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Argumentative Essay Topics On Health

Argumentative Essay Topics on Health

In these modern times, people are gravely concerned about their health are always looking for ways to stay fit no matter what lengths they might be required to go to. They take up a regime where it requires them to eat less food or it might be required of them to take various diet supplements to achieve that figure that they contemplate about all the time. Be that as it may, is that all there is to health? To prove your point, you will require a lot of evidences, and to get you started, here are a few argumentative essay topics on health to help you.

1. Is it necessary for people to turn to diet supplements as a part of their diet?

Although it is required for the diet supplements to be natural, many manufacturers disregard their morals and ethics and add artificial ingredients so that the effects of weight loss can be enhanced. However, consumption of such supplements would put one's health at stake. The weight loss might be more evident but it has come at the cost of the person's health. Is it ethical to do so? Don't you think this should be illegal? There are a lot of things that require answers in this essay, and as you answer them, you'll find a lot of material to write on.

2. Gymnasiums- friend or foe?

A lot more people go to gyms these days; their desire to maintain a healthy lifestyle and achieve a toned body is praiseworthy beyond question. But is it absolutely worth it? It is quite evident that by working out one burns a lot of calories and can build muscle, but there is a price to pay. Our body is not engineered to work so hard, and eventually, it will be overcome by hard work. Certain types of exercise can result in bodily harm. Running, for example, is linked to knee damage in the long term. What do you think about modern exercise? You can bring in your own personal experience or your friends' comments and contribute to the depth of the essay.

3. Should we allow our body to cure itself and only take medicine during dire situations?

There are a plethora of white blood cells in our body; the white blood cells cure the body by killing off the pathogens. However, in this modern day and age, medicine is available for the most trivial of matters and by turning to medicines all the time, we are weakening our immune system. It is an interesting topic to work on. As is the requirements of argumentative essays, you should make your standing regarding the topic clear, take the help of various examples to make your point even stronger.

4. Should people refrain from drinking too many carbonated drinks?

Although this debate has been going on since time immemorial, people still seem to lack a clear answer. Now is your chance to break it down and share your perspective about why carbonated drinks are bad for our health! A study in 2006 had found that people who regularly drank carbonated beverages, had a low bone mineral density. This is due to the fact that, cola beverages contain phosphorus, which leads to an increasing amount of loss of calcium from the body through the kidneys. There are other various hazards of drinking carbonated drinks on a regular basis which provide a lot of material for you to write on.

5. Should birth control pills be made available to teens?

When young teens become pregnant they are more likely to face the negative outcomes of pregnancy, which include low birth-weight infants and be subjected to various other socioeconomic consequences such as the failure of not completing high school. They are also susceptible to be dependent on as they are likely to be unable to earn a decent salary. In order to avoid such grim consequences, there is a need for sufficient knowledge in emergency contraception; they also need to be allowed an access to emergency contraceptive pills. Even if you are against contraceptives being made available to children, a lot can be written on this subject matter.

As you are done looking at the aforementioned topic suggestions you can now review other essays on health topics, and also look at academic papers on health that are available online; this will give you a clear sense of what you want to write on.

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