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Business Essay

Business Essay

Writing a business essay requires you to possess intuitive business skills (if you lack business experience) along with excellent writing skills. Business essays are commonly used in business schools as a means to test the students' comprehension skills. They could also be used by businesses to present a new idea to their board of directors or an approval committed. This article is dedicated to the following sections:

  • Examples of business essay topics

  • Tips on how to write a business essay

Examples of business essay topics

  • Mergers are better options than acquisitions because you get to retain ownership of your business at least to the negotiated extent.

  • Supply chain managers are critical personnel needed to run a successful manufacturing unit.

  • There should be no time limit to delete and/or alter company policies to stay competitive in a dynamically changing business environment.

  • Market-oriented businesses tend to be more successful than product-oriented businesses

  • If your product does not meet or exceed customer expectations, then, even the best marketing, packaging, and pricing policies can do little to make a success of your business.

  • The key ingredient to recruiting and retaining the best employees is offering a better value proposition than what they are getting now. A remuneration increase alone will not work.

  • Big workforce turnovers are not good for any company as people changing often could upset the apple cart beyond retrievable limits.

  • While case studies can help business management studies understand real-world scenarios, they will never know the feel of real pressure and stress because, for the students, the situation is hypothetical.

  • In a service-related business, managers and/or business owners need to be more collaborative and democratic rather than autocratic for improved success.

  • It is possible to keep employees happy even at lower remunerative packages if the working conditions such as work-life balance are exemplary.

  • Leadership quality is not inborn. It can be learned and developed through practice and hard work.

  • Fringe benefits, rewards, and acknowledgments do not work as well as monetary benefits and incentives to keep employees motivated and productive.

  • It is ethically wrong to exploit the workforce of a company for optimum profit.

  • Companies using animals for testing purposes lose out in terms of market and business share to those companies that do not use animals for testing.

  • Business management is not reserved for the highly intelligent only. Even hardworking people seemingly low on the 'smart' factor can make great leaders.

  • Innovation is not the only way to become a leader in any field of business

  • Instability of political and economic conditions can negatively impact businesses on a large scale

  • Social media marketing and digital marketing need more investments if businesses want to capture and retain the perfect target audience.

  • Test marketing is not an effective tool as the results are based on biased responses.

  • Learning and mastering economic concepts are critical skills to achieve success in business.

  • The unrelenting pursuit of profit alone can affect the quality of products being produced by a company

  • Meeting the needs of customers is more important than improving profits.

  • Why are small businesses always doomed to fail?

  • Outsourcing of jobs has to be discontinued and companies must be compelled to employ citizens of their own country and pay them a higher salary package.

  • Gender discrimination and its effect on performance

  • Polluting the environment is simply unavoidable by some companies

  • Cigarettes and sale of cigarettes have plenty of benefits for the society as a whole.

  • Online advertisements are invasive and unethically use up the private time of an individual

  • Human resources departments are used mostly to enforce tyrannical company policies rather than work for the good of employees.

  • Companies should be allowed freedom to choose their employees based on expected performance and gender.

  • Is it ethical for companies to test potential employees for use of drugs?

  • Are layoffs really necessary or are they methods to make more profits for the company?

Tips on how to write a business essay

Analyze the essay topic/question – Words such as discuss, analyze, compare, illustrate, examine, etc are commonly used keywords in business essay topics. So, 'examine something' would require you to present an in-depth analysis of the situation along with related implications. 'Discuss something' would entail reviewing of critical arguments along with reasons for and against each of the arguments.

Conduct sufficient research and gather relevant material for the essay – Using credible sources from online and offline sources, collect as much data as you can during the researching stage. As you read, make intelligent notes of the data so that you can use them in your essay.

Create an outline of your business essay – Creating this outline will help you focus on the main arguments instead of meandering all over the topic question. Creating an outline will also help you arrange the arguments in a logical structure in the order of importance or any other order that is most suitable for your essay. With the outline, it is easy to decide what should come in the introduction, in the main body, and the conclusion of the essay. Moreover, this outline will help you check for structure and logical flow of content in the editing process too.

Write the first draft of your business essay – Using the outline as your basis, write the first draft of the essay. Believe me, after doing so much of preparatory work, it will be a breeze to create the first draft. While you are writing the outline itself, sentences would have formed in your mind. This process only requires you to concretize these ideas on to the paper. After completing the first draft, read it again and make all necessary changes till you are absolutely sure that this is the best essay you can create with the data you have collected.

Edit and proofread your essay – When the final draft of the business essay is ready, sit down to edit and proofread it to ensure logical flow of content, to ensure correct usage of words, phrases, and ideas, to identify and correct errors in punctuation, spelling, and grammar, and consistency in the formatting style. Editing and proofreading your essay is an absolute necessity before submission.

Final Notes

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