Though testing on animals is deemed to be unethical in most of the societies, the beneficial data that has been extracted from these experiments cannot be disregarded. Valuable information has been gathered from these experiments, and if we take in account all the information that we have gained then reckoning these experiments as immoral or unethical is same as considering the slaughter of animals for their meat to be unethical. However, testing medicines on human subjects are considered way below the standards of morality, which is why the tests are performed on animals.

2. As many as a million animals as of this moment, have found their home in the cold cages of laboratories. Many of this animals are going to be sacrificed in the name of medical research, and others would just bear the brunt of human curiosity and be tested with various cosmetic and medical products. A huge number of these animals would be subjected to immeasurable pain as a number of tests would be performed on them. In spite of the modern alternatives available that could minimize the pain of these poor animals or even completely abandon this method of animal testing, scientists around the world still depend on this age old process for the exaction of medical data. And the fact that makes animal experimentation outright unethical is that it is completely avoidable and the availability of other alternatives makes it unnecessary.

3. Animal testing is the process of using animals to perform scientific tests to develop different products for humans, such as vaccinations, and cosmetics. All kinds of animals are used for animal testing, but the most popular ones are rats, mice, birds, amphibians and reptiles (ASPCA). These tests are responsible for injuring and killing a large number of these laboratory animals. And if we bring to light the fact that about ninety-two percent of all the tests that animals respond to are ineffective on human beings (ASPCA). In spite of this disturbing statistic, scientists still rely on using animals to carry out these tests. It is about time that scientists started relying upon other safe and effective alternatives rather than sacrificing the lives of these helpless animals.

4. Research can be held accountable for most of the breakthroughs achieved in the field of medical sciences as well as other sciences. However, what has been a rather controversial topic of discussion is the use of animals in various medical research. Should they be included in medical research? The fact that almost all people have reaped the benefits of animal testing- the vaccines, cures, and treatments that have come through animal testing, must be acknowledged. A lot of people argue and render animal testing as cruel and completely unnecessary. Animals suffer a lot when they are being tested on but if we take account of the lives that have been saved and medical advancements achieved due to the medicines that developed from animal testing, then it is completely justifiable.

5. Try thinking about a person who has been locked inside a little cage or a closet, and has lost all sorts of control from his life- he is imprisoned and is being controlled by a superior power. The person does not know what he will have for food; if he will ever be set free or not. He is destined to stay this way- imprisoned, even though he has done nothing wrong. But most important is the fact that the superior power has the ability to inflict a tremendous amount of pain upon the person, and he will in due time. This is the perspective that one must view laboratory animals with. These animals are forced into a life of isolation, deprivation, and misery. These animals are being sacrificed in millions every year in the name of medical advancements. The use of animals for research purposes is a long-standing debate between people who think that animals can be sacrificed for the sake of medical advancements and people who think that the killing of animals can in no way be justified. The simple fact that they are non-humans does not render them as candidates for torture. Inflicting pain and despair upon helpless animals so that we can be spared of pain are not morally right, it is arrogant.

6. From the very first time humans have walked on the face of the Earth to this day, we, human beings have made countless achievements in all areas. But sadly enough, in the process of setting up this scientific revolution, we have compromised our morals and ethics. We now torture and kill the helpless animals in the name medical research as we believe we are the superior beings now. Animals are being blinded for making something as trivial as eye makeup so that we can determine the harmful effects these might have on humans. If we bring to light all the accounts where we have inflicted pain upon these animals then one must question the conscience of human beings. We commit such deeds of shame and call ourselves the superior ones. It is about time that we ceased being the heartless animals that we are and looked into the alternatives to animal testing that are available.

7. Since the late nineteenth-century animal testing have been performed to collect data for achieving medical advancements. And in the process, over the years, billions of animals have been sacrificed for various research. However, from the year 1968 to 1998, the number of animals being tested on has fallen by almost 50%, although it is something positive but the number of animals that are being tortured is still very high. While scientists and researchers are still looking for effective alternative ways to move from animal testing, we also get a part to play to relieve animals of this sinister pain. We ourselves can avoid buying any products that someway supports animal testing.

8. The usefulness of animal testing has been questioned for many years now. There are a lot of medical achievements that has been possible due to animal testing, to name a few- Isolation of the AIDS virus, the improvements in anti-depressants and other psychotic drugs, the development of X-rays and many others. Similarly, there is also an abominable side of animal testing. It has been reported by the American Medical Association that every year about 100,000 people die from consuming prescription drugs and a lot more (2 million) get hospitalized because of the grave complications that arise from the prescription drugs. In light of these findings, it is understandable with perfect clarity that there needs to be an alternative way to make progress in the field of medical science. Even if we turn a blind eye to the fact that animal testing is cruel and immoral, we cannot overlook how costly it has been to the human health.

9. Humans rationalize the cruelty and heartless condition they inflict upon laboratory animals by using advancement of medical research as a purpose. But the truth has now come to the fore, animal testing can no longer be deemed as an effective method for drugs and cosmetics research. This is due to the fact that there is a large distinction between animals and the human species.

10. Testing plays a crucial part in medical research; it is necessary for understanding and sorting out the problems that we human beings are vulnerable to. Researching and testing using animals have been a practice of scientists for a long time now, and in many instances, it has deemed beneficial, given the medical advancements that were possible due to it. However, in the recent past, this practice has been deemed as immoral; animal testing has been seen by many as the breaching of animal rights. This issue requires being a subject matter of extensive debating if we want to understand whether we humans have sacrificed morals and ethics for our own gain.

11. For a long time now animals have been used to test the safety of the drugs and cosmetics that are created for human beings. Animals have been used to learn about various organs and the systems of the body and also to improve their surgical skills, doctors and scientists have relied on animal testing since time immemorial. It is only in the recent past that people have raised questions regarding the morality of using animals for advancing medical research. These questions of necessity and validity regarding animal testing have made scientists to look for other effective alternatives.

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