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Cultural Diversity Essay Topics

Cultural Diversity Essay Topics

Cultural diversity is a term given to the variety of ethnic and cultural groups that live in a society together. You can rest assured that writing essays on cultural diversity will invariably part of any college course.

There are myriad topics under cultural diversity which you can use to write your essay or paper. This article hopes to shed some light on cultural diversity essay topics.

General Ideas for cultural diversity essay topics

  • You can identify a specific culture that you are intrigued by and then discuss the interesting points of the culture in your essay

  • Take some specific points like rituals, position of women, and other such aspects and then compare and contrast two cultures based on these points

  • You can dwell on some cultural carnivals in two different countries or geographies and discuss the points of commonalities and differences in your essay.

  • You could take on specific points of cultural rituals like funeral rites and discuss the same with respect to multiple cultures across the world

  • Take a cosmopolitan city like New York or Los Angeles and discuss how various cultures have lived and worked together in that place imbibing common points and overcoming and accepting differences

  • You could write an essay based on the way morality is handled in various cultures.

  • Your essay could be based on the cultural heritage of a particular place, region, or a group of people

  • Your essay could discuss religions of various cultures across a chosen set of regions

  • You could choose physical attributes of a particular group of people and discuss interesting points about them

Specific topics for creating cultural diversity essay

African society and culture – This subject is so vast that you will be able to compare, contrast, and create culture based essays on a wide range of topics. There are innumerable African tribes and many of them haven't seen the light of civilization yet. On the other hand, there are many cultures that have embraced civilization well and have moved with the times.

African-American society and culture – Another vast subject that could have multiple subcategories including the following (not in any measure an exhaustive list):

  • African-Americans

  • Education of African-Americans

  • Music of African-Americans

  • Women of African-Americans

  • African-Americans in the Military

  • The Art Scene in the African-American Society

  • African-American folklore and drama

  • The History of African-Americans

  • The Literature of African-Americans

Ancient Civilizations – As many of you already know, the modern United States history is only about 3-4 centuries years old. There are numerous civilizations across the globe whose known and recorded histories have an age of over 2500 years. Some of the Ancient Civilization cultural diversity essay topics include:

  • Ancient Egypt

  • Ancient India

  • Ancient Persian Civilization

  • Ancient Greek Civilization

  • Pompeii

  • Roman Archeology

  • Women in Ancient Rome and Greece

  • Stonehenge and its signification

  • The Aztec Civilization

  • The Mesopotamian Civilization

  • Greek and Roman Mythology

Asian Society and Culture – Asia is, perhaps, the largest landmass on our planet and is home to some of the oldest civilizations and societies since time immemorial. There are a wide variety of religions, customs, and rituals that have not dimmed through the passage of time and cultural diversity essay topics under this category include the following:

  • Chinese Culture

  • Indian Civilization and Culture

  • The concept of untouchability in India

  • Japanese Culture

  • The Famed Epics of India

  • How Buddhism Spread to all parts of Asia

  • Mongolian civilization

  • Women in India/Afghanistan/China

  • The Importance of China on the World Map

General subjects for cultural diversity essay topics

  • Critical Race Theory

  • Cultural Conflicts

  • Cultural Conflict Resolution

  • Culture Shock

  • The Horrors of "Ethnic Cleansing"

  • Ethnic Stereotypes

  • Interracial Relationships

  • Mentoring and Welfare of Minorities

Final Notes

Let me assure you that the list mentioned in this article is only the tip of the iceberg. We, at Prescott Papers, have experts ready to create essays for you on any of the above topics or any of those that you send to us.

We could start the essay from scratch or take off from where you left off. It is entirely up to you as to what you want us to do. We could also include your suggestions/topics/titles and create essays.


Researching the Effect of Cultural Diversity on Group Work Outcomes - This dissertation examines the relationship between social differing qualities and workgroup results (fulfillment with workgroup, and workgroup execution) in multicultural organizations, within the sight of directing variables of intragroup clashes (errand, relationship and procedure clashes).

Fostering Appreciation for Cultural Diversity - The Hispanic society comprises of individuals who are lively, mingling and loving individuals. The flare in the outfits and the high-vitality moving style is another case of life and energy of the Latin society. They have profound roots with regards to family conventions and societies.

Managing Cultural Diversity In The Workplace - In today's society, cultural diversity is at the most astounding point it has ever been. As organizations are turning out to be more assorted, it is turning out to be more vital for them to comprehend and deal with the differences. Individuals of various foundations, races, ages, sex, and/or religions make a differing workforce.

Cultural Diversity in Health Care - The 21st century is the time of innovation and modernization. Through amazingly productive and quick correspondence frameworks, organizations are being led over the globe from one single purpose of charge and coordination.

The Importance of Cultural Diversity Within Organizations - When examination is brought up in connection to differences, society discusses the gathering who have singular qualities that are assorted from other individual's characteristics. Assorted qualities is the uniqueness, which each representative gets to the work environment an association or foundation.

Enhancing Education through Cultural Diversity - In today's general public, social differing qualities is essential as it was numerous hundreds of years back. As per lexicon, social assorted qualities is the conjunction of various society, ethnic, race, sexual orientation in one particular unit. All together, for America to be effective, our reality must be a multicultural world.

Cultural Diversity and Health Traditions - Today when individuals move crosswise over landmasses with the assistance of innovation their way of life and legacy moves alongside them. Each and every landmass is populated with individuals from various countries who have assorted conventions and societies.

Collectivism and Cultural Diversity - Culture has been an unavoidable piece of humankind since the start of progress. Wood (2010), educator of interchanges, characterizes society as "the totality of convictions, qualities, understandings, practices, and methods for translating knowledge that are shared by various individuals".

Cultural Diversity, Religion and Atheism - Many individuals have a supposition about the general way of the universe and about the part which mankind plays in the universe (Taylor, 2003). For instance, "What are we doing here" and "What will transpire after we pass on?" The dominant part of us don't have the foggiest idea about the responses to these inquiries.

Cultural Diversity and Defining Abnormality - Cultural Diversity and Defining Abnormality All methods for characterizing of anomaly are constrained to a specific degree by social varieties. This makes it troublesome for analysts to make certain that their definition system would be compelling and precise in diagnosing all instances of variation from the norm.

The Internet: Promoting Cultural Diversity - The Internet Promotes Cultural Diversity When one thinks about the web, what sorts of universes and pictures do you assume strike a chord. Above all else, the equipment, for example, a PC screen and console ring a bell, trailed by letters and picture and possibly a the web-like structure to depict the data super interstate.

The Challenge of Cultural Diversity in Corporate America - The Challenge of Cultural Diversity in Corporate America The extending struggle over social differing qualities in corporate America may present the same number of chances and issues as governmental policy regarding minorities in society.

Cultural Diversity and the Impossibility of a True Melting Pot - Cultural Diversity and the Impossibility of a True Melting Pot The center models of America are established, on a basic level, on the premise of its assorted qualities and balance among residents.

Cultural Diversity in Patients - This article will concentrate on laying out the central standards of social differing qualities and how compelling nursing intercessions are utilized while giving a satisfactory measure of look after a person from a socially assorted foundation and how this may crash into the nursing restorative engagement.

Understanding Cultural Diversity - Valuing and comprehension social differing qualities is a vital stride in having the capacity to comprehend the traditions and histories of a general public. Society itself is a key element in a general public's way of life as it empowers individuals inside the general public to distinguish how they see themselves and different gatherings in which they relate to.

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