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Example Of A Persuasive Paragraph

Example of a Persuasive Paragraph

As the name suggests, a persuasive paragraph is written with the intention of persuading the reader to see the writer's or speaker's viewpoint. While both sides of an argument will be presented, there will be no doubt in the mind of the reader which side the writer is on. Yes, facts will be presented from the other perspective too, yet the point of view will definitely be subjective rather than objective.

In this article, I will be giving not just one example of a persuasive paragraph but a few more so that you can use them in writing your essay or speech.

Examples of Persuasive Paragraphs

While a lot of concerns regarding the demerits of immigration (including some illegal entries into our country) are doing the rounds in recent times, we cannot undermine the huge advantages of immigration. We cannot shy away from the benefits we have derived from the ambitions, skills, and talents of immigrants. Businesses have flourished better owing to the availability of skilled and cheap labor and the culture of the immigrants enhances the vibrancy of our heritage. Immigrants strengthen communities by participating in the existing and creating new civic and cultural activities. If we chose to keep out immigrations, there will be no doubt that we will lose out to our competition (read other economically powerful countries) who are continuously seeking to recruit new skills and talents from across the globe in a bid to enhance their power.

Despite many arguments in favor of homework, it is quite true that homework does little to enhance the value in a student's learning process. On the contrary, the stress and pressure of having to complete homework takes away the joy of spending time with loved ones and takes away valuable time that is needed to participate in physical games with neighbors and friends. Doing homework becomes a chore wherein you simply finish without due diligence and adding little or no value to the learning. Making homework a part of the class itself will allow the students to clear themselves of doubts that arise when they do the exercise.

Fast foods are getting a lot of flak driven by their high-fat and high-sugar content which is, definitely not a very healthy perspective. While I am not really arguing against the few health issues regarding fast foods, I cannot but argue in favor of the convenience that fast foods offer. The ease of packaging, the ease of eating, and the extremely fast service are three undeniable aspects of fast foods. A harassed mother buckling under the pressure of a cartload of groceries will undoubtedly put fast foods high on her list of priorities in managing her two hungry and cranky children. Of course, limiting intake of fast foods is entirely in our hands.

The joy of driving a luxurious car can never be undervalued be it a Formula One car racer or a simple homemaker who uses her car only to shop for groceries. And yet, the fact that we have done little or almost nothing to improve the fuel efficiency of our vehicles is appalling, to say the least. Our nation and its people's complete lack of sensitivity towards making our vehicles more fuel efficient and less polluting is quite dreadful. It is high time we wake up from our slumber and take some drastic measures towards making our nation less dependent on depleting energy sources.

The conventional methods of classroom teaching are indeed a great way to learn. However, the huge benefits of online learning have to be leveraged as well by students. There is no teacher who will keep repeating his or her lesson innumerable times as you can make your video tutorials too. While teachers will be slightly accommodating to suit your learning timings, the flexibility that online classes offer in terms of learning when you wish is unprecedented. You can attend online classes in your pajamas; you don't need to travel to participate in online classes; you can watch and read the materials any number of times you want without the fear of being ridiculed. The list is endless!

The class is taking an exam and all students are focusing hard on the last few precious moments so that they can grab some more marks. Suddenly, the theme song of a popular rap group hollers across the silence breaking the concentration of the entire class. The culprit looks around guiltily and quickly turns his mobile to the silent mode. But the damage has been done and other students and the teacher are giving him dirty looks. The mobile is a huge distraction in class and many students are rightly fighting to ban these devices from being brought to class.

In today's modernistic world that is based on success and profit, doing something for free might seem archaic and outdated. However, voluntary work in an NGO or in a charitable organization like an orphanage or an old age home has plenty of benefits. Of course, the returns need not be in terms of money. Voluntary work helps you add job experience to your resume, volunteering helps you widen your social connections, volunteering allows you to see new perspectives and opinions and hence broaden your thinking capabilities.

Laziness has always been looked upon with dismay, anger, and condescension. However, there are many good things that laziness gets you. It is the hardworking person who gets elected to a committee and gets bogged down by more work that he or she can handle. It is the hardworking person who has to solve other people's problems at the cost of ignoring her or his own issues. The proverbial meek person inheriting the earth is absolutely true because a seemingly lazy person knows only too well that any extra activity from his or her side is hardly going to ease the complexities of humanity.

There are undoubtedly huge benefits from the world of internet and since its discovery, the internet has helped us more than harmed us. However, there are some amounts of pain the internet brings with it which, if not nipped in the bud, can cause harm of a debilitating nature. One such pain is email spam. Spam emails are not just annoying but also have the potential to spread viruses in our devices. Intrusive newsletters and commercials could have links to unhealthy and illegal sites. Hence, outlawing spam is the best way to curb its growth.

In recent times, children seem to be overprotected by parents, by relatives, and by society as a whole. While these protective concerns may reflect the growing love and fondness for children, we must remember that by being overprotective, we are harming our children in more ways than one. As we continue to keep them seemingly secure and solve their problems for them, we are making them weaker in body, mind, and spirit. Children become so used to others handling their problems, they rarely need to be strong to fight their own battles. By being there for them, we are actually making our kids weak instead of strong. A caterpillar when it comes out of its pupa goes through immense struggles and pains. Getting an opportunity to overcome these struggles and pains is what makes the caterpillar become a beautiful butterfly! We must allow our children the opportunity to become a butterfly.

While Facebook is great for social networking, it is definitely a place where young, innocent, and naïve children could be hoodwinked into doing something nasty. Hence, the age of Facebook users should be increased to 18. Adolescents are vulnerable to victimization by unscrupulous people and many fall prey to such happenings. The mind of a teenager is still in a developing mode and he or she is not fully mature enough to discern between a genuine friend and a person pretending to be a friend.

Final Notes

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