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Essay Writing Topics

Essay Writing Topics

Choosing one idea from a large number of essay writing topics can be quite a challenging task for even the most seasoned college student. This article gives you some tips on how to choose an appropriate topic along with some sample essay writing topics.

How to choose an appropriate topic for your essay

Choose a topic that interests you – Your readers are very sensitive to uninteresting essays and they can immediately gauge the writer's interest in the topic. If you choose a topic that does not interest you, it will reflect in the quality of your essay.

Select a topic that you are familiar with and know something about – It would be naïve to choose a topic that is totally new to you as the amount of research work and reading needed to even start writing about the topic will be multiplied. The writing and researching processes will be easier if you select a topic that you already have an idea about.

Narrow down your topic to something you can manage – If the topic is very broad, your ideas will be scattered all over and you are bound to lose focus. On the other side, if the topic is too narrow, then you might not find sufficient material for your essay. So, ensure your topic is narrowed down to a manageable extent.

Find a unique and focused way to narrow down your topic – This approach will help you control and focus your ideas better than otherwise. For example, if your topic is on slavery in the US, you can choose to refine and narrow your essay to a particular time period, state, or element of slavery. Get a viewing perspective that is unique and focused which will make it easier to write your essay.

Start researching – If you have a nebulous idea of the topic but are unsure of the narrowed down topic yet, you can start the researching process. As you read and get more data on the broader topic, something will strike you and you will find that elusive topic for your essay.

Brainstorm the ideas you have – Take a notebook and a pen and write down everything you know about the general topic. As your thoughts materialize on paper, something of interest will definitely pop up. For example, if your topic is to write about a great leader, write down the names of all the great leaders you know and admire.

Look at what you love to do the most – What is your favorite hobby? Playing a sport? Playing video games? As you ponder on your topic, see if you can connect it to your favorite pastime or your goal and something of interest will definitely catch your attention.

Ask your teacher, friends, and seniors for help – They will be happy to help you. Ask around and see if a germ of an idea can be offered by one or more of family members and/or friends. You can then develop that small germ into a germinating seed and then into a full-grown, beautiful plant.

See if you can reuse an old topic – Look at an old topic that you have already used for an earlier essay. See if you can use a different perspective and present it in a new and unique way.

Samples of Essay Writing Topics

There are some people who believe that the government should divert money spent on art to other more important things like education for the underprivileged or other more pressing social causes. Do you agree?

Although art has been an integral part of all cultures till date, today, more and more young people are veering away from art and focusing on science and technology. Why do you think this trend exists and what can be done to attract youngsters to art?

There is a dichotomy among parents of young children about doing arts in school. While some think it is a waste of time others believe it to be an essential class for children. Discuss both sides of the argument and state your stand with reasons.

Freedom is a condition that works best for an artist to create great work. However, do you believe that artists ought to be given unrestricted freedom to express their thoughts? Discuss the varying points and do you agree or disagree and to what extent?

Most of the artists get paid very low remuneration and hence need to be given government grants to continue their work. Do you agree or disagree and to what extent?

There are reports that state crime is on the decline in the modern times due to the advanced technology available for detecting crime. Do you believe this to be true or false? And to what extent would you agree or disagree?

Many criminals who get out of jail after completing their sentence get back to crime. What do you believe are the reasons for this? Can you think of possible solutions?

A commonly accepted belief is that violence among adolescents is directly proportional to the depiction of violence in the US media? Do you think this is true? Can you suggest any solutions for this problem?

The number of crimes committed by juveniles is increasing in some parts of the society. To counter this, many people think that treating juveniles as adults in giving sentences will help in bringing down the juvenile crime rate. Are you in agreement or disagreement with such people?

Final Notes

Choosing appropriate essay writing topics is tricky and calls for some amount of thought and research work. The internet can help you in this regard. You can use the tips mentioned in this article to help you get some great ideas for writing your essays.

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