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Example Of Term Paper

Example of Term Paper

Professors use different formats to give term paper assignments to their students and this article discusses the most popular forms which include:

  • Argumentative papers

  • Analytical papers

  • Definition papers

  • Compare and contrast papers

  • Cause and effect papers

  • Reports

  • Interpretive papers

Let us discuss about each of them separately. While I have included one example of term paper, you will find a variety of examples at Prescott Papers.

Argumentative papers

In this type of term paper assignments, you must necessarily include arguments from both sides of a controversial topic. The paper should include in-text and reference page citations of credible sources that you have used to argue the two sides of the topic. As a writer of an argumentative paper, you must include pros and cons of both perspectives.

There is a tricky aspect to writing argumentative papers and that is you must present it in such a way that you favor one perspective more than the other. This judgment of yours must be backed by evidence and supporting arguments. However, the analysis of the arguments in the paper should be totally devoid of any emotion and must necessarily be based on facts, examples, results of earlier studies, etc.

As an example of term paper of this kind, suppose you had to write the paper on the topic, "The significance of nurture and nature on a adolescent's behavior and attitude," while you can side with either nurture or nature in the paper, the analysis should include fact- and hard-evidence-based arguments on both sides of the topic viz, nurture and nature.

Analytical papers

This kind of term paper requires you to analyze differing perspectives about the same issue. Again, the analysis should not be opinionated but must be based on evidence and supporting claims from reliable sources. You can focus on the outcomes, methodology used, or conclusions arrived at by other researchers on a particular topic. A conclusion of this type of paper could be a summary of the analysis along with a suggestion or recommendation of existing gaps for future research.

Definition papers

As the name suggests, a definition paper consists of the description of a chosen topic using facts and figures. Term papers of this kind must be devoid of all emotions and opinions of the writer and should only include definition of the topics taken from differing sources. In definition papers, you must not analyze the data from the researched sources but should contain include the actual data picked up from these sources.

A definition paper could prove to be difficult for students who love to discuss ideas and offer their opinions. Yet, definition papers are extremely useful as they provide a valuable database of information for use by other writers doing analytical or argumentative reports for the same subject.

Compare and contrast papers

Compare and contrast kind of term papers are generally used in courses of literature. Here, students will be asked to compare and contrast two authors or their works or two different periods in the history of literature with respect to a specific topic, etc. compare and contrast papers are also used in the following courses:

  • To compare and contrast two different philosophical points of view (in philosophy courses)

  • To compare and contrast two theoretical social perspectives (in social sciences)

  • To compare and contrast two differing leadership styles (in business studies)

In a compare and contrast paper, you must describe both the elements under discussion in detail. However, the important thing to remember in such papers is to use examples to do the comparing and contrasting.

Cause and effect papers

In this type of term paper, you will be required to analyze probable causes or trace expected outcomes of a particular policy or plan of action. The paper must be presented in a clear and succinct way so that the readers can easily follow it without any issues. This kind of term paper format is used in education and business courses and will outline predicted outcomes as well as give a range of possible outcomes of a particular effects based on the subject of study.


Reports are generally given in business courses and often require the writer to outline a case study for improved understanding or to learn from the mistakes of the case under analysis. An example of term paper of this format could be like this: Write a report to describe critical issues in implementing work-life balance policies. This could be a sample topic for a student doing a human resources course.

This kind of report would normally include the following element:

  • A short summary of the prevailing condition

  • Identify and reporting the primary concern(s)

  • Breaking down of all critical elements in each issue

  • Recommendations to address these issues

A report will include an executive summary (similar to the abstract in a research paper) along with supporting evidence all of which will be indexed in a logical order in the appendix page of the report.

Interpretive papers

Tutors in social sciences, literature, and humanities usually give this kind of term paper. The students are required to apply the knowledge gained during the term of the entire course and use it to write a case study about a poem or a piece of art (in literary courses), or about a business case study (in business courses), or a psychological profile (in psychology or sociology courses), etc. The critical aspect of an interpretive paper is that it must be written using an established and accepted theoretical framework to create a thesis statement and use supporting evidence to back it.

Example of a term paper conclusion (history term paper on Abraham Lincoln)

Abraham Lincoln had a powerful personality and was an extremely shrewd politician. He used both these personality traits to fight for racial equality and equal civil rights for all. Lincoln's Gettysburg speech is one of the most quoted political speeches in the world even today. The speech demonstrates his deep passion for civil rights, democracy, and nationalism. In fact, his assassination which was intended to weaken his legacy actually helped it in becoming stronger and more widespread than before. With proven results and, by all other accounts as well, many even today consider Abraham Lincoln to be the greatest President of the United States of America.

Final Notes

The different formats and varieties of term papers can be quite mind-boggling to the novice student. But, as you go through your course and do writing assignments regularly, you will be able to discern the subtle and obvious differences in all the formats helping you improve your writing style.

A large percentage of your grading is dependent on the quality of term paper you produce. The first step towards learning and mastering this art is to understand the different types of term papers that can be assigned to you and how you must write type. Another important element of a good term paper is that it must showcase what you have learned during the course of the term and how you have leveraged the learning to apply it to a case study given to you in the form of a term paper.

Please spend some time and effort to read about and learn about each type of term paper so that there is no doubt in your mind about the formats, about what has to be included, about the way the information has to be presented, and how each type has to be formatted.

At Prescott Papers, we have a team of highly experienced, qualified, and skilled term paper writers who can create the best one for you and your course. Call our academic writing and editing specialists for all your academic needs including custom essays, term papers, writing assignments, research papers, dissertations, and more. We will be happy to help you.

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