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Cause And Effect Paragraph Topics

Cause and Effect Paragraph Topics

A cause and effect essay is one of most written type of essays in college. Students find the essays challenging to write, but once you adopt the right outline, the paragraphs can be very easy to write. Most of the learning about this kind of writing is done in high school. Learners are introduced to the various approaches in presenting information and paragraph structuring.

A cause and effects essay is meant to give information on important occurrences and events and offers the reader a deeper insight into their effects. The results are analyzed with respect to the topic of writing. This makes it mandatory to stay within the confines of the title of discussion failure to which, critical points can be lost. This essay is similar to a descriptive essay, but the approach to writing differs. The basic sections are the introduction, body and the conclusion. More emphasis is placed on the main text, and different paragraphs are used to describe the cause and effects of events.

This kind of writing in itself can adopt different outlines depending on the question of discussion.

One cause - one effect

In this kind of essay, students are given a subject with a single cause and effect. The whole text is confined to these. There is freedom as pertains to the order of the paragraphs. You can start by explaining an affect after which you outline the causes and vice versa. However, the most recommended and logical outline has the cause coming first and the effects discussed afterward.


Main text




One cause – multiple effects

Some topics present a single factor whose impacts are numerous and varied. In such a scenario, students can highlight and expound on the cause first followed by the effects. This way, the reader is able to familiarize himself or herself with the cause before reading about the effects.


  • Main text

          • Cause

          • Effect

  • Conclusion

Multiple causes - one effect

When the emphasis is on the effect, you can start by outlining the effects to the reader. This way the reader will learn about the various causes of an event first creating interest on the effect. Alternatively, you can give the reader an overview of the primary effect and introduce the causes. A good example is the reasons for the growth of a city. The effect here is the city's growth and the factors behind this are the causes. When writing your essay, such causes as industrialization and the influx of employment opportunities, availability of better schools prompting families to move to the city, and attractions such as entertainment, cultural indulgences and other leisure activities.

  • Introduction

  • Main text

  • Cause

  • First effect

  • Second effect

  • Third effect

  • Fourth effect

  • Conclusion

Cause and effect texts are largely guided by the topic being described. If the topic so predisposes, you can discuss the causes and effects simultaneously. The essay will as a result take the following format.


Main text

Cause - Effect

Cause - Effect

Cause- Effect

Cause- Effect


More challenging than the cause and effect structure to students is the task of coming up with topics. An ideal topic is one that captures your interest as well as your creativity. An ideal topic should be narrow as this makes it makes it easy to study on comprehensively. However, this does not mean you should avoid the wider topics entirely. As long as the topic is feasible and can be well studied on within the available time, feel free to spread your wings.

There are a number of ways that you can use to come up with your topic.

Consulting your tutor and other qualified scholars

Your tutors have a wider scope in the field you intend to write your cause and effect paper in. Therefore, consulting them can help you come up with a relevant topic.

• Discussing with your peers

Discussing with fellow students can help you in writing the paper. This will contribute to widening your understanding in the area you intend to write on. By discussing some of your topics with your friends, you can get additional insight on the most suitable to use.

• Literature review

Visit the school library and review the available texts in your field. Not only will this offer you valuable information but will also widen your scope making it easy to compose you're a great topic.

Below we have listed some great examples of cause and effect essay topics.

  • Effects of Pollution

  • The Civil Rights Movement and the Effects

  • The Changes in the Ocean

  • Causes and Effects of the Popularity of Fast Food Restaurants

  • Popularity of Sports in US

  • Internet Influence on kids

  • Effects of professional sport on children

  • Domestic violence

  • Alcohol and nervous system

  • Growing up with a single parent

  • Putin politics against the neighboring countries

  • Effect of school bullying on children

  • Music effects on human body

  • What causes some women to repeatedly get involved in destructive relationships

  • Dating at young age

  • Earthquakes and potential dangers they bring

  • Growing up in poverty

  • Social media effect on young people

  • Stress impact on health

  • The influence of my favorite movie/book on me

  • Impact of drug use on human body

  • How war in Syria effects US

  • Telling lies. The cause and effect

  • What impact smoking has on a pregnant woman

  • The causes of divorces

  • What causes a tsunami

  • What is the impact of genetically engineered food

  • What causes racism

  • What was your cause of choosing your major/your college

  • How globalization affects economy

  • The effects of credit culture

  • What makes a person to be a good teacher/mother/doctor/artist

  • What are causes and effects of terrorism

  • What are the effects of homeschooling

  • What caused the WWII

  • What causes heart problems

  • Effects of online dating

  • How happy relationships affect a person

  • Uber influence on the taxi drivers

  • How travelling the world affects life and personality

  • The No Child Left Behind program as a cause of diminished school performance. (The program implementation puts extra stress on teachers, which means more stress for students as well.)

  • Cheating at exams as a cause of unemployment in graduates. (Cheating leads to poor quality of knowledge, which results in unemployment.)

  • Online piracy as a cause of growing book prices. (As more people prefer to download books for free rather than buy them, retailers have to raise prices in order to keep afloat.)

  • Improved empathy and time management as the effects of living with a roommate.

  • Media coverage of gun abuse as a cause of increasing crime rates. (Some kinds of people are more likely to commit crimes when they see it as a fast way to fame.)

  • Poor communication and lack of commitment as the effects of online dating.

  • The positive effects of cell phones on family relationships.

  • The positive effects of social media on communication skills.

  • The positive health effects of having a pet.

  • Immaturity and poor communication as the causes of divorces.

  • Lack of confidence and family problems as the causes of bullying in school.

  • Poor time management and low motivation as the causes of failed courses.

  • Causes and effects of the world's overpopulation.

  • Causes and effects of international labor migration.

  • Causes and effects of earthquakes.

  • Causes for people to leave their job for another one.

  • Causes for college students selecting Business (History, Literature, or any subject you are majoring in) as their major.

  • Causes for people to migrate illegally to another country.

  • The effects of learning more than one language on the intellectual capacity.

  • Causes and effects of labor force in many jobs being replaced by robots.

  • The effects of hormonal processes on mood swings.

  • Causes and effects of the overwhelming popularity of Apple products.

  • The effects of learning to write well on employment opportunities.

  • Causes and effects of teenagers are spending most of their time on social networks.

  • Causes and effects of the recent change to Medicare/Medicaid program.

  • Causes and effects of the popularity of fast food restaurants among families with children.

  • Lack of computer knowledge as a reason for identities being stolen on the web

  • Causes and effects of young adults participating in the talent show.

The above samples are good topics through which you can practice your writing skills on. They offer insight and are generalized to serve as an excellent platform from which you can compose your own topic. Write as many essays as possible and ask your tutor to go through them and this way, you relate causes to effects and vice versa. Should you still struggle with your essay, you can access further guidance at Prescott Papers.

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