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Essays In English

Essays in English

Persuasive essays in English are the most common type of essays that will be assigned to you. Hence, it makes sense to be familiar with its style and format so that writing persuasive essays in English will be easy for you. This article will give you some tips on how to write a persuasive essay and also will list out some sample topics for this type of essay.

How to write persuasive essays in English

Writing a persuasive essay in English requires you to take a stand and argue your stand (either for or against) by building a powerful case through the essay. When readers read a well-crafted persuasive essay, they should be convinced to accept the point of view expressed in it. The following elements are critical in helping you create a great persuasive essay:

  • Good amount of research

  • Knowledge and understanding biases of readers

  • Knowing both sides of the argument really well

A well-written persuasive essay not only illustrates the fact that the writer's opinion is correct but also tells the readers how the opposing view is wrong. Persuasive essays in English are commonly used forms of writing assignments given to students to check their understanding and varying perspectives of the topic under consideration. Here are some tips to help you learn and master the art of writing persuasive essays.

Preparations to be undertaken before the writing process

The preparation stage is an extremely important aspect of every essay writing process. This is the time you will think about and plan all aspects of the essay writing process.

First, decide which side of the argument you want to stand – Think about the topic under consideration and decide which side you want to take

Know the target audience – This aspect is very critical in the writing of a persuasive essay. You must understand which side your target audience is in. Or is the audience undecided on the side they have to take?

Complete the research work – You need good, strong evidence to write an effective persuasive essay. Use multiple sources to collect required evidence and make sure you read up and make notes on both sides of the argument.

Find the most convincing supporting point – and find all the points that oppose this particular argument

Create the outline of the persuasive essay

Read up and organize all the data you collected during the research stage and organize it in the order of the importance or any other order advocated by your professors.

The Introduction should have an initial 'hook' either in the form of a great quote or a startling piece of information to grab the readers' attention. You must then give a broad overview of the topic under discussion and finally, present the thesis statement where your unequivocal stand on the issue is crystal clear to the readers.

Paragraphs in the main body should have about 3-4 paragraphs. Each paragraph should be dedicated to a single point of evidence in support of your thesis statement. You must include sufficient evidence that supports each of your points

Paragraphs that present opposing views must also be included. In these paragraph(s), you must focus on rebuttal points and find evidence to refute each of the opposing views.

The Conclusion is the last paragraph of your persuasive essay wherein you will summarize your points of evidence and rebuttals and then reinforce the thesis statement.

Write the first draft of the essay

Now, that the outline is done, writing the first draft will be very easy. Following the outline perfectly, write the three parts of the essay including the introduction, the main body of the essay, and the conclusion. Avoid trying to edit it as you write. Just let the writing flow in one movement. Do not get caught in correcting any mistakes and going back and forth in your essay. That will happen in the revising and editing stages of the writing process.

Revise the first draft

At this stage, look at the structure of the essay to see if it makes sense to you. Are the points of evidence presented in a logical order? If not, make the adjustments to ensure a smooth flow of content that the readers will be able to follow and understand easily. Make sure your thesis is specific, clear, and takes an unequivocal stand.

Make sure each paragraph of the main body talks about only one idea and the supporting evidence all point to that idea. Ensure the reinforcement of the thesis statement in the concluding paragraph is in sync with that in the introductory paragraph.

Edit and proofread your essay

Once you have revised your persuasive essay to your satisfaction, edit and make necessary changes in the sentence structure and recheck for a seamless flow of content. Then, proofread your essay to ensure it is completely free from all kinds of spelling, grammatical, syntax, and punctuation errors. Make sure your revising, editing, and proofreading activities create the perfect and error-free persuasive essay.

Great topics for persuasive essays in English

Should elementary and high school children be allowed to bring cell phones to school?

Should students selected to play in their college teams be paid remuneration?

Should the elderly people be entitled to free rides in public transport?

Should state-run colleges offer free education to all?

Should one year of community service be made mandatory for all college courses?

Should students get cash rewards as incentives for great grades?

Do you think the sale of marijuana for medicinal purposes be made legal?

Do you think increasing the driving age by another three years will reduce accidents?

Do you believe that driving safety precautions such as helmets and seat belts made mandatory?

Is it necessary for students to clear a skills test before being awarded a high school certificate?

Should selling junk foods like aerated drinks with high-sugar content and fast foods in college canteens be allowed?

Is it right for schools to serve potato chips and French fries for lunch?

Are violent video games the reason for increased teenage violence?

Should the US have free healthcare for one and all irrespective of economic status?

Is it wrong to penalize individuals who download pirated content?

Is it ethical to allow songs with foul language in its lyrics to be played at school dances?

Should smoking be banned from public places like parks and malls?

Should government levy 'junk food' tax on unhealthy foods?

Should public schools begin the day with prayers?

Should US citizens be allowed to own assault weaponry?

Is it right to allow people to keep exotic pets like tigers, pythons, and chimpanzees?

Should teachers undergo regular training and a test to check their skills every ten years to verify their competence before renewing their license?

Isn't it right for customers to expect a warning label on packages of genetically modified foods?

Should the government increase space program funding or channelize the amount towards meeting social needs?

Should sexual education be mandatory in schools?

Is it right to suspend and/or penalize students who indulge in cyberbullying?

Should the government legalize abortions?

Should euthanasia be legalized for terminally ill patients?

Is it right to make all school students undergo regular tests for drugs?

Should families in America be restricted to a two-child policy to check population growth?

Final Notes

Writing persuasive essays in English can be quite a daunting task. Yet, if you are passionate about the topic you will enjoy the process. Spend sufficient time in the planning, strategizing, and organizing stages so that when you sit down to write the essay, it will be a breeze. Do not forget to edit and proofread because it is almost impossible to get the perfect essay in the first draft stage.

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