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Cause Effect Essay

Cause Effect Essay

A cause effect essay discusses and analyzes the causes and the relevant effects of a particular event, experience, occurrence, phenomenon, and happening. For example, take the topic, 'fast foods are increasing waistlines.' Here, you can clearly see you need to discuss and analyze as to how the 'cause' of fast foods is creating the 'effect' of increasing waistlines.

However, not all cause effect essay topics are quite as easy to decipher. This article will give you some interesting cause effect essay topics along with simple tips on how to write such an essay.

Cause effect essay topics

You can improve your IQ by playing video games

Immunity is improved by improving your optimistic outlook

Social media is a great tool to get better at communication

Using bicycles can reduce traffic jams in metropolitan cities

Family relationships can be strengthened through mobile phones

Teenagers who spend time on social media platforms have better socializing skills than those who are not as active on social media platforms

Live-in relationships are great to check for compatibility which could help in making marriages work better

An individual's longevity is increased by a happy marriage

A college education improves a person's ability to make sensible and prudent choices and thus, have happier marriages

Improving communication skills creates better bonds within a family

Long-distance relationships create distrust and weaken the bond

The feminist movement has made women fear committed relationships

Sibling rivalry is a result of parent's attitudes

Women who consistently get into destructive relationships suffer from a deeply embedded inferiority complex

Low morale and low motivation levels result in homelessness

Racism and discrimination are results of a lack of good education

Obesity growth rates in the US are caused by increasing number of fast food joints

People avoid being vaccinated because they fear the side effects.

The risk of heart attack increases because of reduced or lack of physical activity

Promoting the idea of healthy living will reduce the sales of junk and unhealthy snacks

Poor immunity can be caused by poor emotional health

An individual's energy levels are reduced when he or she overeats junk food

Poor digestion is caused by emotional eating

Bulimia and anorexia are causes of the lack of moral support

Seemingly positive life changes (such as marriage) can lead to stress

Chronic bronchitis, asthma, and other lung-related problems are aggravated by increasing ozone levels in the atmosphere

Risk of heart attack is increased by the effects of high blood pressure

Eating disorders in children are the result of unhealthy and unrealistic beauty standards set by a frenzied media

Joint problems are aggravated by obesity

Transferring flora and fauna to new locations driven by the polluting factors can result in some of the species becoming extinct

Power stations using coal power create greenhouse effect

More lives could have been saved from natural catastrophes if we had more accurate weather forecasting systems

As the area for human habitation decreases, population density increases

Melting of glaciers in Antarctica causes floods

Increased sea temperatures is causing extinction of several species of fish

Food shortage can be caused if pests are allowed to spread in an uncontrolled manner

Increased prevalence of cholera and malaria is a result of increasing global temperatures

Natural greenhouse effect is caused by water vapor

The society will degenerate if minds are polluted

A professor's teaching attitude is affected by student attendance

Kids' behavior is modeled on their parents' behavior

Lack of communication causes rift between parents and their children

Misunderstanding between two or more people could be because they are not speaking the same language

Marriage breakups are primarily caused by financial issues

Children from broken families are likely to break their own marriages too

Friendships and relationships can be irrevocably severed due to lack of communication

Financial and psychological stability can be achieved if both the spouses are employed

Poor sleep could be caused by troubled family relationships

The happiness of young families are affected by housing affordability

Tips on how to write cause effect essays

The following tips will help you write effective cause effect essays:

Clearly understand what the cause is and what effect is in the topic question - To find out the cause, ask the question, "Why is this happening or why did this take place?" To find out the effect, ask the question, "What took place because of this?" Let us look at some examples.

There is no gas in your car – Cause

The car will not start – Effect

It is important to remember that in many essay topics, many causes create one effect or one cause can create many effects. Here are some examples of these types of topics:

Liked business studies in high school, remuneration is great in the field, father is an accountant, and am good with numbers – Causes

Chose accountancy as a major in college – Effect

Reduced work hours – Cause

Lower income, irritated employer, increased study time, more time for socializing - Effects

You should learn to clearly discern between the cause and the effect so that you can write the cause effect essay well.

Create a solid thesis statement – In the thesis statement, clearly say whether you are discussing only the causes or only the effects or both. Make sure you introduce the central idea in the thesis statement by using the words 'cause' and 'effect' so that the readers clearly know where your essay is going take them.

Do the necessary research, identify, and organize the supporting evidence – Your thesis statement should be backed up sufficient and relevant evidence. Organize the evidence in an easily discernible logical structure which could be any of the following:

  • Order of importance – Arrange from the most important evidence to the least important evidence

  • Chronological order – Arrange in the order of when the events occurred

  • Categorical order – Arrange the data in categories or types

Use appropriate transitional phrases to bring in a sense of seamlessness between the paragraphs and/or ideas – Transitional phrases for 'causes' are due to, because, another cause is, one cause is, for, since, first, second, etc. Transitions for 'effects' are as result of, consequently, hence, therefore, another result is, the resultant effect is, etc.

Final Notes

After you complete the essay including the conclusion in which you should reinforce your thesis statement, do not forget to edit and proofread it so that the cause effect essay is flawless. Here are some more essay writing tips that will help you with improving your essay writing skills.

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