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Dissertation Editor

A professional dissertation editor has the power to take your dissertation to levels of excellence that will leave your mentors and professors extremely happy. This article is aimed at giving you some great examples of thesis statements for dissertations along with some tips on dissertation editing

Examples of good dissertation thesis statements

A good thesis statement will have to necessarily be focused and specific. Avoid broad topics that will make it difficult for you to stay focused on the actual point you intend to say. Moreover, a broad topic will confuse your readers and make them lose interest in continuing with the essay.

An example of a broad topic would read something like this: Fast food consumption is bad for health. This is too general a topic for you to defend in your dissertation. It will also raise doubts in the minds of the readers about what your dissertation will be about.

What will you defend? Will you defend that all fast foods are bad? Will you defend that fast food companies must be closed down? Will you defend that because of increasing bad health, the government must open more medical centers? The reader will be so unfocused that he or she will not even read further. Here are some good examples focused thesis statements for your dissertation:

Americans must avoid overconsumption of fast foods because consistently eating fast foods can cause preventable health problems such as obesity, heart diseases, and diabetes.

Earth is beyond saving now; hence, it makes sense for humans to relocate to the Mars planet where through strategic planning, we can avoid manmade and natural disasters and lead a peaceful life.

Vaccination must be made mandatory for children as it can control and eradicate deadly diseases such as rubella, mumps, and polio.

Government surveillance programs should be banned because they invade citizens' privacy leading to curtailment of civil liberties, fail to protect citizens, and instead allow innocent citizens to be punished unfairly.

Organ donors need to be financially compensated by the government to ensure two things; one is to motivate more donors to come forward for organ donation and the second element is to keep out unscrupulous people from making a business racket of this noble cause.

Excessive use of technology in schools leads to reduced independent thinking and imaginative abilities of children and hence schools should be mandated to include regular non-technology programs as part of the curriculum.

School officials should be empowered to combat cyber-bullying to increase online behavioral discipline and to control untoward incidences such as suicides driven by cyber-bullying. School officials should be allowed to manage this aspect without fear of reprisal.

The depiction of traditional families with a father, a mother, and children by the US media is an outdated concept and can create confusion and distorted feelings in the minds of children who believe this to be the form of ultimate domestic bliss. We need to expand the depiction of families to include parents who have divorced and remarried, extended families staying together under the same roof, and those with same-gender parents. When the US media extend families in this way, children from broken homes will be empowered to handle emotional problems in a better way than now.

What does a dissertation editor do?

A dissertation editor goes through hundreds of pages of a research paper and ensures consistency and accuracy of citations. Remember in a dissertation that runs into hundreds of pages, there will be an innumerable number of quotations with citations and checking all of these perfectly for accuracy and consistency needs the power of a professional and experienced editor.

A dissertation editor takes the content of the writer and presents it in the form and flow that are expected by mentors and supervisors. The other jobs of an editor include:

  • Rearrangement of content to ensure logical flow

  • Ensuring sentences and paragraphs are crisp and succinct and without any technological jargon (unless already explained the first time it was used in the paper)

  • Identifying and correcting proofreading errors

  • Checking for consistency of style, tone, and voice

  • Ensuring that the tone of the dissertation is right for the target audience

  • A great editor will take the dissertation paper from an average level to an excellent level ensuring the candidates get the degree conferred on them

Final Notes

Qualified and trained dissertation editors are in high demand as they can do a brilliant editing job that your mentors will be impressed enough to confer the degree on you. At Prescott Papers, we offer excellent dissertation editing services at affordable prices.

All our writers and editors are highly qualified, skilled, trained, and experienced to produce the best works for all your academic writing needs. Do not hesitate to call Prescott Papers for custom essays, research papers, dissertations, assignments, assessments, and more. We will be very happy to help you.

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