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Cause And Effect Essay Thesis Examples

Cause and Effect Essay Thesis Examples

A quality of cause and effect essay depends on how good the thesis statement is. In writing this, we usually focus on the causes or effects but not both. This is through offering explanations or opinions about the cause or effect being discussed. In other words, you should make sure the topic of your essay is captured and also that you highlight your point of view in relation to the topic. From the sentences, the audience should have an idea of what the writing is about.

The thesis statement is also important in that it guides your writing and helps keep your ideas focused. Students, however, sometimes find it challenging to come up with a quality cause and an effective thesis statement. One of the mistakes you should avoid is making your thesis statement vague and generalized. It takes time and careful analysis to come up with an effective thesis. Look to make sure that;

  • It is short and straight to the point

  • It has one primary idea

  • It contains your opinion about the subject

A simple and clear thesis statement is necessary so as not to confuse the audience about the cause and effect issues being addressed.

Examples of effective cause and effect thesis statements include the following;

On laws and policies

When writing on laws such as the current gun legislations, your thesis statement can take varied forms. For instance, you can write;

Gun laws are the cause of the increased gun violence in the United States, and the legislation needs to be changed to make it hard for criminals to obtain legal firearms.

To back such a thesis statement, you will need to explore the effects of gun laws over the last couple of years. This will allow you to give the reader an informed point of view about the link between the present violent crimes and the ease of access to legal weapons. If gun violence wasn't as rampant, what were the legislations back then? Was it the main reason for the muted violent crimes? Move the reader along with you and explore the present situation as highlighted in your thesis. Look into the current gun laws and their effect on the community. Outline how the current legislations look to combat gun violence. It is important to offer the reader your opinion on whether it should be made easier or harder to obtain legal firearms by exploring the effects of each. In conclusion, show what will likely happen if the current gun laws are not changed as well as what will likely result if they are modified. All this should be guided by the thesis statement above.

Social issues

Social issues are problems that affect a small group of individuals within a society. The problem has to have an impact on a good number of people, and these individuals should constitute the minority. There are many causes of social conflicts and the effects as well can be numerous. You can develop your thesis statement from each of the following.

  • Immigration and cultural conflicts

  • Police brutality

  • Social security

  • Capital punishment

  • Gender equality

  • Obesity

Thesis statements for cause and effect essays on the above social issues can include;

On Immigration:

Immigration policies in America have resulted in the influx of immigrants staying and working in the country. Although it is a social issue that has been amplified by the politicians and sections of the media, immigration benefits the US economy.

On Social security:

The inadequacy in funding the social security system has created a situation where the living standards and the futures of some of United States citizens are threatened. Privatization is not the answer, but the best way is to change the cost-of-living adjustment.

On Obesity:

Currently, in America, individuals today are becoming increasingly overweight due to the consumption of processed food.

If your essay focuses on the effects of obesity, this should be highlighted in your thesis.

The prevalence of obesity and increased numbers of overweight people has resulted in the elevation of health problems such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases.

Combining both will result in a comprehensive thesis that covers both the causes and effects.

Today, the increased consumption of processed foods has led to the elevation of obesity to a national epidemic in America leaving individuals battling numerous health problems such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases.

This approach can be used in any cause and effect essay, but that depends on the primary focus of your paper. The above ideas will guide you in formulating your thesis in any topic but should it prove to be challenging, you can get additional and specialized assistance at Prescott Papers.

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