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Dissertation Ideas

Dissertation Ideas

Choosing dissertation ideas that are suitable for your field of study is one of the first and foremost challenges of doing a dissertation. Many students find the task of selecting one topic from many dissertation ideas overwhelming. This is because most of the students lack the experience to spot an idea or a gap in the studies conducted earlier that could serve as a great dissertation idea for their own paper.

This article is aimed at giving you useful tips on how to choose a dissertation topic and also gives you some prompts and examples.

Useful tips on how to find good dissertation ideas

It is important to push the envelope when it comes to choosing dissertation ideas – Think of all the information related to your field of study and envision this data in your mind. Think of all the keywords, headings, subheadings, and everything else that comes to mind. One way to do this is to keep your recommended textbook open and look at the table of contents.

The table of contents will have headings and subheadings. Go through each of these and see what interests you and where you can contribute. There is no way you will not find a good topic that you can make a great dissertation with. Keep the following points in mind as you ponder over dissertation ideas:

  • Do not replicate what is already available and done by earlier scholars

  • Ensure your topic is something that will pique the interest of the experts in your field of study. So, in addition to making the topic unique, it must have an interesting aspect that other researchers will want to read and learn about.

  • The topic should be something that will teach other researchers something new and unique which they can use to dig into for their own dissertation ideas.

So, your topic for the dissertation should be unique, interesting, and should not be ignored by other scholars and researchers in your field of study. The important thing is to come up with a question to which you will find a new and refreshing answer that others have not yet found. Remember the question should also be interesting.

Make sure the methods you apply to do the research work matches the theory aspect – While you are researching for dissertation ideas, ensure the methodology you choose matches the theory of your field of study.

For example, if you choose to use interviews to collect data, your theory should allow this method to be employed. It would be foolhardy to employ the interview method for a dissertation for a chemistry dissertation idea wherein you want to research how a particular set of halogens behave when exposed to environments containing concentrated doses of various metals.

You must develop your dissertation idea along with the methodology to be followed so as to get optimum benefit of the research work. First, decide on the theory and then ensure you choose methods that are corresponding to this theory. If there is a mismatch at this stage, then you might have to rethink the dissertation ideas or the methodology.

Choose an idea or question for your dissertation that cannot have a 'yes' or a 'no' answer – Suppose you are working on a topic relating the social changes in the post-racial age of the US. You think that a post-racial society comprises of people who are racially open as against people who turn a blind eye to the existence of racial prejudice. Based on this thought, you ask a question like, "Do you have friends from different racial backgrounds?"

The answer to this question will be a 'yes' or a 'no.' You must avoid these kinds of questions in your dissertation ideas as you will not be able to create a dissertation that is pithy and answers relevant questions about post-racial society in the US. Here are some dissertation ideas for the above topic that could be chosen.

The comparative study of contemporary cross-racial friendships among contemporary urban students in three different metropolitan cities in the United States

Have post-racial societal outlooks taken as deep roots in rural America as in urban America? Is post-racialism relevant in the remote corners of the country far from the effects of modernism?

Just know and accept the fact that there are some bad dissertation ideas that you must avoid – Remember that most of the ideas that fit into this category are those for which the only answer point that made you choose the topic is the fact that no one has looked at it before. Look back at the first point in this article and recall the three criteria to be met for a topic to be a great choice including unique, new, and interesting.

Examples and prompts for some dissertation ideas

A Sports Science degree will help students get into the sporting field as coaches, therapists, personal trainers, development trainers, and more

The telecom industry boom has been a result of the World Trade Organization's objective of making cross-border markets more open and free. How has this been achieved?

A psychological predisposition to reckless behavior and addiction results in substance misuse. So, treatments and interventions for help will only result in the replacement of the addictive substance like alcohol or cigarettes being replaced for drugs or exercise being replaced for abusive religious rituals.

Prevalence of substance abuse among the lower income groups is driven by economic factors such as depending on illegal drug trade for making money and the cyclical process of each generation being compelled into the trade because the previous generation already has a foot stuck in the business.

Switzerland has introduced a policy of setting up specialist pharmacies (like heroine pharmacies) that supply controlled amounts of illegal drugs to addicts. This policy was driven by a need felt by the society in the country to embrace addicts and give them an opportunity to live as normal citizens despite their addiction. Considering the controlling power of addiction, is this policy of legally endorsing a problem like substance misuse prudent and sensible? Can controlling the supply of illegal drugs to addicts help them in overcoming or even remaining at the same addiction level?

The modern trends in global supply chains have changed the way risk is handled and managed in the supply chain industry. You can discuss outsourcing, globalization, increasing number of suppliers for the same product, the emergence of technological use in the supply chain industry and other such related topics in this research question.

Explain the significance and relationship of risk management and corporate social responsibility in relation to how they affect shareholder value. You can connect the theoretical links between risk management and corporate social responsibility and compare these theories with ground realities. You can include the economic values of such activities and check if the outcomes are financially prudent for the shareholder or not.

How has the risk management of the derivative markets been managed after the 2008 economic recession? Are the regulations in force sufficient to counter the risks involved? What kind of regulatory changes have taken place after the recession to counter newly acknowledged risks?

The poor status of service delivery issues in post-colonial Africa; how are the service deliveries impacted because of recurring strikes by the labor force in the industry? Is the mismanagement and decline in efficiency of the public sectors in the post-colonial period contributing to this unrest?

Do the current regulations for safety in the oil and gas industry address the increasing concerns over safety standards in the segment? You can look at the various legislations such as Safety Case Regulations, Health and Safety at Work Act, and more to find the current status and work your dissertation around filling any regulatory gaps you notice.

Final Notes

These examples for dissertation ideas are only indicatory in nature and can act as a signpost showing you the direction your own dissertation topic should take. The choosing of a dissertation topic is one of the most difficult challenges to overcome in the dissertation writing process. Making the right choice paves the way for a smooth and easy path for the other equally difficult stages of the dissertation writing process.

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