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Essay About Me

Essay About Me

Writing an essay about yourself (an essay about me) is deceptively simple. You would think that you know yourself so well that writing an "Essay About Me" will go like a breeze. So, you take out a notebook and a pen or sit in front of your computer with a blank document ready to start writing.

Then you ask yourself, "Where do I start for writing an essay about me?" You are stumped. But, don't worry. This is a common problem for most students who are given prompts to write a personal essay. You may know a lot about yourself but how to articulate the knowledge about yourself and write an essay that your readers will find engaging and interesting requires more than just knowing yourself.

This article gives you some tips on how to writing personal essays, some examples, and a few commonly used prompts for such essays.

How to write a personal essay?

An impactful essay about me should include the following three elements:

  • It should have an effective emotional appeal

  • There should be plenty of sensory perceptions including emotions

  • You must use vivid imagery to enable the readers to create a powerful image

How should I structure the essay?

The start of the essay must let the readers know what you are planning to discuss in the essay and your perspectives

The body of the essay must include clearly and succinctly written (using the above three elements) paragraphs that explain what happened and how it happened. You could choose to structure the paragraphs in any logical order including order of chronology or order of importance or anything else that you deem fit for the essay.

You must use the last paragraph to wrap up the essay, state the main narrative of the story, and complete it by what you have learned from the experience.

Tips on the actual writing process

You can record yourself telling the story which will act as an outline for your writing process. The recording will help you organize your thoughts as well.

Remember to include dialogues and personal anecdotes. These are the elements that increase reader engagement

Do not forget to use transition phrases and words to connect the sentences and paragraphs. Examples of transition words and phrases include for example, however, therefore, in the first place, secondly, etc.

Keep the structures of your sentences as varied as possible. This makes your essay more interested than if you used monotonous sentence structures. Include interrogative, compound, and complex sentences wherever and whenever you can. A word of caution here is to ensure not to make your sentences so complex that your readers do not understand it.

Include a lot of precise, emotional, active, exciting, descriptive, and lively words.

Examples of essay about me

Example -1 - It was a hot and humid afternoon in the peak of summer. There was a big lake a few hundred yards away from our house. The area around this lake was densely wooded and many times at night, I have seen the bright eyes of some predator animal lurking in the darkness, perhaps, looking for food.

During the day, my brother and I have explored this place and have come away each time more aware of what lies in the dense wooded area than before. In some parts, here were beautiful flowers growing on small shrubs that appeared like a colorful blanket thrown on the earth. In other parts, there were really old and huge trees whose trunks were so big that both of us tried to hug it and touch each other's finger tips and we couldn't do! And we were young and strapping young lads with long dangling arms!

Example -2 – My first day at college was everything I had feared it would be. As I pushed open the door to enter my classroom, a bucketful of paint toppled over me and I looked like a multicolored pole of stick with paint streaming down the pants and tickling my ribs as some of it found its way into my clothes.

There was a hoot of laughter as I saw my dreaded brother with his gang of thugs standing in the corner and laughing so hard at my plight that tears were streaming down their eyes. If I had had a gun at that point, I would have shot each of the thugs and walked away without an iota of regret. But, sadly for me, neither did I have access to a gun nor was I able to move from where I was because it seemed that my feet were stuck to the ground!

Commonly used prompts for essay about me

How did you and your best friend meet for the first time?

Describe the most embarrassing moment of your life till date

As an adult, which city or town or village would you like to live in and why?

Describe the night you fell off the bed because of a nightmare or a dream. Describe the nightmare or dream

Describe your dream house. What all will you have in the house? How will you socialize?

Describe a horror film that you watched and haven't been able to put out of your mind. Don't restrict the essay to the emotional sense of fear but try and include the underlying metaphysical message that the film conveyed to you.

The day of your graduation has arrived. You are impeccably dressed and ready to leave home with your parents. Your mother tells you to hold your baby brother for a minute while she goes into the house to get something she forgot. To your horror, you see your baby brother throws up at that moment and your perfect dress is soiled. Continue your story.

Final Notes

Writing an essay about me may sound challenging. But, once you start off, then you will find it a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

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