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Free Research Papers Online

Free Research Papers Online

Where can you find free research papers online? There are multiple websites that promise to give you Free Research Papers Online. You simply need to use the same search string as in the title of this article and numerous websites will be shown to you. The trick is in finding that perfect website that delivers what it promises. And I can assure you the no genuine writing agency will ever be able to give you fully Free Research Papers Online.

Yes, they will offer discounts. They will give you free samples to check if their quality meets your standards. They will offer free revisions after the paper is given to you, and other such promotional offers. But it is highly impossible for them to run a good business following ethical business standards by offering free research papers online.

To help students make sensible choices with regard to looking for genuine research paper writers, this article will answer the following questions:

  • Warning signs of scamming research paper writing services

  • How to discern between a good academic writing service provider from a scamming company?

Warning signs of scamming research paper writing services

More and more college students are falling victims to fraudulent research paper writing companies. You can speak to your peers and seniors and they will be happy to share their horror stories with you. So, I thought it makes sense to give you some tips on how to avoid scamming writing service companies. Here are some warning signs that should alert you:

These fraudulent companies create multiple other websites using different web addresses. Initially, each of these websites might look different. But, when the students go to fill up the order form, they are redirected to the same place which has the same set of writers and editors. When you reach the same site from more than one web address, remember to avoid both and all other website addresses that link you to the same place.

Many of these fraudulent writing companies have different departments listed on their website such as Billing Department, Human Resources Department, Quality Assurance Department, etc. If you ask a question from any of these department links on the website, you will get the same answer every time. This should alert you to the fact that all these 'departments' are fake and the entire company is run by a single person, perhaps operating from his or her home. Avoid such websites unless you have verified the authenticity of the company by word of mouth.

Many of these companies hire computer hackers to illegally get access to government and other restrictive websites or at least enough access to convince a naïve student that they use such resources to create their research papers. Be watchful of such links and ensure that the links on the company's websites are legal and ethical.

Many of these fraudulent companies get fake endorsements and followers on multiple social media websites. This is easy to catch. If a writing website claims more than a few dozen followers, then you can be quite sure that these followers are fake. Who wants to follow a writing service? Students only want writing services to provide them with good quality papers within promised turnaround times. Most students will not waste time following writing service companies on social media networks.

Many fraudulent writing service companies will never put their real postal address on their websites. They will only display emails or internet-generated phone numbers because then you cannot track their country of origin. They may claim to the be in UK or US or Australia but could actually be operating out of Sudan.

Many fraudulent companies feign to offer 'free' plagiarism checkers for your paper. Do not upload your paper and check for 'free plagiarism." These companies invariably will use your paper to illegally digitize, sell, or even publish your paper in part or entirely. Do NOT take anything that is FREE on the internet unless you have checked, double-checked, and checked again. Remember there are no free lunches in this world.

Companies who offer ridiculously low prices should also be avoided. With very low prices, it is impossible for writing companies to hire qualified English natives to write papers. If the prices quoted are too good to be true, then it is very likely that either the quality of paper will not be what the company claims or it must be recycling old papers which will expose you to the risk of plagiarism! So, do not get carried away by real cheap prices. It is most likely a gimmick to earn a fast buck by passing off fraudulent papers.

How to discern between a good academic writing service provider from a scamming company?

After being 'assaulted' by the panic of fraudulent writing service companies, here are some tips to help you recognize a good, established, and efficient writing service provider:

The primary qualities of an established writing service company are affordability and trustworthiness backed by experienced and knowledgeable writing and non-writing staff. If you have managed to confirm these qualities of a writing agency without any doubt, you can rest assured that you will get your high-quality research paper on time. Scamsters will lack two or more of these qualities. Avoid them like the plague.

Good and reputed writing agencies will have on their rolls experts from all fields of study to create customized and specialized research papers. Each of these specialist writers and editors will be experienced in different formats such as dissertations, custom essays, research papers, term papers, etc. Experienced academic writers will only need to see your course content to tell you the best topic for your research paper in a jiffy.

All of these writers will be well-aware and highly sensitive to plagiarism and will never compromise on this aspect. More than your reputations, these companies care for their own reputation. They would hate to jeopardize their robust establishment that boasts of integrity and quality.

In fact, many established writing companies will allow you to directly speak to the writer(s). This will give you a firsthand experience to know more about the writers' capabilities and qualifications and experience. You can gauge his or her ability to understand what you need and this will boost your confidence level regarding the fact that you have chosen a good research paper writing service.

Many of these established companies are fine with giving you free samples or samples at heavily discounted rates before you place your order with them. They understand your need to check and verify their capability because they are also aware of scamming companies who are out to give writing services a bad name. Moreover, if any company is repeatedly asking for the payment without even submitting at least a small part of the work ordered by you, then you know you have to be careful with them.

Good writing service companies offer expert third party opinions of your work and your understanding of a subject. They are not cheats out to get students' money. Even if you have written your own research paper, considering the fact that you are a novice in this art, it makes a lot of sense to take the help of established writing professionals to get your work checked and all shortcomings corrected. You can rest assured of submitted the best possible paper based on your own hard work and efforts with a little help from professionals.

In fact, taking the help of professional writing companies is bound to improve your own writing skills as you check, correct, and ensure that the paper you have received from the writing service provider is good enough to be submitted or not. As you check each element, you are learning and mastering the art of writing. Also, if you are a fast and good learner, then you might need to take only one example of each type of writing from good writing service companies. You can then keep these as templates and create your own writing assignments based on these professionally-written perfect templates.

Final Notes

Searching for free research papers online is just not foolhardy but quite risky too. You and your personal information will be exposed to privacy risks. There could be identity theft with potential disastrous results such as using your identity for illegal purposes.

Writing research papers calls for tremendous amount of hard work and commitment and dedication for a sustained period of time so that your paper will meet the high standards expected by your college. It, therefore, is natural and reasonable expectation to scout for professional help which can add value to your own relentless efforts.

At Prescott Papers, our teams of writers, editors, and proofreaders are highly trained, skilled, and qualified to offer the best academic writing help you might need during the course of writing your research paper. In fact, we are specialist academic writers and offer writing services in all formats and for all subjects. Do not hesitate to contact us for custom essays, writing assignments, dissertations, research papers, and more.

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