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Argumentative Essay Topics On Technology

Argumentative Essay Topics on Technology

The argumentative essay, also known as the persuasive essay, is a type of writing in which students are required to research a topic, collect information and generate evidence based on the analyzed details. The writer, by default, is required to establish an argument and convince the readers to accept his or her stand. This is through the laying out of facts and ideas to support their point of view.

Students tend to confuse argumentative essays with expository essays. In this type of essays, we not only give information but also present an argument or point of view about a topic. The writer investigates both the supporting and the opposing points and facts. The aim of the essay is usually to get the reader to agree with your stand, and this requires a careful balancing of the pros and cons. Students are advised to avoid using conflicting evidence in their text unless it is unavoidable.

Technology is one of the subjects on which argumentative essays are based. In this type of subject, investigating and collecting enough information is imperative. Technology is a broad field with a large number of ideas on which you can base your essay. Careful consideration should be exercised in the selection of the topic of the essay. You should choose a topic that you have an interest in. This will help keep you motivated as you conduct the amount of research necessary in learning more about the topic as well as in coming up with the 4 supporting points to your arguments. Again, due to the complexity of the field and the continued advancements, it is vital that the topic is feasible. An unfeasible topic will take much of your time and at the end of the day, your arguments and the supporting information may be unsatisfactory.

On top of that, the topic should be interesting and relevant to your audience. We have outlined a list of great topics for your argumentative paragraphs about technology.

  1. Business enterprises sole reliance on technological innovations

  2. It should be illegal to use cell phones and other similar forms of technology while driving.

  3. Cell phones and other wave emitting devices are responsible for some of the chronic disorders that are becoming rampant in today's world.

  4. Children should be prohibited the use of cell phones and their internet access actively regulated.

  5. The use of microchips as an ID system.

  6. Modern technology has made the world a better place.

  7. Technology in the education sector; Textbooks should be replaced online sources and other technological innovations

  8. The replacement of human task force in the industrial sector with robotics as a quality measure.

  9. The evils of social media outweigh the benefits.

  10. Learning through computer audiobooks is more efficient than the use of textbooks.

  11. The advancement of technology and the rise of telecommuting: Should the growth be fostered or curtailed.

  12. Computer dependence; is it a good thing?

The above samples are good topics through which you can practice your writing skills on. They offer insight and are generalized to serve as an excellent platform from which you can compose your own topic. Write as many essays as possible and ask your tutor to go through them. This way, you will improve on how you present your arguments. Should you still struggle with your essay, you can access further guidance at Prescott Papers?

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