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Essay Writing Samples

Essay Writing Samples

Essay writing samples will help you understand how different segments of the essay should look like and you can use the template to write essays on your own. I have divided this article into three segments each dedicated to samples for introduction, the main body, and the conclusion.

Essay Writing Samples (Introduction)

The introduction in your essay must introduce the topic of the essay to your readers and include a thesis statement that acts as a signpost telling your readers the direction the essay is going to take. Here is a sample of a great introduction:

With increasing pollution levels and global warming, it has become imperative for car designers and engineers to create a viable alternative to the internal combustion engine of modern day cars. This essay takes you through two such designs that hold much promise of an environment-friendly car engine. These designs leverage the power of material and design to optimize energy consumption by the car engines thereby resulting in more eco-friendly cars. The comparisons between the operational efficiencies of both the newly created and the existing engines will help you gauge their eco-friendly power.

Bram Stoker's Dracula has been used and reused so many times by so many authors that it is easy to think the abuse of the vampire character has reduced its horror sting. Yet, when you pick up the book again and become one with the skeptical Dr. Seward and read about the rising of Count Dracula and the description of his bending down to drink the blood of his victims, for some time, science and superstition become unified and you feel the chills of fear running up and down your spine. Stoker's novel was written ahead of its times and, I believe, no amount of overuse will reduce the chill of fear you will feel when you read the book again.

Essay Writing Samples (Main body)

I am presenting a sample of one paragraph in the main body of an essay whose thesis statement is: Since writing is an essential skill needed in most classes during the course of your college education, students have to spend master the art of writing to succeed in academics.

A sample of one of the paragraphs in the main body supporting this thesis statement will read something like this:

The first sentence of the paragraph will be the topic sentence that makes one claim in support of the thesis statement: Students who have mastered the art of writing will automatically earn better grades in all their writing assignments.

The second sentence in the paragraph should explain as to how this topic sentence is true or develop it further: This is because most professors allocate numerous writing assignments to their students and, more often than not, the quality of these submissions contribute significantly to the grades in that particular class.

The third sentence in the paragraph should include an example or an illustration to prove your point: For example, all college students are mandated to take a composition class to successfully complete the college degree; in this class alone, you will need to write and submit at least five different types of essays as writing assignments.

The fourth sentence could include a few more examples or illustrations that support the central idea in the paragraph: Additionally, in classes such as history, nursing, psychology, and journalism, professors assign multiple essays for students to complete.

The fifth sentence should have an emphatic claim that supports the central idea of this particular paragraph: According to college expert [name of the expert along with other details of the source], the average number of essays and other writing assignments that each student pursuing an undergraduate course is about 30 and this number increases even more if the student wishes to continue his or her graduate education.

The last sentence should wrap up the points made in the paragraph and reinforce the topic sentence: No matter which subject students major in, they are required to write and submit numerous essays and writing assignments that call for excellent writing skills and hence, it is imperative that a student should learn and master this skill to achieve academic success.

Essay Writing Samples (Conclusion)

The concluding paragraph of an essay should ideally wrap up everything that was said in the essay in a brief and succinct way. Here is an example on the topic of "Causes of homelessness."

In an urban setting today, it is a common sight to see homeless people lying on the sidewalks at night. Factors for homelessness are many including but not limited to loss of job, lack of economic stability, non-availability of affordable housing, lack of support from families, and more. It is indeed unfortunate that people who have homes simply attribute mental instability and/or laziness for being homeless. In truth, there are many other reasons to consider. Unless we take stock of the condition and see the problem in its entirety, we will not be able to find a comprehensive solution.

Another example of a conclusion paragraph for "definition of the scientific method": A researcher using the scientific method simply follows his common sense. He first searches for the question, then forms a hypothesis in response to the question, and then conducts an experiment or runs a survey to get data. He will use this data to draw out his conclusion and see if it matches with his hypothesis. The scientific method can be used for any subject ranging from history to checking and verifying social causes.

Final Notes

Feel free to use the above essay writing samples to motivate yourself into creating a great essay. If you are stuck for ideas or do not know how to proceed from a particularly sticky situation, call our custom essay writers at Prescott Papers to help you. We will create the best essay for you on any subject you want.

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