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Example Of A Research Paper

Example Of A Research Paper

Writing a research paper successfully reflects an in-depth knowledge of the subject and excellent writing skills of a student. However, many students are so overwhelmed by the thought of writing a research paper that they are scared to even start the process. Having a sample to work with will make it easy to start off the process and then, you can always learn to perfect the art during the course of writing the research paper.

This article has an example of a research paper contents along with a brief explanation of each of the segments.

Sample of the table of contents of a research paper

The thesis topic of this example of a research paper is "A research study on the various factors that are affecting infant feeding practices of modern day mothers"

  1. Introduction

  1. Statement of the research problem

  2. Definition of technical and/or new terms

  3. Theoretical Framework

  4. Methodology

    • Type of research

    • Details of respondents

    • Questionnaires Used

  1. Hypothesis

  2. Literature Review

  3. Scope of the research and its limitations

  4. Significance of the research

  1. Main Body

  1. Background of the study

      1. Advantages of breastfeeding

      2. WHO Recommendations

      3. The international regulations governing manufacture and sale of breast milk substitutes

      4. The Milk Code

      5. The History of Substitutes

      6. Formula Feeding and its problems

      7. Factors that decide the feeding method employed by modern day mothers

  1. Analysis of Data

    1. Mother's demographic profile

    2. Data regarding the youngest infant

    3. Current infant feeding practices

        • Breastfeeding only

        • Formula only

        • Mixed feeding

  1. Infant feeding practices of earlier times

  2. Knowledge levels of mothers

  3. Correlation Tests

  1. Conclusion - The conclusion aspect of the research paper should include the concluding Statement with analytical summary, a reworded thesis, and recommendations.


This part of the research paper should contain the topic of you research, the thesis statement, and the purpose of your study. Here, you could also include reasons for why you chose to do this study and simply explain the contributions of your research to the field of studies. You can also include information such as the approach you took to undertake this research. Basically, the introduction should contain the major aspects of your research explained in brief.

You will introduce the methods used, present an analytical review of earlier studies done on this topic (under literature review), the scope of the study, and its limitations.

The Main Body of the Research Paper

Here is where you will be presenting all the information you have gathered and the arguments that support your thesis statement. For each position you take, find at least three supporting points of evidence and present them in the order of their strength starting from the strongest and finishing off with the weakest.

The body will also contain the background of the study, how you analyzed the data and arrange the information under the relevant categories in a logical order suitable to your field of study. You will present your result in this place.


Here, you will discuss the results, reinforce your thesis statement, and make your recommendations for better infant feeding practices.

Final Notes

Research paper writing calls for concerted and sustained efforts right from the start of the term till you submit a perfect and error-free paper that will leave your professor in no doubt about conferring the degree on you.

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