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Customer Service Essay

Essay on Customer Service

Customer service essays require you to have two basic skills and they are a love and passion for customer service and excellent writing skills. The subject of customer service is so vast and deep that finding suitable topics to write an essay on customer service can be quite daunting. This article is dedicated to giving you some great topic ideas for your practice.

Essay topics on customer service

The Issues to be addressed under Customer Service

The key elements to get right for effective customer service

The Usefulness of a Customer Relationship Management tool in improving the success of your business

Aristotle's philosophy for everyday customer service

Is the concept of true customer service dead or alive?

The philosophy and characteristics of an effective customer relationship management tool

How does value-based research help in identifying customer behavior?

How do essential services like the fire and police services manage to deliver great customer service?

A personal experience of great customer service

A personal experience of a bad customer service

The significance of ensuring customer satisfaction to improve the bottom line of service organizations

How is service quality related to profits?

How to improve customer base?

How can you use exemplary customer service to bring back customers to your business?

Customer engagement is critical to preempting and meeting customer needs

Samples of customer service essays

Ask the customer what he wants – Today's marketing environment emphasizes the importance of customer engagement more than ever. Most of the modern day companies are keenly aware of the importance of taking customer feedback either in the online form or in the offline mode when customers visit their store or place of business.

It is imperative for improved business success for companies to involve customer feedback at every level of the product and/or service development so that the end product is in perfect alignment with the customer needs and requirements. Companies have leveraged the growth of social interaction sites to have increased interaction and engagement with their customers.

Social media platforms allow for real-time dynamic customer engagement ensuring the feedback is up-to-date and is completely relevant to the customer's needs. Yet, there are many companies who have not yet been able to take advantage of this benefit. It would do these companies a lot of good to get into the social interaction mode sooner than later for improved success.

Acquiring and retaining your customers is critical to the long-term growth prospects of your company – Consistent delivery of great customer service is the key element in retaining customers. As a business, you must have the acumen to preempt your customers' needs and make efforts to meet and beat these expectations. This will result in customer delight thereby ensuring you have a loyal customer who will not go away from your fold very easily.

Of course, there will be times when due to unforeseen circumstances or due to an unwitting error, your customer service suffers. But, these 'unforeseen' occurrences will have to be anticipated as well and equipping yourself to manage your customers well even when things go wrong will instill faith in your ability for providing great service. This ability will be recognized by customers and you will be rewarded through improved business success.

What is customer service? – There are misconceptions among naïve business owners who believe that customers are benefited by their businesses and not the other way round. It is so easy to perceive the reality. If customers do not get a product from you, they will find umpteen other businesses giving the same product. But, for you as a business owner, your customer is central to your success.

So, with this in mind, customer service becomes the central pillar of your business. If you do not offer great customer service, no one is going to suffer except you. Today, considering the huge competition, it is imperative that you work to customer satisfaction which, in turn, will lead to customer loyalty. Customer service activities relate to achieving these targets of customer satisfaction leading to customer loyalty.

What is customer satisfaction? – Only when your customers are satisfied with your products and your service, will they remain loyal to you, and come back again to you. When this is done, you have created a captive audience and the power of having a captive audience is unparalleled. You can benefit from their sense of loyalty for your brand to cross-sell other products of your company or related products of other companies for a commission. Thus, customer satisfaction is an essential element of improved business success.

Final Notes

Delightful customer service, especially for service-oriented businesses, is the basic foundation for increased success. As you go through your business course and take on advanced courses in business management, the topic of customer service will be a common thread connecting any business or business studies.

At every stage of the courses ranging from a certificate diploma course right up till doctoral courses on management, there will be sections about customer service that you will have to learn and master before you can be conferred with the appropriate degree. And right through these courses, you will be searching for ideas frequently to write an essay on customer service.

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Customer Service Essay

Writing a customer service essay would need two critical skill elements including a keen intuition for customer service and great writing skills. This article is aimed at giving a few examples of how a great customer service essay should look like.

The importance of customer service in today's competitive environment

Today's customers have access to a slew of similar products and the one thing that can differentiate your business from another's is the kind of customer service you provide. Customer service is not just meeting customer needs but also should include business activities that delight customers so much so that even a competitor offering a better product might not shake the client's loyalty towards you and your company. Delightful customer service is the key differentiator to make a success of your business in today's competitive environment.

Elements of good customer service

Can you remember walking into any store the second time if you have been treated badly the first time around? Never! In fact, you will remember the horrible service extended to you at that place and you will avoid the store like the plague. The elements of customer service are not just delivering great products, maintaining a beautiful store, or stocking items without amiss. All these elements are what every business will do because these are initial attractions for a customer to walk into your store. Once, he or she walks in, then these elements fade into the background and what takes the front seat is how you treat the most important person for the survival of your business; your customer.

The changing face of customer service

There was a time when customer service meant delivering what the customer asked for. If he wanted a good shaving set you either manufacture the product (if you are manufacturer) or find the best product (if you are in the trading business) for your customer. In the earlier days, you waited to react to customer requests and if you reacted sufficiently well, your customer was happy with you.

Today, the idea of customer service has undergone tremendous changes. Companies do not react to customer needs; they proactively create demands so that customer needs can be fulfilled even before he or she realizes the need. This proactive measure might deliver customer delight initially. However, in the long-term horizon, going overboard with creating unnecessary demands can result in irritated and annoyed customers.

Characteristics of bad customer service

You have always looked at customer service and believed that it has to be good to be recognized. Well, even bad customer service can be recognized and fitted into a list of infamous places to avoid if you do not wish to feel horrible at the end of the shopping experience. Yes, such places do exist in the market. They may or may not survive for long but the reason you savor delightful customer service because you have had exposure to some horrible experiences and you know the difference. Being aware of bad customer service characteristics will help you in ensuring you train your employees well enough to strictly avoid these traits that can drive customers away and bring down your chances for improved success.

Other topics that can be used for creating customer service essays

Here are some more customer service essay topics that you can use to practice creating essays:

  • The key ingredients to attract and retain customers

  • The philosophy of customer relationship management

  • How were customers handled in the ancient times?

  • Use of psychology in improving customer service

  • Case studies of some great customer service stories

  • Importance of conducting research to understand customer expectations

  • A personal story regarding a customer service experience you would not like to have

  • Customer service is the backbone of service-oriented businesses

Final Notes

Customer service essays can be delightful to write. Yet, it can create challenges that need in-depth knowledge and skills to overcome. Contact our customized essay writing services at Prescott Papers when you need help. Our team of expert and professional writers will be happy to guide you through the process.

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