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Business Communication Topics For Research Paper

Business Communication Topics for Research Paper

Communication is essential in the day to day operations of a business. It varies at the various organizational levels and depends on the communication culture adopted by the organization. This guides the styles, modes and occasions for communication in a workplace. The style of communication again varies from one type of business to the next. Employees, either by default or through exposure adopt the kind of communication skills a business warrants. The variations from one type of business to another and from one level to the next and its impacts offer a rich area for research. Businesses, just like individuals, need to master communication the available communications styles, both pros and cons in order to succeed in any society.

To write a research paper on Business Communication, you will need to come up with a relevant topic upon which you will base your study. This can sometimes be very challenging to students as the selected topic will be reliant on the existing literature and the formulation of hypothesis. To achieve this, in-depth knowledge in business communication is mandatory. You will be needed to review and analyze the field so as to come up with a relevant research question that is yet to be comprehensively answered. Not only that but the research topic you settle for should be well suited to your interests. This will help you in conducting the thorough research necessary in completing a successful thesis.

To achieve that you will need to;

  • Understand key areas of business communication

  • Use the best sources of recent and seminal literature

  • Identify worthwhile research problems in communication with your scope being the business world

  • Translating those research problems into testable claims that can pique the interest of individuals in your field of study.

Business communication is such a broad field. Although it is not a crime to research the entirety of a field, such a study sometimes can be unfeasible. This is in respect to the available resources and time. It is, therefore, wise to narrow down to a particular research area. This makes conducting the research an easier task due to basic theoretical foundations and practical applications. Business communications is an interdisciplinary field, and thus it overlaps numerous other areas of study. This serves to widen your scope when looking for the research topic. On selecting a research area, it is essential to have the time to familiarize yourself with the sources of information and the study domain in general.

Among the areas you can choose to base your business communications research are;

Communication and culture

Due to rapid globalization and the increased outsourcing of skilled workforces across the world, businesses have employees from different cultures. This makes it imperative for each to know how each employees' culture looks at communication. Translations can be entirely altered by culture leading to the reception of the unintended message. This makes it imperative for multinationals to learn the customs of communications of the foreign market they want to roll out their product and/or services in. Failure to do that, they can end up having to deal with a major faux pas. In the past, some businesses were forced to incur millions in rebranding due to such a single mistake. The research areas under this are many and varied. Culture and business communication in itself is even a topic.

Online business communication

With the advancements in telecommunications, it has become a rule for business to use online platforms as means of improving their interactions with the consumers. Chief among this is the use of social media. Through social networks such as facebook and twitter, businesses can promote their brands as well as offer a fast and reliable customer service. This has sparked research into online communications between businesses and their consumers/clients. In particular, research on the best communication strategies for businesses, what's effective and what's not can be appealing.

Communication within Organizations

How companies communicate within varies from one organization to the next. It is governed by the hierarchies and can as well depend on the size of a business. In small startups, executives can easily be reached by all employees regardless of their position in the organization. This is highly unlikely in a bigger company where limited individuals have direct access to the chief executive officers and other senior managers. Research can be based on the directions and flow of communication with the aim of recommending the most efficient methods and highlighting the methods with undesirable results.

Public relations

Business communications help develop a good perception about the business to the general public. This is through presentations to the public as well as press conferences and executive speeches. Companies frequently research on how to best reach out to users and foster a good image of the enterprise. There are multiple case studies on this area. You can choose to base your research on a case study as well as on answering an original unanswered question about styles and modes of presentations. What works with regard to the general public keeps on changing, from generation to generation, and a result, studies are continuous.

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