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English Essay Topics

English Essay Topics

English classes are fun most of the time. The discussions about convoluted characters in a play or novels, the discussions about your favorite hero or heroine, and the discussions about intriguing plots can make the class appear that it is all fun and no work. The classes are great as the inputs from your classmates and your teachers can enliven your life.

But, when you finish class and are alone in your room and the deadline for the English essay is looming large, the fun aspect flies out of the window. You are worried that the blankness in your head will ensure that you miss the submission and get a low grade in English. You cannot even think of a single topic that you can use to write your essay.

This article is dedicated to giving you some great English Essay topics that will hopefully clear your blank mind and give you the inspiration to start writing your essay. I have included English Literature topics and a few argumentative essay topics.

English Essay Topics in Literature

Beyond Good and Evil by Nietzsche – Even though this story was written more than a century ago, the message in it is very relevant to the modern times. Its narrative is breezy and the restless flow of ideas seems to connect together in ways you did not even dream of. Write about the author's narrative style and the timelessness of the message with a special focus on its relevance in the modern times.

Write your opinions on the Old and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway. This book is remarkable in the fact that it has a strong message cleverly embedded in a powerful narrative. You can choose to write about any aspect of the book including the plot, the message that the author is giving, or compare it to another book in the same genre.

The Canterville Ghost by Oscar Wilde starts off in a hilarious way that is bound to tickle your funny bones no end. Yet, there is a seamless shift from wit and humor to drama and discussing delicate issues. The change of plot happens swiftly yet smoothly and fits into the plot of the story like a groove. Write about this change in style and how the author managed to achieve it without losing the narrative thread. If you think there is a flaw, feel free to express it provided you can substantiate your view strongly.

Literature of the 21st century Vs literature of the 20th century; compare some of the commercially successful authors of both the eras and write about their styles that made them popular and contributed to their commercial success. Discuss the similarities and the differences between the authors of the two periods.

Make a list of the top ten authors of the 19th century. Tell us why they are your top ten. Compare and contrast the chosen authors and some of their works that will reinforce your choice.

Discuss the powerful speech of Martin Luther King's I have a dream. Does the message of equality still needs to be spoken about or do you think that equality has been sufficiently achieved and the speech is irrelevant in today's post-racial times?

How have eBooks affected English Literature today? Discuss their origins and the positive and negative impacts of eBooks in modern day publishing.

Discuss the speed of evolution of the English language in the 20th century Vs its speed in the 19th century. What were the contributory factors for the change in speed of evolution? Did the emergence of the World Wide Web contribute to the evolution?

How is the emergence of new technologies affecting the way we communicate? Are our communications skills getting better or worse? Discuss and debate on the two standpoints.

Is writing an innate talent or something that can be learned and mastered? Take a stand and argue your stand with irrefutable evidence.

Choose a fictional book that you like a lot and discuss it in its entirety. Include plots, characterizations, settings, and style of writing to summarize it. The essay should be persuasive in style and should convince me to pick up the book and read.

Compare and contrast the plots, characterizations, and the way the political issues are handled in two books dealing with modern day politics.

Fantasy and mysticism are back with a bang in modern literature. Yet, there are impacts of the way modern perspectives shape the characterizations of characters in contemporary stories of fantasy and mysticism. Discuss these impacts with a focus on 2-3 such books.

Critically analyze Atticus Finch in Harper Lee's Go Set a Watchman and To Kill a Mockingbird focusing on the racial issues discussed in the books.

Choose a novel, play, or film wherein the protagonist is compelled to leave home. Leaving home and leading a life far away from home changes the protagonist's personality. Discuss how the changes happen and the underlying current that continues to haunt him or her because of the change.

Think of a symbol that appears in one of your favorite novels. Discuss how the symbol has been used by the author to create multiple associations for the reader some of which go far beyond the actual symbol itself.

Choose a modern story of children's literature and compare and contrast the elements that make it very different from the older children's stories.

Modern writers have started introducing characters who have supernatural powers in them. Take one such favorite character of yours and trace his or her origins and the developmental path he or she has taken.

Do you think violence is depicted in more than necessary doses in book series such as the Divergent and Hunger Games? Discuss your belief by using evidence from the books under question.

What were the major themes that were apparent in books and novels of the second half of the 20th century? Discuss the themes by taking into account at least five stories (novels or short stories) that prove your point.

English Essay Topics for Argumentative Essays

Zoos are seen as necessary evils to keep animals as close to their natural environment as possible yet with access for humans to study and understand them. Argue for and/or against the need for zoos.

Are highly successful athletes and actors paid far more than they are worth? Argue your case convincingly.

Does it make sense to make teachers wear uniforms or follow a specific dress code? Take an unequivocal stand and argue your stand convincingly.

Are nuclear weapons responsible for war or peace considering the fact that since the invention of nuclear weapons, US has seen longer periods of peace than before its invention?

Suppose your teacher wants you to choose a new topic to take for the entire class next week. Write an essay giving your choice of the subject along with convincing arguments as to why you choose that topic.

Should wealthy nations be compelled to share their wealth with poorer nations? Take a stand and argue your case with convincing evidence.

Suppose you woke up one fine day and all the rules and regulations have been removed. Anyone can do anything. What will the world be like? Allow your imagination to run as wild as it wants to and write an effective descriptive essay.

Should funds be allocated for space exploration when people around the world are still dying of starvation and lack of drinking water?

Should textbooks in hard copies be replaced by eBook versions? Why?

Why should animals not be used for scientific experiments? Should we miss an opportunity to create something for the good of mankind by being kind to animals? Should we not work towards fortifying our own species instead of trying to protect other species?

Final Notes

As I was making up the English Essay Topics, I felt so charged up. This is because writing English essays allows you to expand your imagination to the most bizarre extent and create something completely unique and unheard of. Some of these topics hardly need research work. They only need you to put your mind to work and create your own ideas and thoughts.

In fact, some of them don't even need you to get new ideas. You simply have to learn the art of communication so that you can articulate the thoughts that are already present in your mind effectively.

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