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Essay Ideas

This article is specifically written to give you some argumentative essay ideas and tips on how to write them. An argumentative essay seeks to argue the writer's point of view and convince the readers about his or her perspective.

An argumentative essay entails you to investigate a particular topic, collate evidence, evaluate the collected evidence, and clearly establish your point of view. An argumentative essay persuades readers to see your perspective.

So, are argumentative essays and persuasive essays the same? No, there are some differences and some of them listed below.

Difference between persuasive and argumentative essays

Claims in a persuasive essay are based on opinions and need not always be substantiated. The claims can be in the form of propaganda and advertisements. Persuasive essays use pathos, emotions, needs, and desires to get the reader to be persuaded.

An argumentative essay, on the other hand, has to have claims that can be correctly and accurately substantiated. The claims are based on sufficient and relevant evidence. While some amount of pathos is used in an argumentative essay too, the appeal to see the writer's perspective is based more on evidence such as examples, facts, legal precedents, etc and on logical reasoning.

A persuasive essay takes advantage of the writer's character and trustworthiness to achieve its end whereas an argumentative essay uses the writer's credibility through the evidence of the depth of knowledge, skill, and merits of reasoning to achieve its end.

Persuasive essays could take the form of an argument though formal elements of arguments are not included. An argumentative essay necessarily uses formal elements of arguments such as warranted evidence, backing from reliable sources, and more.

Persuasive essays may not include counter-claims whereas an argumentative essay must necessarily take up counter-claims and must offer rebuttals in the content.

Structure of an argumentative essay

An argumentative essay also has three components (like many other forms of essays) including the introduction, the main body, and the conclusion.

The introduction must introduce the topic and present a specific and focused thesis statement. No evidence is presented in the introduction.

The main body is comprised of a multiple number of paragraphs each one of them arguing one particular evidence in support of the thesis statement. Each paragraph in the main body of an argumentative essay should begin with the topic sentence which will be the central theme of the paragraph. The topic sentence should be followed by examples, illustrations, and other aspects of evidence supporting the central idea in the paragraph.

The concluding part of an argumentative essay will consist of a brief and succinct summary of the evidence presented in the main body of the essay followed by a reinforcement of the thesis statement.

The first stage of writing an argumentative piece is to choose essay ideas that are controversial and not a universal fact. Here are some great examples for argumentative essay ideas

Argumentative Essay Ideas on Technology

Do you think web filters in college are restricting your freedom?

Are advancements in social media platforms isolating us more than bringing us together?

Does technology distract you?

Are Apps helpful or simply a waste of time?

Are smartphones used more for playing 'stupid games' than anything worthwhile?

Is Facebook losing its sheen?

Should the personal opinions that you air on Facebook and other social media platforms be sufficient ground for losing your job?

Is it alright for people who choose obscure identities to be allowed to roam freely on the internet? Shouldn't obscure identities be banned?

How should cyber-bullying be punished?

Should tablets become the preferred way for students to learn?

Are your teachers technically competent enough to make effective use of technology in class?

Can mobile phones be used as educational tools?

Is it ethical to use violent computer games as a form of instruction in class?

What is the right age for children to be exposed to cell phones and other such electronic devices?

Are you willing to exchange your hard copy books for digital versions?

Are digital photographs too many in number for them to become meaningful?

Are you worried that a lot more movies than are necessary are being released these days?

Are Google Computer glasses effective aids against radiation from the device?

Would you allow your assignment to be graded by a computer?

How important are robots going to become in the future of human history?

Argumentative Essay Ideas on Education

Is cheating getting worse than before in schools and colleges?

Would you agree that teachers have to be graded by students on their effectiveness?

Do you believe that your college hands out A grades a bit too easily?

Should school and college students be tested for drugs regularly?

Should Math and English be taught in a Physical Education Course?

How effective are standardized tests in grading the efficacy of students?

How well do standardized test methods grade student intelligence?

Are school children spending a lot of time preparing for standardized tests?

Do you think it is alright for schools to offer cash rewards for high grades?

Is it time for us to rethink the duration of high school courses?

Are schools providing sufficient opportunities for children to use their creative abilities?

What are students actually learning in school?

What is the importance of an art class in high school?

Does going to gyms help students perform well in all their other classes?

Should school records be made public for everyone to see?

Should children of illegal immigrants be allowed to access public education?

How important is group work in school and what is the right amount?

Should your school day be extended more to fit in more activities especially sports and other creative courses?

Should the school calendar be longer than it is now for including more activities for children?

Is it right to group students of the same ability together?

Should dropout age limits be raised so that the children get access to education for a longer time than now?

Are bullying and/or cyberbullying really serious?

Should schools be empowered to handle cyberbullying more strictly than the prevailing situation?

Should tracking devices be fit into students' ID cards?

Does teaching Math be made more innovative to make it more interesting for students?

Does the size of a class matter?

How important and effective are parent-teacher meetings and interactions?

Should colleges be allowed to use their own admissions criteria instead of using school grades and SAT scores?

How necessary or important is college education for success in life?

Argumentative Essay Ideas on Arts and Media

Why are rich people in movies and TV so attractive to the common man?

Are TV shows able to capture the diverse culture of the country?

Is the effect of TV stronger than before or is TV becoming obsolete?

Do reality TV shows drive undue and dangerous behaviors of young people?

Will training in music help in achieving better in other classes?

Should video games be treated on par with sports?

Should stores be allowed to sell violent computer and video games to minor children?

Does violence depicted in a video game make people who play these games more violent?

Are video games works of art?

Which video game would you like to redesign if you were given an opportunity?

Is killing zombies in a video game a guilt-ridden act?

How would you define a good advertisement or commercial?

Can you consider graffiti as works of art?

How can children be taught to differentiate truth from fiction?

Does pop culture be taken up as a serious form of study?

Is there undue pressure on teenage girls to have that 'perfect' body?

Do boys feel the pressure of having to maintain a great physique to be considered macho?

Do perfect images of beautiful women or men make you feel conscious of your own inability to look so perfect?

What can the society do to help women fight against sexual violence?

Is national security more important or is privacy more important?

Final Notes

The first step to writing a great argumentative essay is choosing essay ideas that you are passionate about. Passion can motivate you to find ample evidence in support of your claims and make you create the most fabulous argumentative essays that your college professors will be impressed with.

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