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Environmental Persuasive Speech Topics

Environmental Persuasive Speech Topics

A persuasive speech, as the name suggests, is meant to convince the listener about the authenticity and validity of your arguments and make him or her see your viewpoint. Persuasive speeches are usually designed to persuade or sway the audience to accept the speaker's perspective.

It is not simply an act of gleaning facts and evidence but also presenting the data in such a persuasive manner that the listener and audience are left with no option but to agree with the speaker.

The topic of our environment is also a timeless one that has seen multiple perspectives presented by speakers across the world. This article is aimed at giving you some environmental persuasive speech topics for your use in college or school.

Environmental Persuasive Speech Topics

  • Primary fears of land degradation in Africa

  • Issues of land degradation in Asia loom large

  • How is land degradation in South America affecting the rest of the world?

  • Oceans – enhanced acidification threatens marine life

  • Causes of coral bleaching

  • Intercropping systems in agriculture and their huge benefits

  • Sustainable Development – a blatant misuse of the phrase by environmentalists

  • Ozone depletion and its effect on our planet

  • Bottom trawling killing benthic ecological organisms mercilessly

  • Carbon Footprint – why it is better to use and consume locally produced goods

  • Carbon Tax – an occurrence that will wake our capitalists up from their deep slumber

  • Managing e-wastes

  • Renewable energy sources – desperate times

  • The practicality of solar power, biomass energy, wind energy, and hydroelectricity

  • Nuclear Energy – Can we talk about it without political bias?

  • Should the laws protecting endangered species be more stringent?

  • Compulsory days of the week when only public transport should be used

  • Should we reduce the use of natural resources?

  • Water pollution – Having access to potable water is going to be thing of the past

  • Air pollution – we might need to carry oxygen cylinders instead of laptop bags

  • Cleanliness of the community is critical to growth and development

  • Ocean oil spills – why isn't someone taking punitive action against the culprits

  • Recycling – Stringent laws needed to compel people to recycle

  • Oil and the importance of its conservation

  • Reusable bags – A complete avoidance of plastic bags

  • Mining and environmentally sensitive areas are not conducive to each other

  • Fishing regulation – a must to preserve the oceanic environment

  • Paperless society – an endeavor that will sustain human life on our planet

  • Global resources must be conserved

  • Rainforests – our oxygen reserves; let's take care of them

  • Our planet is a self-regulating system that keeps its balance to sustain life – Let us not wreak havoc

  • Polar Bears – Do you know if we continue being so environmentally insensitive we might need to relocate these species to the South Pole?

  • Natural Resources – Are you aware that these are highly limited?

  • Soil erosion and agriculture

  • Misuse of irrigation system causing pain

  • Underground mining devastates and mutilates our land

  • Deforestation - a curse by man of man for man

  • Management of radioactive waste

  • Demerits of intensive farming methods

  • Chemical fertilizers ultimately kill the soil and not only the pests

  • The problems of marine debris

  • Contamination by radioactivity

  • Our government is not doing enough to reduce dependence on non-renewable energy sources

  • Should taxes for cars be increased to get revenue to manage pollution?

  • Should all future vehicles be hybrid in nature?

  • Should littering face more stringent penalties?

  • Carbon emissions – is our government doing enough?

  • Does it make sense to make public transport free to reduce pollution?

  • Are hybrid vehicles as eco-friendly as they are made out to be?

  • Should organizations guilty of dumping toxins into the environment be compelled to shut down operations?

  • Who or what is responsible for climate change?

  • Should the US as a world leader set an example to managing pollution better?

  • Role of oil companies in power politics of our country

  • Are destroying forests justified by the needs of man?

  • Governments should subsidize alternate fuel-powered machines and devices

  • Penalties against our ecosystem should be made more stringent and tougher

  • Is marine engineering the cause of increased ocean pollution?

  • Benefits of recycling water

  • Rainwater harvesting – how to percolate this idea to grass-root level?

  • Working from home offers succor for our environment

  • Vegetarianism and ecological benefits

Final Notes

In order to write a good persuasive speech, the first thing to do is note down all the points that come off your head. While some of the points noted down may appear frivolous and quite worthless, there will definitely be some gems among the stones. Do not discard any idea. Something else can arise from the notes that you have taken down. Brainstorming techniques are critical to coming up with interesting points.

Our experts at Prescott Papers can write on any of the topics and ideas mentioned in this article or work on a suggestion or idea given by you. We can work from scratch or enhance your suggestion, title, or idea.

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