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Creative Writing Essays

Creative Writing Essays

Creative Writing can be a lot of fun but can also be a huge challenge because you must delve deep into the recesses of your mind to come up with amazingly creative ideas to write engaging essays for your readers. One of the best ways to improve creativity is to read a lot and write a lot.

This article is dedicated to giving you some great prompts for creative writing essays which you can use to practice and perfect. It also includes some examples of creative writing essays.

Prompts creative writing essays

You are clearing your garden of weeds and are digging holes for planting new saplings. Suddenly, you find a nugget of gold lying in the brown sand. There is a lot more from where this came. What happens next?

Think of the ugliest thing and write about it. Then find the silver lining around the ugly thing which creates such a brilliant haze of light that the ugly thing turns beautiful. Write about this changing perspective

A meteoroid and an asteroid collide in space close to the earth's atmosphere and fragments came raining down on earth. These fragments contain elements that clearly prove the existence of extraterrestrial life. What do you do?

Write about the earliest memories that taught you about your faith, your God, and spirituality

Use all the words given below in a piece of writing not more than 500 words long: Bit, flex, draw, bubble, perilous, rancid, corner, open, high, pound.

You see your friend run out of the college bathroom with a long flap of toilet paper running down from the belt of his trousers. Write about what happened before this

The door was locked for centuries. It took him time to make a duplicate key from the local locksmith. Now, he inserted the key into the keyhole and turned it. The door swung open effortlessly. What he saw left him cold with fear!

Tell the story of how you taught a lesson on kindness and compassion to a rude customer or a badmouthing cab driver or anyone else who did not value these emotions. Use humor and wit to drive in the message

Write a story about a detective who solved a crime that was committed against or by his or her partner(s)

Three kids are sitting on a wooden log by the side of a sparkling stream feeling the cool drops of water falling on their faces. One of them looked up and said…

There is a magic ring which if worn will give the power of mindreading to the wearer. The ring falls into the hands of a wily politician

A doctor tells a pregnant lady, "Either you or your baby will live. You have to choose now. I am sorry." He looks sympathetically at his patient and walks away to get things ready in the operation theater. What happens next would form your creative writing essay.

Change all the harmless animals into man-eating monsters; killer rabbits, gigantic dogs with horns, rats that can nibble you away in a matter of seconds. Give these animals the power of intelligence and logical reasoning; set them loose among humans. Write what you think will happen.

Examples of creative writing essays

The Theft at Midnight – The disease crept in one dark and stormy night when everyone slept. It found its entry point at the stroke of midnight and hence, was nicknamed 'The Midnight Theft.' The disease spread like wildfire and by morning, entire villages and towns became graveyards. The sun rose to death, the flowers withered even before they could bloom, the rats and rabbits scurried into their holes hoping to spend their last minutes in their warm homes. The mountains crumbled under the weight of death and entire oceans dried up leaving carcasses of fish and whales and sharks lying on the ocean bed.

The Wounded Bird – Tina sat unmoving in a chair on the porch of her beautiful home watching the trees and birds and flowers talk to each other happily and living harmoniously with each other. Nature was so wonderful that every disparate thing did its job wonderfully so that nature as a whole was perfect and complete. When she sat in the garden of her home with only nature for company, she never felt handicapped by polio. It was only when another human being looked at her with pity that the sense of being handicapped overwhelmed her and made her feel incomplete. As these thoughts flowed through her head, from the corner of her eye, she saw something fall from the topmost branch of the mango tree. There was the sickening 'thud' when the falling object met with the surface of the earth.

Description of a Creative Writing Class – Creative Writing classes are a lot of fun. You can hear everyone jabbering away, discussing points, arguing and counter-arguing with classmates, people asking for the perfect word to explain something, and more. The buzz in the class is infectious as the kindly teacher never tried to restrain her students' way of handling any creative writing essay prompt. She allowed them a free hand to talk, to discuss, to share ideas, and do anything. At the end of the designated time, she just wanted fabulously created essays from each of her students.

Final Notes

Creative Writing Essays do not make life as difficult as a research paper might do for any college student. Yet, the demands of creative writing teachers increase much more than that of a pure science teacher. Creative writing teachers are constantly pushing their students beyond their thinking capabilities and do not hesitate to push them over the brink.

But when you fall over the brink is when the power of your mind is released and its expansive ability become free for you to use as and when you wish. A great creative writing teacher knows this secret and he or she will never put restraints on this freedom of thought.

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