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Best College Essays

Best College Essays

The best college essays are those that help students get admissions into colleges of their choice. College essays can make or break the chances of getting admitted into a prestigious college.

While there are other supporting documents that also need to be submitted along with the application, the college application essay is like a covering letter to a resume. If the cover itself is not perfect, then admission officers may not be enticed enough to open and check the other attached documents.

This article gives you some of the top prompts used by colleges along with tips on how to create the best college essays. Use these prompts to practice writing so that by the time your turn comes for college applications, you will be capable of producing the best college essays. Use the tips given in the second part of the article to practice writing the essays.

Commonly used and some uncommon prompts for college essays

Write about either a problem you would like to solve or have already solved. The problem can be anything ranging from something very personal to finding answers to some of the most complex philosophical question. Feel free to include science, technological, geological, historical, or any other issues that interest you to answer this essay.

Write about an event or an experience that changed things for you on the personal front. The experience should have helped you grow and mature as a person and should have sparked a new identity for yourself.

Describe an activity that if you begin will make you lose track of time. What are the elements in the activity that capture your attention? If you want to increase your knowledge in that particular subject, who or what do you turn to?

Think about a time when you had to question or challenge a deep-seated belief. What led to this experience and what were the outcomes?

Suppose you had to spend the next two years either in the future or in the past. What would you choose, why, and what would you like to experience?

Choose a favorite novel or book where one of the main characters had to make a difficult choice. Did you agree or disagree with the choice? Give reasons for your answer.

Create your own question that can bring out the best in you and answer it.

Describe your favorite puzzle or riddle with reasons as to why it is your favorite.

If you were to create a blog for yourself, what would the blog be about? Why?

Suppose you have a huge fan following for your YouTube channel and it just hit the one hundred thousandth mark. Tell us what this channel is about.

If you can make an acronym of your name, what would you like it to be? Relate the acronym to the strengths and weaknesses of your personality.

A comedian's job is serious business. Explain a favorite joke of yours without ruining the fun in it.

If you are in a position wherein you have to compare oranges and apples, how would you do it?

Think about a time in your life wherein you had to make a choice between taking a risk and taking the easy way out. What was your choice and why? Today, if that choice was given to you, would it change?

Why have you chosen to get into a 4-year college when 2-year courses are sufficient to get you a job?

Assume there is only one admission spot left to fill in our college. Tell us why we should choose you over others.

Suppose you were given an opportunity to change only one moment in your life. Would you like to take the opportunity? If you do not want to use the opportunity, explain the reasons for it. If yes, which moment would you like to change and why?

What do you think is a unique attitude and/or skill you possess that differentiates you from your classmates in high school?

Talk about some tasks that you accomplished that are not connected to academics.

What is the best advice you have got till now? Who gave this advice and why do you consider it the best one for you?

What is the quotation that best describes you? Explain with reasons focusing on your personality.

Suppose you have finished writing a 300-page autobiography. What would the 200th page contain?

Talk about the contributions made by the neighborhood you grew up in to make you the person you are today.

If you had the talent to read other people's minds, would you use it? If you choose not to use the talent, explain the reasons for the choice. If you choose to use it, how would you use it and why?

Narrate a story which tells us the kind of person you are.

According to you, what is the invention that has the largest negative impact on this world? Explain your choice and what are the negative impacts, as per your belief?

Tips on how to create the best college essays

Analyze the prompt well – This might seem like a waste of time. However, it is an important step before starting off the planning and writing process. What is it the college wants to know through the essay you submit based on the prompt? How does the information given in the essay help them know you better so as to think you are worthy of admitting?

Organize your thoughts – All college applications should be ideally based on a personal anecdote that you can connect to the prompt. Brainstorm the anecdotes and choose one that fits the bill perfectly. Then, decide how you want to present the essay by connecting the chosen anecdote and the essay prompt.

Use the power of your vocabulary to 'show' rather than 'tell' your story – A good college essay has vivid descriptions that will create powerful images in the mind of the admissions officer. In fact, he or she should be able to connect you to the college essay and refer to you as 'that girl or boy who was stuck in the dog's kennel,' or 'that girl or boy who ventured out to the cemetery in the dead of night to win a bet.'

Be absolutely clear of the meanings and connotations of every word used in the essay – It is a common mistake found in college essays where words that have almost the same meaning are used by the student. The loophole is in the 'almost.' Words you use must mean exactly what you mean to say and not 'almost mean what you want to say.' So, if you are unsure about the subtle differences in meanings of various synonyms, then do not use them.

Final Notes

The best college essays are those that reflect your true personality and not a made-up one. Be honest and upfront about your weaknesses. Colleges want to admit students who show potential and they are not looking for divine perfect beings bereft of human frailties.

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