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Child Abuse Research Paper

Child Abuse Research Paper

Many college students, especially those doing humanities and psychology courses, would quite often need to write child abuse research papers. The topic is so vast and varied that finding a suitable for the research paper can be a huge challenge.

The topic of child abuse is not only broad but also has different perspectives and different outcomes based on how things panned out. There are cases of children coming out unscathed from the horrendous and there are cases of children whose minds have completed been ruined by such horrifying experiences.

Victims are of different types. Children who are emotionally abused, children who are psychologically abused, children who are physically abused, children who are sexually abused, and more.

Then, there are perspectives offered by medical specialists, psychological specialists, social workers and social welfare specialists, journalists who wish bring to light the cruelty existing in this world, and many more.

Then, there are perspectives of parents of the affected children. There are those who want justice served ruthlessly, there are those who simply want their child to forget the horrors and get ahead with life, and others who take on the role of vigilantes.

From all these and many more aspects, you will need to narrow down the research question to one that you can do well and contribute positively to the field of study. This article is dedicated to helping you with the following:

  • Topics for child abuse research papers

  • Previews of some child abuse essays

Topics for child abuse research papers

Emotional and Psychological Abuse of Children – You can do a broad research paper on this particular topic wherein you can include the following subtopic(s) in the scope of your psychology research paper:

  • Examples of such abuse and the negative outcomes in the future of the child

  • Problems with bringing up children in unsafe environments where mental illnesses, drugs, and alcohol are there

  • How emotional and psychological abuse can turn the child into a physically abusive adult

  • Psychological child abuse in the form of badmouthing parents and/or other elders in the family

  • Child abuse in the form of feeling unsafe and unloved at home

  • Psychological abuse could also come in the form of parents who are mentally ill and cannot care for their children

  • Emotional and psychological abuse could be in the form of parental neglect because they are so caught up with their jobs and social lives that they do not have time to look after their children

  • Cruel comments whether intentional or unintentional can also lead to emotional and/or psychological abuse

  • Frequent yelling, not showing love and affection, harsh jokes, days of utter silence, etc can cause mental anguish in the child leading to emotional abuse

Each of these topics can be dealt with individually or combined suitably for doing your child abuse research paper.

Physical Child Abuse – Here too, you can keep a broad topic for discussion in your child abuse research paper or choose to narrow it down further. Here are some example topics you can use:

  • Physical child abuse in the form of parental neglect

  • Parents neglected the basic physical needs of children leaving them hungry, naked, and homeless

  • Physical child abuse wherein parents force their children to do hard labor to fund for their own substance use like alcohol and drugs

  • Physical child abuse could be in the form of inability of their parents to earn money to feed and clothe the children

Sexually abused children – Another broad subtopic under child abuse, you can choose to narrow it down further. Here are some examples:

Sexual acts including fondling, indecent physical exposure, or forced sexual acts can have really long-term effects on the child. This can be a topic by itself wherein you can talk about judicial cases that have ended in punishing the arbitrator and those that allowed the accused to go free.

Sexual abuse of children by known relatives – This is the most common aspect of sexual abuse among children. Invariably, the offender is a close relative and could include parents as well. Another hotly discussed topic for a research paper for which you will find ample material.

Mothers and/or fathers knowing of the dangers to their child choose to ignore the horrors committed for fear of ridicule or for fear of deprivation of resources such as money. This is especially true when grandfathers are the offenders and the parents are dependent on the grandfather for their livelihood. You can treat this as a separate topic to conduct your research and I am sure there will be some startling findings.

Recognizing, preventing, and recovering from the effects of sexual child abuse – This could easily be one topic that you could cover wonderfully in your research. If you are a person who likes to find solutions for problems, then this topic is just for you. You can choose on one or two particular types of child abuse and see how you can find ways and methods to help children recognize it, prevent it, and recover from its ill-effects. A topic like this can create path-breaking solutions for this menace that exists worldwide.

Child abuse in the US – Your topic can relate to a particular geography only and the US can be a great place to start. You will find ample material and you can choose what particular research question you will find answers for in your research paper. Here too, you could include some ways to overcome challenges of child abuse and help children to identify and report offenders before it gets too late.

Previews of some child abuse essays and papers

The Effects of Child Abuse – It is difficult to point out one particular or even one specific set of effects of child abuse. The trauma and the pain endured by the child could find different pathways for release and each pathway will be an effect of that horrendous crime. What we forget is that it is not just the unfortunate child who pays the price for being the victim, but the society at large will also pay the price if we do not sit up, take note of the horrible effects of the crime, and do something about it so that no child will face monsters.

Child Abuse in America – Tennyson Center for Children reports that there is one police report filed for child abuse every 10 seconds in the country. While the sane amongst us cannot fathom the depraved reason for people doing such acts, this hard-hitting fact makes it true. Child abuse is not restricted to children of one gender or any particular age group. The atrocities are committed on children across all ages, gender, race, and religion.

The role of the media in reporting news of child abuse – When society decided that child abuse was no longer a private family matter but a social scourge that needs to be rooted out, the media started reporting news of child abuse cases. For a long time, wife beating and child abuse within the four walls of a home was not considered a crime and were kept private because such cases were very common and hence was part of the accepted societal norms.

The media's role to report cases of child abuse is to make public the names of the offenders so that the other people in the society will watch out for the offender. Negative media reports are also great deterrents to potential offenders.

Final Notes

Writing a research paper itself is an onerous and highly difficult task. It takes months of preparation, researching, writing, editing, proofreading, and repeating to ensure a perfect irrefutable research paper is ready. And if you have to write a child abuse research paper, the fatigue will increase multifold as the topic is morbid and extremely unfortunate and depressing.

The negative effects of reading and comprehending the vile acts perpetrated and the enormously difficult times the child goes through can numb your senses and could affect the other aspects of your life. It is during such times that you have to turn to professional research paper writers like Prescott Papers for help.

Our writers and editors are highly qualified, knowledgeable and experienced in their respective domains and will create the most effect child abuse research paper for you.

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