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Attention Getters For Research Papers

Attention Getters for Research Papers

Have you ever thought of why some research papers are so boring? Some people find it tough to go through a whole research paper because there's nothing that locks them in and gives them the desire to continue reading the paper. A lot of papers are loaded with dry facts and statistics, and people can't generally identify with them. One approach to connecting with your research paper readers is giving them the desire to go through the whole of your essay through the use of solid enticements, or simply attention getters. Attention getters are mostly placed in the first paragraph of your research paper, with the aim to draw a reader in and get him to want to go through the whole paper.

Types of Attention Getters you can use in your Research Paper


An anecdote is a story that in some way, relates to your research paper. The purpose of an anecdote is to engage the reader on an emotional level, immediately they start reading your paper. You will make the reader start relating to the story, which means they will also start relating to the research paper. This will then get them to have the anxiety of going through the whole paper, and the more they are trying to connect to it, the more they will enjoy it.


A question always needs an answer. It works as an effective attention getter for research papers because it will always get the researcher thinking. However, you should not ask a question that requires a simple 'No' or 'Yes,' as the reader will quickly answer it on their own and won't need to read any further.

The question you ask at the beginning of the research paper should be relating to the topic and generally the whole paper. If your essay is an explanation of a particular phenomenon or theory, you can ask a 'Why' question. This will get the reader curious to answer the question, and hence give him the motive to read your research paper, as well as enjoy it.


The primary role a quote plays as an attention getter is giving credibility to your research paper. This is because mostly, quotes are given by experts, who have done a lot of research. This makes quotes be mostly truthful and able to speak directly to people.

You can get a quote that relates to the research topic you are writing on to draw people into reading your paper. Apart from showing your readers that you have done quality research for your paper, it will also leave an emotional factor that will give you a strong start and make your reader want to read more.


Humor is a real attention getter, especially if your research paper covers a lighthearted topic. It starts off the paper on a light note, tells the reader not to be too serious while reading, and puts him in a positive mindset while reading your research paper.

However, you should be cautious not to use a joke that may offend some readers. Your joke should be good and clean, and it will sure work as an excellent attention getter for your research paper.

Interesting statistics

This is an accurate statistic that is meant to surprise your reader. In most cases, it should be a statistic that most people are not aware of, and will give a new perception about your research topic. For example, in a persuasive paper, an interesting statistics can change the entire mindset of a reader, concerning a particular argument that they have always been ignoring.

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