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College Research Paper Format Example

College Research Paper Format Example

Writing college research papers can be a daunting challenge for even the most seasoned college student. Using a College Research Paper Format Example is a great way to understand how to format your research paper. So, here goes the format example for your reference.

Title Page

The content on the title page is centre-aligned and it contains the title of the paper, the author's name, and the affiliation.

A study of the factors that affect infant feeding practices

of mothers in the city of Beijing, China

By [name of the author], [name of the university]

[Year of publication]


The abstract will be on the next page [Page 2 of the paper] and will contain a brief, powerful, and succinct compilation of the entire paper in not more than 400 words. While the elements to be included in the abstract are dependent on the field of study, the following items are usually included:

  • The scope of your research paper

  • The purpose of your paper

  • The results of your study

  • The contents of the paper (a highly shortened version)

The abstract should include pertinent keywords used in the main paper and yet, it is a separate original document that has its own significance. The absence of a well-crafted abstract renders your research paper incomplete. Future researchers who read the abstract can decide if they find the study suitable for their own study or not.

Body Text

Under this section, you will have the introduction, the methodology, and conclusion. The methodology will include subheadings like the type of research, sampling method, respondents, and questionnaire. Allow me to use examples for each of the headings and subheadings.

Introduction The melamine controversy brought the debate of breastfeeding Vs using substitutes like infant formula under the limelight again. Going forward, your introduction must announce the topic, offer a valid context and rationale for your research work, state the research question(s), and embed the thesis statement. A well-crafted introduction should catch the reader's attention, set the tone for the entire paper, and communicate the hypothesis or the thesis statement in a highly specific and succinct manner.

You can use the funneling method of delivering information about the research question. Start off by giving a broad outline and keep narrowing it down at every stage till you reach the research question that you are going to answer in your paper.

An example of a broad introduction to the topic would be something like: Right through the last century, our perspectives about life on other planets have undergone major changes. This introduces the topic broadly. The reader will have an idea that the research paper is going to talk about life on other planets.

This section must also include reference to work that has been done till now and using this, you can explain the basis for taking up your research work and what gaps of the earlier works it will fill.

Methodology – You must include all the elements you used for conducting your research including the one, two, or more of the following:

  • Participants

  • Procedures

  • Questionnaires

  • Equipment used (if any)

Participants – You must include how many participants and all relevant details about them here. For example, 'there were 30 male participants and 20 female participants recruited by an outsourcing firm at a cost of $30 a day for their time and effort for participating in the experiment/survey.'

Equipment/Instruments UsedA 'shock generator' was employed to trick the participants into thinking they were going into shock if they did not answer questions correctly. There were labels on the 'generator' which had labels such as 30V, 50V, 200V, 450V, etc letting the participant think that their 'shock treatment' was being generated by such high powers. Half of the participants administered the shock and the other half received the shock. It was all make-believe but the participants did not know this.

I am not discussing the other points; but, the same kind of information about everything that was used to conduct the experiment or carry out the research should be provided in the methodology section.


Here, you must summarize the results obtained in the following way:

  • Decide which of the results are directly connected to the research question and include only those

  • Arrange the results in a logical order; either in chronological order or in the order of importance (ascending or descending)

  • Decide which is the best way to present the results; in the form of tables, graphs, text, or figures

  • Summarize the findings and point out the attached figures, tables etc through the text.

  • Describe those findings (if any) that are not included in the tables, figures, and graphs

  • Clearly point out the magnitude of the response or the differences in responses using percentages of change rather than actual numbers

  • Ensure accuracy and consistency of data right through the paper


Here is an example of the discussion of the results of the 'shock generator' experiment.

Most of the participants were furious at the person managing the 'shock generator. Nearly 90% of the participants continued to respond to the questioning even though they were uncomfortable. This study reflects the fact that if compelled to do so, people can be forced to harm others. This study shows that personal characteristics played a minor role in the 'forceful harming' process and the circumstances that drove such behavior played a major role. It is a commonly accepted belief that harming others was part of one's personal characteristics and hence, people who are by nature harmless and kindhearted will not, under any circumstance, harm anyone else. This study proves this belief to be baseless.'

This section should also include gaps in the research which could become the basis for future research.


This page contains all the references and quotes of earlier scholarly works used in the paper by employing the formatting style instructed by your mentor.

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